A Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 2

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It's after the concert. See what happens. :)

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011



They see... Money!!

Money: Hey how you guys doing?

All the girls: Good. You?

Money: Good thanks for asking. MB's in there.

All the girls: Okay thank you so much.

The girls walk in and Selena and Chayla both cough.

Selena: *Cough*

Chayla: *Cough*

Tavoy: Hehehe.

The boys turn around.

Roc: Oh hey!

(Rocs Pov)

Whoa! She is so beautiful!

(End of Pov)

Roc: H..h..h..i I'm Roc.  Roc umm Royal (Starts shaking everyones hand and leaves Selena for last)

Selena: Hey I'm Selena. :)

They just stare into each others eyes.

(Prodigys Pov)

Wow. This girl is gorgeous. I think I should introduce myself.

(End of Pov)

Prodigy: Hey y'all I'm Prodigy. (Shakes everyones hand and smiles widely at Tavoy)

Tavoy: Hehehehe.

(Ray Rays Pov)

Mann is she good looking or what! I really want to get to know this girl!

(End of Pov)

Ray Ray: I'm Ray Ray. (Shakes everyones hand and looks at Chayla and shyly looks down)

Chayla: Hi I'm Chayla.

(Princetons Pov)

Princeton what is wrong with you man! Why are your palms sweaty why are you shaking and getting butterflies in your stomach! You never get this nervous around any girls!

(End of Pov)

Princeton: Hi umm I'm Princeton. (Looks at Katie)

Katie: (Trying to avoid looking into his eyes looks up and down and all around) H...h...heyy I'm umm umm...

All the girls but Katie: KATIE!

Katie: Yeah uhh I think thats my name. I mean uhh yeah yeah Katie I'm um Katie.

Everyone but Katie was laughing.

Roc: So you beautiful ladies were the one that won the tickets off the radio show.

All the girls: Mhm.

Roc: So how did you like the show?

Katie: Princeton was looking fine! Especially when he was doing that body roll! I thought I was going to pass out! *Gasp* Did I just say that out loud?! I did not mean to say that! I didn't mean to say that. I am so sorry.

Everyone but Princeton and Katie laughed.

Princetons: Princeton was smiling real big :) It's all good. I'm glad I could have that affect on you and that you thought I looked good.

Prodigy: So actually we are supposed to go now we have a bowling pizza party.

All the girls: Look upset but say oh okay.

Ray Ray: We were wondering. If you guys weren't doing anything you'd want to come? I mean your parents would have to say yes first.

All the girls look at each other and pull out their phones. Chayla and Selena's sister says yes. Katies mom says yes and Tavoys mom said yeah.

All the girls: They all said yes.

Princeton: Good cause we really wanted you guys to come :)

So they all got to the bowling alley and bowled ate pizza and just talked and got to know each other. It was time for the girls to go.

(Rocs Pov)

Man I don't want her to leave. She's amazing. She's just like me and we get along so well. We also have so much in common. I think I'm starting to really fall for this girl! Lord please don't make her be crazy or something wrong with her because I like her a lot! I'm definetly going to keep talking to her hopefully one day soon she'll become my girlfriend. :)

(End of Pov)

Roc: Selena, I had an amazing time. I learned a lot of things about you that I love.

Selena: Like what?

Roc: Like how you love animals. And to work out. And food. And how looks don't mean everything in a guy. And how funny and confident you are. And how fun you are to be around and just how cute you are. And how you just want to get to know me for me. I really hope your my Mrs. Right. Something tells me you are and that your different from the other girls.

Selena: Awwwwwww thank you so much you are so sweet. No ones ever said anything like that to me. That ment a lot. A tear was running down her cheek. She hugged him.

Roc: He wiped it away and said and I also love how sensitive you are. hahaha.

Selena: Hahaha well the tears don't come out that often.

Roc: I could ask you for your number but you see my phone doesn't work but I'll just use Rays or Prods. 

Selena: hahaha Okay (Gives him her number)

Roc: Can I ask you something else?

Selena: Sure. Shoot.

Roc: What would you say if I asked you out?

Selena: Like right now?

Roc: Yeah.

Selena: Honestly, I would say no. Not because of you. You seem sweet and amazing and everything but we just met I want to get to know you a lot more.

Roc: Wow.

Selena: Roc, I'm really sorry!

Roc: No don't be. Thats exactly the answer I wanted. :)

(Prodigys Pov)

Wow I had a great time with this girl I don't want her to ever leave! I'm most definetly going to get her number. I know she's feeling me just as much as I'm feeling her. Man, I love her little giggle it makes my heart skip a beat.

(End of Pov)

Prodigy: Hey Tavoy can I get your number so I can call you sometime and we could hang out?

Tavoy: Of course. Gives him her number.

(RayRays Pov)

Awwwwww man it's time for them to leave already!!! Ughhhh I'm really diggin this girl and how much of a twilight fan she is. I was just getting to know her and I was loving every second of it. I guess I'll just get her number and hang out wit her sometime soon.

(End of Pov)

Ray Ray: I'm really sad you have to go I had a phenominal time.

Chayla: Awwwwwwww me too.

RayRay: Can I have your number so I can call you sometime?

Chayla: Yes! Oh my! Of course! (Gives him her number)

(Princetons Pov)

I wonder if I just take her attention away from everyone else she won't notice their leaving then she'll have no choice but to stay  with me! Ohh Princeton but that is evil you can't do that haha but its very clever. Man I really like this girl she makes me feel like I can be my nerdy self. And I love being around her she's so fun. She's different from all the other girls I've flirted with. Definetly need her number.

(End of Pov)

Princeton: Hey Katie? Can I have your number please?

Katie: Sure. :) (Gives him her number)

Princeton: Thanks I'll call you later tonight.

Katie: Okay

Everyone hugs and the girls leave. They were in the car when Katies phone rings and it was...




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