What an Angel

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what a little angel...

Submitted: January 05, 2007

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Submitted: January 05, 2007



What a little angel, they say with wide eyes, watching the teen girl float by. They dont know who she is, or what, or what she's done. She smiles and continues on her way, hiding her pain.

The angel goes home and closes the door, locking it. Walking past her family she goes into her bathroom and yet again locks the door. She undresses, revealing a scarred, bruised body, fresh cuts oozing along her prominent ribcage. She turns the water on in her bathtub and it starts to fill.  Digging through a drawer she finds something, thinking about one person, only one. him. Heavy hearted and crying she climbs into the tub, the scalding water licking at her abused skin. she winces. she takes what she found and draws a sick and twisted picture on the inside of her arm. The picture turns red, and she smiles, eyes smudged black by her tears as the water joins in turning scarlet. her fear comes forth from the camouflage of her smile.

 the angel starts to laugh. she thinks of all the pain, all the teasing, all the hatrid she's been through. beauty is not an excuse to feel happy, she thinks, what people see in me is a lie. If they knew what it's really like...the angel they see on the outside is fake, a lie, why cant they see the destruction and the power and everything i hide? The angel's thoughts race as the water grows darker. her picture is smudged and deep scarlet as she loses conciousness. her last thought is just one thing, one only...'i hope that bastard tyler is happy.'

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