Puddles of sin

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Got inspired looking at the rain, it all came to me as a memorie that i never lived.

Submitted: May 17, 2008

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Submitted: May 17, 2008



Walking down a valley

With my own ghost

Remembering those momments lived thinking i was alone

While youwhere their comfurtingme, my sin.

Rain starts pouring down

I see my spirit confused, desperate to flee

From what comes now to destroy it.

Wanting to run far away from de rain drops.

I reached out for her hand, but felt her melt.

She cried blood. I screamed to the skies for mercy,

For my only companion was melting

And becoming one with the puddles.

She was almost gone, I laid down

Leaned my head on her cheast

Holding her tight, telling her I wont leave her

My soul is bound to live and die for her, I will save her.

The rain became into fog.

My dead body lays in a puddle, for its my sin

That dead I will not let lay alone.

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