Box Spider

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To be honest, I was just playing around with the keyboard. It looks much better on word because the different font sizes and colours didn't copy. I don't think this'll make much sense to anyone other than me :P

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011





And from the drowning fog comes blue


It is the~cool breeze~that suffocates me. Trapped in a



A murmur before I’m seen; my name.

NAME, Name, name…Echoes in empty crowded places.

And passes.

A daze and I’mdrypaint glued to the drypaintI’m


People with [boxes] are grateful. [THANK YOU] [Thank You] [thank you]

[THANK YOU] [Thank You] [thank you] Iechochocho him. I thank them for swimming through My door.

Turn around dnuora nruT Turn around.

A toothless line stalks a blue-eyed poem. The sea never loves requitedly, either. He rhymes.

Who is there tosmother here????  ???  ??  ? To pity

Doorway.Insect.Doorway. Breath flows... my gosh, my gosh, you're pretty

Welcome, welcome, well? Come to my doorway, Darling.

Stop for a while. Spiders are too small to be proper predators.

I. can carry your [box] for You. That would be quite Proper to do;

Looks heavy. Might crush me.

If You[want].

Want me to help, want me to, want me…????  ???  ??  ? 


Please? It’s easy to satisfy such ggrreeeeddyy cchhiillddrreenn.

GrabGrabGrab. Eiiiiiiiight legs, spindly legs, snared in an excess of leg. Corner of doorway. Reach----------Here. There. Is.

Oceans ~ Of~ Distance~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ That even your ancient heroes couldn't cross.

You see the Vanishingback.

Or rather

I, i, see it. Azure eye, sapphire sea, sea it- thalassa, thalassa!


Streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch out a paw, eight paws to the tide receding




Ll.He can’t see to catch you, over the [box], the all-consuming [box],

when the salt coldly crystal stings his stormy cobalt eyes.

-irememberwhenthathandgottrappedintheclockyoucouldn'tfix- time has never liked us.

[THANK YOU] [Thank You] [thank you].

Mechanical hands spin to point out of The Door. Simple creatures deserve simple goodbyes when they think they can write a simple poem with a mere shift key and a shell to the ear.

This is not. You. Me. Mess. Only Love. This is the sea.

And I am sorry.

...Only [LOVE]  [Love] [love] … .Ouch.

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