Semyaza's origin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
A demon calls for you. How long can you resist its allure?

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018




It was the dead of the night. I laid on the bit of hay that I called my bed, drenched in sweat. I had the same nightmare as every night. Me, wrapped in hot, glowing chains that very slowly burned through my skin. And a voice, a deep, feminine, alluring voice that whispered into my ear.

“I can set you free” , “i can show you true power” ; “Come to me, you know how to”

it said all those thingy and many more. Promising me wealth power and freedom. It had started one week ago. At first I had only watched someone looking like me being wrapped up in chains. Had listened to their awful screams. It had gotten worse ever since. In the last dream, the one I had tonight, I could feel the chains even now, after the dream had ended.

i was scared. So scared.  I tightly hugged my tail, seeking some sort of comfort.

I could run to my adoptive mother, cry my heart out and ask her for advice. but that would mean showing weakness. My eight siblings would use it against me. our mother kept no secret. She’d happily tell them. Tell them I cried and was scared of nightmares. And the others would promise to do just that, promise her that they’d be nice and help me through this tough time. Yet as soon as shed turn her back to us, they would insult me. They’d tease me and make me run away. Just because I looked different. I am a Tiefling. Deep red skin, long thick tail and curled horns, like a ram’s

I looked out the window, onto a long street. I knew where to find her. Fierna. The origin of the voice. I knew what I had to do. But I wouldn’t. I’d never dare to do it. I was scared of going back to sleep. I knew I’d have the same dream again. And it would be even more intense.

I knew what I had to do. I had to visit the only true friend I had. Moe. Doubts plagued my mind. She’d be mad if I woke her in the middle of the night. But She’d understand. She’d listen and keep my secrets. I overcame my hesitation and got out of bed. On tiptoes I snuck to the window. Quick opening of the window, a small jump and I stood on the roof of the neighbouring house. I walked over the roof tiles with confident step. After all I had walked this way hundreds of times. I quickly reached the window of Moe’s house and knocked. Three times quick, two times slow.

Roughly a minute later a sleepy looking, small, Harpy opened the window and yawned at me as a welcome.

“I take it… Aaaaahhe… something serious?”

“Exactly, a demon haunts me”

her adorable, high pitched voice stood in extreme contrast to my own already pretty deep voice, even though we were both about the same age. 11.

“... again?”

Moe whispered after her still sleeping brain had managed to process the information.

This time it’s a real one. Look”

I pulled back my sleeves. There they were, the burn scars of the chains, glowing a faint yellow on my skin. They no longer hurt, but I still felt as if my arms were wrapped up tight. it was a chore to move them.

Oh shit

Was Moe’s response. She rubbed her eyes and desperately tried to wake up. But she didn't quite manage to. She tried to touch the weird pattern on my skin and immediately flinched and took a step back.

“It’s hot as burning coals. This is serious…”

“Moe… I’m, I’m scared. She… she wants me to cut them out. Those chains. Fierna wants me to cut open my arms, it’ll only end then.”

The harpy was completely overwhelmed.

“Who? I mean, how? You can’t. it would kill you…”

My facial expression said everything. I had to do it. Or the pain would eventually drive me crazy. There was no other way. I reached out and took Moe’s hand. I tightly squeezed her, wanting to calm her, but it didn’t help. The next words felt like I was announcing my own death.

“I… I want you to be there. With me. When I do it. So… there's someone to borrow what's left of me”

“Don’t say that… i'm sure there’s another way. There has to be one”

The Harpy was starting to panic. I was her only true friend. She would never leave my side. just as I would never leave hers. But there was no other way. We both knew it. We knew it oh too well.

We both still vividly remembered Arwen. And what happened to him when he followed Fierna’s call.


© Copyright 2020 Semyaza. All rights reserved.

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