A Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 3

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Who was on Katies phone? Find out. Keep reading guys :)

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011



(Phone Conversation)

Katie: Hello?

???:Hey Katie. Whats up!

Katie: Uhhh. Who is this?

???: Princeton!

Katie: Oh. Hey Princeton! I thought you said you were going to call me later.

Princeton: It is later.

Katie: Hahaha three minutes later.

Princeton: Oh haha... ha. Yeah well call me when you get home?

Katie: Haha okay Princeton.

(End of Phone Conversation)

Serena picks the girls up and drops each of them off at home. Katie of course calls Princeton.

(Phone Conversation)

Princeton: Hey Katie.

Katie: Hey Prince.

Princeton: What you doing?

Katie: Nothing just got home. You?

Princeton: Nothing just chilling with the guys. Your home right?

Katie: Yes sir.

Princeton: Haha well thats all I wanted to know is that your home and safe. You sound tired. I'm going to let you go.

Katie: Alright: Goodnight.

Princeton: Sweet dreams.

(End of Phone Conversation) 

(Next Morning)

Chaylas Phone: Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring

Chayla runs upstairs from the kitchen and grabs the phone off her dresser.

(Chaylas Phone Conversation)

Chayla: Hello?

???: Hey Chayla! What are you doing?

Chayla: Oh hey Ray Ray Nothing much just was downstairs eating cheerios. What about you?

RayRay: Nothing sitting here chilling with Prod and Princeton. Whats Selena up to?

Chayla: Sleeping as usual. What's Roc doing?

RayRay: Hahaha sleeping. Lazy people ehh?

Chayla: Hahaha. Yeah.

RayRay: Well uhhh we were wondering well no I was wondering...(interupted)

Roc: And me too!

Princeton: Well good morning sunshine! Nice of you to join us.

RayRay: If you and Selena wanted to come to the zoo with us today.

Chayla: Hahaha yeah Selena and I would loooooove to (interupted)

Selena: Selena would love to what?

Chayla: Oh hey. Umm go to the zoo with the guys.

Selena: Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah that sounds fun!

Chayla: Great! It's a date... I mean uhh...

RayRay: Date. Yeah you said it right the first time.

Prodigy: Alright you love birds..(Interupted)


Prodigy: (Looks at him like he's crazy) Anyways Tavoy and Katie are coming too.

Chayla: Alright we're about to go get ready.

Roc: Tell Selena I said heeeeyyyyyyyyyy.

Chayla: (Tells her) She says hey back.

RayRay: Alright see you at 2?

Chayla:Sounds good.

(End of Conversation)


Chayla: What am I going to wear? Oh Oh I know I should wear that pink spaghetti strap I just bought and your black mini skirt with Serenas pink heels.

Selena: Yeah uhh no. Hunny we're going to the zoo I don't know about you but I am wearing my converse shorts and a shirt.

Chayla: Yeah... Sounds like a good idea.

The girls are all ready and the guys are at their house. RayRay knocks on the door and Serena opens it. She tells him the girls will be down shortly. Sure nough they came running down the stairs.

Selena: Hey! Where's Roc?

RayRay: Limo.

Selena runs out and hugs Roc.

Chayla: Hey.

RayRay: Hey. Ready for our date? ;)

Chayla: Hehehehaha Yeah.

In the limo.

Everyone except Ray and Roc:Hey.

SelenaandChayla:Hey y'all.

(Chayla's Pov)

I was sitting there laughing and having a good time when all of a sudden I hear someone whisper in my ear.

(End of Pov)

RayRay: You look very beautiful. (Looks at Chayla)

Chayla: (Whispers back) Awwww Thanks. You look real good yourself.

RayRay: Ha well you know (Pops collar)

They arrive at the zoo and everyone gets out the limo.

RayRay: So I don't know about y'all but I want to spend some us time with Chayla so let's break off into couples and all meet up at the elephants in 2 hours. Sound good?

Everyone but RayRay: Yeah.

Everyone goes there seperate ways.

(Chayla and Ray)

Chayla: You really want to spend time with me?

RayRay: Of course. Your amazing and I love being around you especially when its just you and me.

Chayla: Aww thats so sweet Ray. I love spending time with you too. You make me really happy.

RayRay: (Smiles) Hey look at that Gorilla holding the other Gorilla!

Chayla: Awwwwwwwww thats so cute!

While she was staring at them RayRay takes his arms and wraps them around her waist and lays his chin on her shoulder.

RayRay: I bet he's really feeling her just like I'm feeling you.

(Prodigy and Tavoy)

Tavoy: So we got 2 whole hours to ourselves what do you want to do?

Prodigy: Eat.

Tavoy: Hahaha you read my mind.


Prodigy: Race ya!

Tavoy: Nahhh...(Takes off running)

Prodigy: Hey now your acting like RayRay!

(Roc and Selena)

Selena: Hey can we go to the petting zoo? Its like my favorite part of the whole zoo.

Roc: Forreal? Mines too! Thats tight! *Giggles*

At the petting zoo.

Selena: Awwwwwwww this lambs my favorite his coat is just so beautiful.

Roc: Just like you. (Looks at her)

Selena: (Looks up smiling so hard) Thanks.

Roc: Selena! I can't take you not knowing anymore. (Takes her hand) I really like you. A lot. Like I've never felt this way about anyone before.

Selena: I'm glad you said that because I feel the same way. Being with you is the best feeling ever.

Roc: *Giggles*

(Princeton and Katie)

Princeton: What animal do you want to go see?

Katie: How about the girraffes?

Princeton: Sure Princess :)

Katie: Princess? haha.

Princeton: Yes. They call me Prince I call you Princess.

Katie: Awwwww I love that (Smiling then stops)

Princeton: Katie whats wrong?

Katie: Oh my gosh let's go! Princeton let's go. NOW! We have to go he can't see me! (Grabs his hand and runs but is to late)

???: (Angry voice) KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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