were do i fit in.

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Life as a gypsy girl living in a none gypsy world and leading a hidden life the none gypsy way but not fitting in with ethrr group

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



Do they see me for who i truely am.

Who am i what am i.

Were do i fit in, not with them, i never will, never have.

No family, no friends no place to call a home,

Were do i fit in not with them.

There voices ring loud and clear like bells on a sunday morn.

The echo of the joy they sing will flow above the floor. I am in

The corner trying to not see. The smiles and joyfull laughter

That exscluds the need of me.

Were do i fit in not in here.

The gathering of family. There hugs and gental tears. With sweet smiling faces. Of children playing near. I

I stand of in the distance and watch the scean unfold. They dont see me missing, from the family fold.

I have nothing in common to them i dont confide. To them i bare only name and blood. And prehaps my foolish pride.

Were do i fit in not with family, for i do not confide.

I may not fit in with social groups. My family i may feel obliged.

I am not like them you see and for that i am forced to hide.

But a whisper of a chance dose come it whispers down the wind. I am not the only one who feels i dont fit in.

The change will happen slowly but happen all the same. One day soon i will speak free with out remorse or fear.

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