The thoughts that crossed her mind

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Mary agrees to meet a man at a bistro, even though she's married, and has an epiphany as she waits.

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014



Mary waited awhile at a small bistro downtown. It was the one her and her husband use to go to when they first started dating. She sat at a table that was tucked in a far corner, which she requested from the hostess when she arrived. Already she felt bad about what she was doing. Sitting in the far end of the dining room with her back against everybody-- so nobody would notice her. So nobody could look her in the eyes and tell her that what she was doing there was sinful and wrong. She wore a beautiful red dress and the lipstick to match. The perfume Mary put on was the one her husband loved, and it made her feel even worse, but she ignored the guilt that made her quiver and her throat swell up with a glass of merlot as she waited. As she sat there, more beautiful than she has ever looked, she thought about her husband. How handsome he was, how hard he works, and how beautiful there kids are. She couldn't stop thinking about how he would smile with his lip over his bottom teeth to hide the crookedness he was so embarrassed of, but she loved so much. Her thoughts then begun to drag into a spiral of old memories she had with her husband. Things she forgotten about and things she hadn't taken the time to notice. As she sat there, in the corner of the bistro, the lights dimmed, and people began to fill the room. She didn't know what this man looked like, but from the e-mails they had sent to each other, a picture was painted in her head. And oddly enough, it had drawn a picture of her husbands face. This made her feel sick, so she ordered another glass of wine to calm her nerves as she continued to wait. Mary told the man what she was going to wear that night, and the man promised to bring a red rose to compliment her outfit. Mary couldn't think of the last time her husband brought her a rose. In fact, she couldn't remember the last time he did anything for her in the past year. She felt unwanted, as her husband was so involved with his work, that she didn't think he even cared anymore. Sex was seldom and didn't feel the same as it use to. She became lonely and began to drink more often because of it. This is what led her to this moment. And as hard as she tried to justify the act she was committing, she knew she was wrong: she decided to leave. Tears streamed down her face as she stood up and walked towards the door. "What was I thinking?", she thought to herself. As she walked to the lobby, a man stood in front of her. He held a beautiful red rose in his hands. He was tall and handsome. He had a strong jaw and bottom teeth that were cricked which he tried to hide with his bottom lip. "Mary?", her husband exclaimed.

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