A Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 4

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Find out who was calling Katies name. Keep Reading guys.

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



Katie: Oh no!

Princeton: Who is he?

???: I'm Taylor and who are you?

Princeton: I'm Princeton! What do you want with Katie?

Taylor: I'm her boyfriend.

Princeton:*Gasp* You have a boyfriend?

Katie: No I swear no! I don't Princeton I don't!

Taylor gives Katie a death glare.

Katie: I..I..I mean...uhh... y-y-y-ess I do.

(Princetons Pov)

Somethings not right here he's looking at her like he's about to kill her and she's shaking looking like she's about to cry. Maybe I should talk to her.

(End of Pov)

Princeton: Umm excuse me Troy?... No umm Trey?... I got it Jackass? ...Yeah thats right.


Princeton: Ooooooooh Yeah thats right. Taylor if you don't mind I need to talk to Katie for a minute. ALONE.

Taylor: No! Katies coming with me. (Grabs Katies wrist real tight and starts walking away)

Katie: Owwwwwwwww!

Princeton: Mann you better let go of her RIGHT NOW!

Taylor: Or what are you going to do!

Princeton punches him in the face and knocks him out.

Princeton: I may not have muscles like the rest of the guys but touch a girl and I will knock your ass out!

Katie runs into Princetons arms.

Princeton: Let's get out of here.

They go sit down on a bench.

Princeton: Princess. Can you please tell me what's going on between you and him?

Katie: (Shaking) I...I..I can't.

Princeton: Princess yes you can. You can trust me.

Katie: Me and him once dated until he started abusing me I always have to run away. He told me if I told anyone he would hurt me and my family. (Starts crying)

Princeton pulls Katie into a tight hug.

Princeton: It's okay Princess I"m not going to let anyone hurt you. I promise. * Holds out pinky*

Katie wraps her pinky around his. They call the others and tell them what happened everyone met up and decided to leave and go back to the hotel they were staying at. In the Limo.

Selena: Are you sure your okay baby girl?

Katie: Mhm I'm fine thank you.

Princeton was still holding her tight and she really like the feeling when she was in his arms. She actually felt safe and warm and loved.

RayRay: Chayla I swear if a guy ever touches you, you better come get me and I will beat him so bad he won't be able to ever lay a hand on another girl in his life.

Roc: Shoot! If a guy ever laid a finger on Selena I am killing him! End of story.

Selena: Awwwwwwwww thanks Roc. *She kisses him on the cheek*

Rocs blushing. Back at the hotel.

RayRay: Oh girls we all have seperate rooms so.

Tavoy: Why?

Roc: Cause I can't deal with one person snoring let alone three.

All the guys except Roc start blushing. All the girls start laughing.

Princeton: Hey how about we all meet up at the pool at about 6:15?

Everyone except Princeton say sure.

Chayla went with RayRay to his room. Selena went with Roc to his room. Katie went with Princeton to his room. And as for Tavoy and Prodigy they went to the gift shop in the hotel and got some ice cream.

(Prodigy and Tavoy)

Prodigy: Aye this ice cream is slamming!

Tavoy: I know!

Prodigy: Are you sure your going eat all 6 scoops?

Tavoy: Boy, I could eat 10 but uhh I didn't want to seem greedy.

Prodigy: hahaha you were made for me!

(Katie and Princeton)

Princeton: We've got almostan hour and fifteen til we have to meet at the pool with the other you want to maybe just lay down rest and watch tv? I know you've been through a lot today.

Katie: Sure. Thanks.

Princeton: What you want to watch?

They both look at each other and they both say: Disney Channel! So they both were laying there watching Wizards of Waverly Place.

Katie: Princeton. C-c-can you hold me?

Princeton: Of course Princess.

(Roc and Selena)

Roc: Hey beautiful.

Selena: Hey handsome.

Roc: I got something for you close your eyes.

Selena: Okay (Closes her eyes)

Roc: Hold your hair up.

(Selena's Pov)

I do what he said and held my hair off my neck and I felt something cold go around my neck. I let my hair back down when he told me he was done and I went and looked in the mirror. It was a key shapewith my name engravedon it.

(End of Pov)

Selena: *Gasp* Roc! This is beautiful! I love it! Thank you so much you didn't have to!

Roc: Yes I did! Without that key this locket wouldn't open.

(Selenas Pov)

I looked at the locket and it had his name engraved on it. Then I looked and there was a tiny hole. I felt a tear run down my face

(End of Pov)

Roc: This is my heart and you have the key. Without that key this locket means nothing. Just like without you I mean nothing. Go ahead open it.

(Selena's Pov)

I put the key in and turned it and the locket opened inside of it was a picture of me and him at the zoo both looking down at the lamb. (The lamb wasn't in the picture.) How did he get that picture? Who cares! This is amazing I love him so much! Oh jeez I feel the tears. I started crying so hard

(End of Pov)

Selena: This *Sniffle* is the most *Sniffle* Amazing thing anyone has ever *Sniffle* done for me. Roc this means so much. *Sniffle* I love you. (She starts to cry again)

Roc pulls her into a warm hug and says: I love you too. Never forget that. No matter what happens or how we end up I will always love you. Thats why I also got us promise rings. This doesn't mean we have to be together forever or anything it just means that no matter what we will always love each other. If it's just as friends or spouses so be it.

He takes the ring and puts it on her finger. The ring was silver and said I love you Selena ~Roc and his was just plain silver and said I love you. They just stood there and hugged.

(Chayla and RayRay)

Chayla sits on the bed and RayRay is leaning up against the wall just staring at Chayla.

Chayla: hahaha whaaaaaaaat?

RayRay: Oh nothing your just so beautiful. No beautiful isn't even enough to describe how you look theresnot even a word to describe how gorgeous you are.

Chayla: Oh stop lying to me boy!

RayRay: Girl I am not lying to you! Grandpa always told me never to lie especially to a girl. He said the outcomenever comes out good..

Chayla: Hahaha well grandpa told you right.

RayRay starts walking towards her and she starts getting nervous then he starts...

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