The Painter and the Madman

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Serenity never expected anyone to come into her shop covered in blood

Serenity sang along to the radio as she finished her painting of two women in a bar, each having a shot of vodka.  She wiped some light green paint off her cheek and smiled in satisfaction at the painting that had taken her about two weeks to finish.  Releasing her light blue hair out of its bun, she turned her head when she heard someone enter her art shop and jogged up the stairs to see what her potential customers would want.

“Hello, I’m Serenity Maler,” she started to say while unlacing her art apron and taking it off “Is there anything I can help you with…?”

Her golden eyes widened in alarm when she saw the state of the man who had just entered her shop.  Messy green hair covered his face and blood, old and fresh, stained his garments and the lab coat that he wore over them.  He also looked like he was in serious need for a shave.  The man didn’t seem to register her voice as he dragged himself around the displays, groaning and moving like a zombie while lingering around the differently sized easels and canvasses that Serenity sold.  Feeling a bit shaken, Serenity held out a hand.

“U-uh, s-sir?” she said waving it to catch his attention and the man’s body swerved in her direction “Are you…injured?”

The man groaned as he dragged himself towards the counter.

“No, these are my work clothes,” he grumbled and leaned across the counter to take a good look at her “How many customers do you normally have in a day?”

“N-Not that m-many actually,” Serenity stepped back, feeling a bit sick when she could smell the blood from him “I normally have r-regular customers and painting dealers t-to buy my paintings and painting equipment really…”

“Regular you say?” the man delved into his pocket and placed a photo onto the counter “Was this guy one of your regulars?”

“O-Oh my!” Serenity yelped when she took a close look “Is that a dead body?”

“Hm?” the man frowned and leaned over to look at the photo “Wrong one.  Sorry about that.”

Serenity really did feel sick now as he pulled out a second photo and pocketed the other, which was the photo of a dissected human corpse.  Serenity leaned over to see that it was a headshot of a dead person this time and her eyes widened.

“Why, he came along last week to buy my mermaid painting,” she commented “He’s dead?”

“Yup,” the man grinned eerily and Serenity felt a shiver crawl down her spine “Stabbed thirteen times in his neck and his genitals cut off too.”

Serenity paled as the man laughed and snatched the photo off from her counter and sauntered out with a cheerful hum.  She took a deep breath and fell to the floor, pressing her hand to her heart and sighed as she dizziness began to slow down a little bit.

“Madman,” she concluded and swayed slightly at the disturbing images in her head.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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