Ten of Us

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I wrote this poem for my colleagues and friends when i was leaving England for Australia.

Submitted: September 05, 2010

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Submitted: September 05, 2010



As I leave for the sun
As I leave for a new start
As I leave for a new beginning
As I leave for a new life
I will not forget you
Or you or you

I will miss you ten of us
Because you all made me who I am
You all touched me in different ways
Moulding me and shaping me
The little things and the big things
The gentle smiles and warmth in your eyes
The brains to pick and brain storm with

From dilutions to dissections
From transfection to staining
From husbandry to culling
From slender fingers on cryovials to stock supplies
From background music to bubbly charm
From gentle teasing to a whiff of scent

Chocolates for missing coffee breaks
Tips on publications and discussions on hygiene hypothesis
I won’t miss the wet gloomy days though
But for sure, I will miss all your beautiful hearts
Thanks for making my time with you memorable!!

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