A Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 13

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Whats the plan?

Submitted: August 14, 2011

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Submitted: August 14, 2011



(The next morning)

The OMG Girlz were the first ones awake. They were so excited for their plan to go into action. 

Star: I cant wait to see the look on their faces!! 

Beauty: I know right Im so excited!!!

Babydoll: Hehehaha I feel evil! 

Katie woke up and walked to Princetons bunk only to find him awake too. She sat down next to him. 

Katie: Do you think Im pretty?

Princeton: What?!? Of course I think your pretty. I actually think your more than just pretty. I think your Beautiful, gorgeous, hott, sexy, just any and every word to describe beauty. 

Katie: Thanks Prince. (Looks down) Are you sure your not just with me cause you think Im easy? 

Princeton: Princess!!! Where the fuck are you getting this bullshit from?!? Im not with you cause I think your easy!!!! Easy has never even entered my mind. 

Katie:...Nowhere. Im just going to go get ready. 

Princeton scoots out to where his feet touch the ground and he grabs her hand and sits her down on his lap. 

Princeton: Princess. (He looks into her eyes) You know you can tell me anything. Please tell me where you got that from cause I know you didnt just pull that out of thin air. 

Katie: ...I got it from another girl that likes you. Who just so happens to be on this bus. 

Princeton: (With a puzzled look on his face) Uhhhhh. 

Katie: Babydoll!

Princeton: Oh she likes me?! 

Katie: Uhh yeah. 

Princeton: Damn. 

Katie: Excuse me?

Princeton: Babe you have nothing to worry about. I would never cheat on you. And dont listen to what she says. Shes just jealous. Your very beautiful. 

Katie: Yeah shes just jealous cause I have the most amazing boyfriend ever. Haha that was so cheesy. But I love you babe. 

Princeton: I love you too. 

They both get up and start getting ready. Then everyone else gets up and starts getting ready. 

Chayla: Aye Ray can I talk to you for a minute?

Ray: Of course. Whats up?

Chayla: Your \"big sisters\" are going to get a big ass whoopin. 

Ray: Why?! 

Chayla: You dont know what them bitches was saying before y'all got on the bus yesterday. Talking about oh we ugly amd Princetons only with you cause he thinks your easy. And that yall could do soooo much better. And just a whole lot of other bullshit. 

Ray: (His mouth was open) Really? They said all that? I dont believe this. They dont seem  like they would do that. 

Chayla: Yeah. Well they did. 

Ray: Oooooh. Thats why yall were so pissed off!!!!

Chayla: Yeah.... 

Ray calls everybody to the back where they were at. Chayla tried to stop him but it was to late everyone was already on their way back there. 

Ray: So Chayla tells me yall said some pretty fucked up shit to them yesterday. Like to explain? 

Beauty: I dont know what shes talking about. 

Star: Yeah me neither. I thought we were all cool. 

Babydoll: We aint do nothing but come on the bus being nice to them. 

Tavoy: Now you know thats a damn lie. 

Beauty: No its not. (Looks at Prodigy) 

Tavoy: (Gets in Beauty face) Bitch, yes it is. Dont stand here in everyones face and lie. 

Prodigy grabs Tavoy by her waist and kind of pulls her away. 

Beauty: (With a sad look) Prod, we're your big sisters we wouldnt lie to you about something like this. 

Star: Who are you going to believe? Your big sisters or some girls that started out just being fans.

Babydoll: Yeah think about it. You've known us longer amd know we'd never do something to make you guys unhappy. 

Selena: Okay now. You've used that term \"big sisters\" way to fucking much. Dont get it in yalls head that yall are actually related. (Turns to Roc) Babe their lying. Why do you think we were so pissed when yall got on the bus yesterday?

Katie: Yeah Prince why do you think we went to sleep so early? I told you she called me ugly. I was trying to catch up on my beauty sleep. 

Babydoll: Hahahaha woooow. 

Tavoy: I cant be staying on a bus with no lying rude bitches. Sorry but I cant cause if I do someones ass is going to get beat. So who is it? Us or them? 

Roc: Uhhhh. 

Ray: Ummmm. 

Princeton: Hmmmm. 

Prodigy: .....

All of the boys: We honestly dont know. 

Chayla: Well the fact yall are even doubting us...

Selena: Kinda gives us our answer...

The bus stopped. All the boys were thankful for that. Keisha walks on. 

Keisha: Hey guys. I hope everyones dressed and ready cause the OMG Girlz and MB yall have interviews and performances at Fox News so lets go ahead and go in. 

Everyone walks of the bus. Selena, Chayla, Katie, and Tavoy still pissed. Mb still confused. And the OMG Girlz very pleased because this wasnt even a part of their plan. 

Host: Hey guys! 

Everyone else: Hey!

Keisha: So Tavoy, Katie, Chayla, and Selena there is a room right over there that you guys can go and chill in and watch whats going on out here. 

They were just silent. The guys went to hug them and say I love you but they just pulled away and walked in the room. Keisha didnt say anything but she was wondering what was wrong with everybody she felt tension in the air. 

Host: Okay so we're going to have the OMG Girlz come out first then MB. 

Everyone except the girls in the room: Okay. 

The host goes out on stage and sits down. He watches for the On Air to come on. 

Host: Hello amd welcome to Fox News today we are going to have two amazing kid groups joining us. First off lets welcome the OMG Girlz!!!!

Everyone claps and the OMG Girlz walk on waving and start performing their song Gucci This. After they were finished they all took a seat. 

Host: Wow. That was amazing. You guys did phenominal! 

The OMG Girlz: Thank you! Thank you!

Host: So I hear you guys are just starting out on the scream tour.

Beauty: Yes. We are. Today is actually the first day. 

Star: Yeah we are very excited. 

Host: Thats great. What can we be excpecting from the OMG Girlz?

Beauty: Ummm. We are hopefully going to drop our new album by the end of this year and just a whole bunch of suprises for you guys. 

Host: Sounds great. We're very excited. So would you guys like to tell us what OMG stands for and how you guys came up with that name?

Star: OMG stands for Officially Miss Guided. And our wonderful mothers came out with it. 

Host: Interesting. Now we are going to let you guys answer a few questions from the audience. 

Babydoll: Sounds good. 

Question 1: What would make you guts dye your hair those colors? 

Star: Ummm. We just wanted to try something new and give yall something different. 

Babydoll: And these are our favorite colors. 

Beauty: Also we rock them very well. You dont see many girls that can pull off blue hair or pink and blonde hair. 

Question 2: Are yall single? 

Star: Hahaha. We cant lie to our fans no we are not single. 

Host: Really now? Who are yall dating? 

Star: (With a big smile on her face) Well *giggles* I am dating Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. 

Babydoll: (Smiling from ear to ear) And I am dating Princeton. 

Beauty: (Also smiling) And I am dating Prodigy. 

Host: Woooow. That is a shocker to me and probably all you guys' fans. I am very happy for you guys amd wish you all the best. We will be right back with the second group. Mindless Behavior!!!!

The audience claps. The OMG Girlz walked off the opposite of the stage from where the boys were.  (In the room where Selena, Chayla, Katie, and Tavoy were)

Chayla: WHAT THE HELL!!!



Katie: Well look at the bright at least the boys now know their liars and that we were telling the truth. 

Selena: Yeah well their next! Im interested to see what the fuck they say!


All the boys mouths were open. They didnt even know what to say. 

Roc: What the hell!! 

Princeton: Man! I know imagine how our REAL girlfriends feel!!!!

Ray: What are we going to do?!? We're on next!!!! 

Prodigy: Yeah! What if they ask us the same question?!? What do we say?!? We cant just go out there and make the OMG Girlz look like liars and bad people!! 

Host: And we're back folks. Lets bring out our next talented kid group. MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!! The audience goes wild. The guys perform their usual routine and sit down. 

Host: So I know the audience is very anxious to ask you guys millions of questions so we are going to skip me talking and get right to it. 

Question 1: Is it true you guys are going out with the OMG Girlz?!? You guys said y'all were all just friends nothing more. What happened?! 

A lot of the audience: Yeah! 

The guys just sat there frozen looking so nervous. 

(Prodigys Pov) 

We cant make the OMG Girlz look bad. I think we might have to lie. We should. But what about Tavoy and the rest of the girls?!? Ugh. 

(End of Pov) 

(Rocs Pov) 

........ I cant fuck up again! I promised. Selenas my girl. The one I love. Not fucking star! Why would they do that!!! I should have believed Selena!! Im such a fucking dumbass. 

(End of Pov) 

(Rays Pov) 

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

(End of Pov) 

(Princetons Pov) 

What do we do?! what do we do?! what do we doooo!! Boy oh boy wheres Keisha when we need her to save us. 

(End of Pov)

(In the room where the girls were watching) 

(Selenas Pov)

Please so no Roc! Please dont fuck up again please!

(End of Pov) 

(Chaylas Pov) 

Mann! You better say no! I am going to kick his ass if he doesnt say no!! But Imma kill them bitches for even putting them in thos situation and possibly ruining our relationships! 

(End of Pov) 

(Tavoys Pov) 

Okay so once I find those girls Im going to... ( Her thoughts were interrupted.) 

(End of Pov)Host: Hello? Guys? Are yall okay? 

All the guys snap out of it and finally someone opens their mouth and says something. 

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