A Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 9

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What is Zans reason for cheating on Chayla?

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



Zan: Because I felt like I was the only one trying in our fucking relationship! You never even acted like you loved me! Chayla: Zan! You know thats not even fucking true! I did love you! Loved you for way to fucking long! Zan: Then why were you always so rude to me?!? Why did you always have an attitude with me and always get mad. We use to always fight! Yeah we use to make up but every single one of those fights hurt me and left a mark. Our whole relationship was falling apart Chayla and do you know how fucking bad that hurt?! The reason I fucking cheated was because Brittanay always helped pick up the pieces after you tore them apart. I was done getting hurt by you because I just couldnt take it amymore! I thought we could still be friends and have you in my life but your still doing nothing but pushing me away. Chayla: So your saying its my fault for cheating? And you know what the reason I was always so mean to you was because I was upset! You always had girls all over you! Sometimes you still acted single! You were always a player. I thought you were just playimg me like you did all those other girls. Zan: Wow. Thats how you were feeling the whole time. You didnt even tell me. I cant help that girls like me. Im not going to be mean to every girl that comes around me all of them were just friends. Nothing more. I actually really loved you. You ment way more than all the other girls. There was just something special about you. And yes and no. It is your fault for pushing me away and hurting me but then again I shouldnt have cheated I shouldve just came to you. Im sorry. Chayla: ...Same. So I guess we can be friends now. Zan: Finally. (They hugged) Soo you still with that Ray Ray kid? Chayla: Nawh. He cheated. Zan: Wow. Damn. Yall didnt last long. Shocking you know as much as they talk about their number one girls and their Mrs. Right...(interrupted) Chayla: Okay I got it. Thats enough. Its still a touchy subject it just happened yesterday. Zan: Sorry. Selena and Desmond walk in. Desmond: I see yall found a way to entertain yourselves. Selena: Awwww you guys are talking!! Wait yall arent arguing are you? Both: No. Selena: Oh good good. Chayla: We actually talked things out and found some stuff out we didnt know. Zan: Yeah so now that we know everything we're friends. Worked out our problems. Selena: Mhm. Interesting. Well Chayla lets get out of here. Bye D. Bye Zan. Everyone hugs and says their goodbyes. As Chayla and Selena were walking towards their house they saw something in their driveway. Selena: *Gasp* Chayla: Oh hell nawh.

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