Roller Coaster - Sensual Butterfly

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What if every time your phone rings
you see his number and you get butterflies?

Submitted: November 01, 2007

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Submitted: November 01, 2007



Roller Coaster

What if every time your phone rings
you see his number and you get butterflies?
Every time you hear his voice, you can't help but smile
and your heart melts like hot butter?

What if when he says "I love you", the whole world stops,
it feels like it is just the two of you that exist and
you wish like hell you could look into his eyes
to see if he really means it?

You long for the little things like just holding his hand,
and that one kiss that would tell all the truths.
What it would feel like to be wrapped in his embrace.

When you look at his picture often, gently touch
your finger to his lips and hope that he can feel the
soft kiss you just sent him becasue you can't kiss him in person.

What if that love is forbidden because you both
belong to another, but you can't help
what you feel in your heart.

You ask yourself every day if it is obsession
or if you really are in love with him.

And what if you reach down deep into your soul
and find that you cannot imagine your life
without him being any part of it?
And when he breaks your heart
you still love him with all the tiny pieces.

The thought of never hearing his voice again brings
tears to your eyes, you want to leave everything behind
and run the miles between the two of you into his waiting arms.

When he consumes your every waking thought
and haunts your dreams at night.
When you want to share your day with him
because you know he will really listen.

You don't hear from him for days on end
and you wonder if he is alive or dead?
It breaks your heart all over again
because you would never know. Who would tell you?

You curse God for bringing him back into your life
while at the same time thanking him everyday for
your first love reunited if only for the moment.
For the chance to get to know him all over again.

You think about what like would be like
with him based on things he says he would do
for you and you wonder if it is all talk.
Does he feel the same way?
Do you play on his mind the way he does on yours?

You long deeply to be with him
and not wanting to hurt anyone else
you put yourself out there on the line
knowing that it will be YOU left hurting in the end.

You see my are on
a roller coaster thrill ride
so just sit back, hold on for dear life
Enjoy your ride for as long as it will last
and don't EVER look back.

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