The Day You Left...

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Its a little sad yet sweet story i created from when i started dating my girlfriend and i wanted to tell her how much i cared about her....thus i created a story :).

Submitted: August 28, 2013

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Submitted: August 28, 2013



The day you left…


 I remember the day you left…you kissed me goodbye and stole my heart at the same time. The essence of you around me dissipated just as quickly as you seemed to close that door. I wondered to myself if you’d ever come back, if you’d find someone else…if you’d need me. I remember standing in the same place and position you left me in for 20 minutes just hoping that you’d open that door and come billowing into my life again. Air around me quickly began to fade, darkness seemed to shroud the room ever so slightly, my ears numbed, and all came crashing down when I realized I was alone. The smooth and sweet smell of your perfume still clung to me, as seeming to give me a diminishing hug.  Hours upon hours id spend staying by our shared window, glaring out to where you’d park your car and look up to smile at me in your usual bubbly way. My feelings of regret kicked in as I interrogated myself with questions of “does she love me?” and “can I make it better so I can make her stay?” Alone to myself I pondered these questions accompanied with the despicable bouts of weakness that were my cries and tears. Before long, the tears stopped rolling and the questions stopped coming and I found myself in a blank stare pointed slightly towards the ground. I began to think of reasons why you wouldn’t leave me and more and more did I start to see that I was imperfect. Guilt became the main caretaker of my mind as I swooned to myself on how wrong I was about everything and how silly I had acted. Maybe if I would have been more positive you would have stayed, if only I would have stayed more optimistic of us…if only I would have changed like I said I would. One by one these thoughts crashed into me like a wave on the sound, just like when we had our first romantic date along the shore line. Slowly I moved on from these thoughts and got up from my pained and desperate position on the couch where we most often sat and watched movies. The simplest things began to form in my mind about us, like when we stayed up all night watching old movies eating Chinese food as you clung to me with open arms and an equally open heart or when we blew the day off together and laid hand in hand next to each other on the couch, pouring out our thoughts and confessions, as each of us consoled the other. These feelings put a smile on my face that made me warm in the cold empty room. I walked over to the kitchen and stared out into the bright world that beamed in on me with incredible warmth and slowly the hope began to rise. As I walked along the sun stricken tiles of the kitchen I touched and could feel a separating but unifying memory from each object. More and more I found that every object I touched had meaning to it. Wither it was the coffee cups we used every morning while staring at each other with grins on our faces at the reluctance of seeing each other after work, or the faucet hose that we had sprayed each other time to time, it was all memories….and rightfully so, they were memories that we both could cherish. Picture after picture I held in my arms, as I became happier and happier at the apparent joy of us two being in love. Unchained and happy my soul became as I saw the drawings you drew for me and the notes we would write each other every morning before we went to work. Cautiously yet confidently I felt the hope building in me and out pouring unto my face and body as I smiled and blushed a bright red at the thought of us.  The sun was fully inside the house now and like a flashlight, it showed me every spectrum of emotion in the form of colors and light shining on every object we owned and built together. I then heard the phone ring and immediately all forms of emotion went to my legs as I dashed for the receiver. Holding the phone in my hand for a second before pressing talk, I flashed back to all the private and intimate conversations we held over this exact phone.  All the whispering, all the bliss, and all the passion between us came to me as I held the phone in my hand. I then silently pressed the talk button as I brought the phone to my ear…….and like a low lying heaven of a voice……………I heard it……………I heard you.


~All isn’t lost, yet all isn’t gained quite yet, but I know that with you, everything and anything is possible…


-Nicholas Marks

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