The Ice Queen

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A quick story about a college students dealings with his school's ice queen and his crush.

Submitted: January 05, 2016

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Submitted: January 05, 2016



“Cindy is such a fucking bitch.”  Mark growled little too loudly, drawing looks from some of the other patrons in the café.  He didn’t notice.  “Who does she think she is?  Fuck!”  Once Mark’s hate train started there was no stopping it, and Robert was along for the ride…again. 

 “Well,” Brian chimed, “Maybe you should have realized it wasn’t going to happen after the last three times.”Mark looked slightly perplexed

“Never give up, you got to power through.  If you did that you guys understood that you might have girlfriends.”  Mark fired back.

“Like you?”  Robert said, flashing a toothy smile.

“Pffff…You know what I mean.  At least I’ve been in serious relationships.”

“Veronica and Mary lasted less than three months.”  Brian corrected.

“I mean the other ones.  Like Tiffany…”

“Two months.”  Robert Interjected. 

“Rachel.” Mark said, flustered.

“1 And a half months.”  Brian interrupted.


“One date.”  Robert and Brian said in unison, before busting out in laughter. 

“Whatever.  Fuck you guys.”  Mark leaned back in his chair, pouting, turning to look at something…anything else than his own embarrassment.

The laughter died down and Brian decided to reopen the conversation.  “I have an idea.  A bet.”  Robert shifted in his seat.  He thought he knew where this was going.  “$100 to anyone who gets two dates with two different women and gets a kiss from each within a week.”  Brian waited with a smug grin on his face.

Mark immediately snapped back, “You’re on!  I got this in the bag,” with complete sincerity.

Brian eyed Robert.  “Why are you so nervous Rob?”

“I’m not nervous.”  Robert lied.  “I’m just short on cash right now.”

“When you’re nervous you start to pick at your nails, like you are right now.”  Brian stated as a matter of fact.

Robert’s senses came into focus and he felt his nails scraping against each other, desperate to calm themselves.  A futile effort.

“Well,” said Robert, defeated.  “I don’t want to take part in your reindeer games.  It’s just not in my nature, it’s childish.” 

“Oh, right, money, of course, far be it from me to think that it’s because you can’t get a date.  Nope.  I don’t think that at all, you Mark?” 

“Only children are afraid of looking childish.  But honestly, even if he won, he would break even.”  Mark said.

“How do you figure?”  Brian asked.

“Prostitutes aren’t cheap.”  Mark laughed.  Brian chuckled, but seconds later his eyes went wide.  “Well look who it is,” He said.

Gesturing with a flick of his head.  Robert turned to see Cindy walking up to the Café counter.Cindy had a somewhat pale complexion, her hair was blonde but so light that it looked near white in the right light.  She had a certain elegance to her that Robert couldn’t quite finger.  “And she is rather pretty in a way.” She hadn’t noticed them, or pretended not to.

“Tell you what Robert.”  Brian chimed, derailing Robert’s thoughts.  “If you go up to her and ask her out right now, and she agrees.  I’ll give you $20 right now. “Mark was about to say something but instead bowed his head muttering to himself.

“I’m gonna pass.  I don’t even twenty on me right now.”  Robert’s voice betrayed his weakness, even more so than his hands who had already started to pick at their nails.

“Come on, you won’t even owe me if you fail.  Get up Lancelot and win your lady love.” 

“That doesn’t even make sense Brian.”

“It doesn’t matter, stop being a coward and go, otherwise I’m gonna show up to your history class and ask out that girl you like. The red head. Esther.”

“Evelyn.” Robert retorted, incredulous. 

“Why would you correct me idiot? Whatever.  Just go, before she leaves.” 

No way out of this one.  I’ll have to think up something fast.”  Robert thought.  He stood up, and found Cindy waiting by the pick-up counter.  Her eyes had flashed to him for half a heartbeat before returning to watching the clerk.  “So she has noticed us.”  Robert was ready to give up right then and there but the thought of Brian chatting with Evelyn, her laughing and blushing as he whispered some joke in her ear, propelled him forward.

He did his best to look casual, which of course looked as conspicuous as someone possibly could. She stood there never even acknowledging his existence.  He came closer.  Four steps away.  “Almost there.”  He took a deep breath.  Three steps away.  He closed his eyes, visions of failure filled his mind, but his resolve was stiffened by the thought of Evelyn and her warm summer hair.  Two Steps.  He opened his eyes.

He regretted this decision.

Cindy was staring back into him.  Her pale-blue eyes had an unearthly glow to them, highlighted by her icy gaze.  “What do you want?”  She said.  “Wait I know what you want.  You’re one of Mark’s friends right?  Tell him to fuck off.  I’m not going out with him, he’s a dick and not a likable one.  Got it.”  There was no hint of anger in her tone, just cool even words.

“Wow its cold in here.” Robert thought bemused.  “Umm, that’s not why I’m here actually.”  Her face was solid, unreadable.  “I ummmm…I wanted to apologize for Mark’s behavior.  I know he can be a pain in the ass, and I wanted to say I’m sorry he can’t take a hint.”

Her eyebrows wrinkled, which Robert thought looked cute, and then upon realizing his thought felt the blood rush to his cheeks.  The embarrassment only made the blushing worse. 

“Well, thanks I guess.”  She said with less edge in her voice.  “I’m not really sure how much that apology is really worth, but I suppose it took some guts to say that to me with them right over there.”  A smile started forming at the edge of her mouth.  Why are you blushing?”  Her smile spread expanded like a crack on thin ice.

“Well, it’s just, ummm.” 

She giggled.  “Oh God, this is the worst.”  Robert was about to just walk away then and there.Then she whispered, “Move your hands around.”


“Move your hands around like you’re telling a joke.”  She whispered with more ferocity, then giggled again.

“Okay.”  Robert did as he was bid, gave a little flourish with his wrists and ending on jazz hands.  She let out a hearty laugh. 

“I don’t understand.”  Robert said puzzled.

“If it looks I laughed at your joke, it will make it seem more believable.  Let me cut to the chase. I formally am asking you out on a date.”

Robert stared, stunned.

She took a pen and a piece of notepad paper out of her purse.  “Admittedly the best part will be the look on Mark’s face when you go back over to your seats and show him that you got my number.  That will be sweet.”  She grinned. 

“Oh, okay.  Are we actually gonna go on a date or is this just for show then?”

“Hmmm…why not, it would really hammer home that I’m not interested.  Who knows, it might even be fun.  Saturday night okay with you?”  She handed him the piece of paper.  It had a phone number on it, Robert hoped it wasn’t fake.

“Sure, that’s fine.”

“Just fine huh?  Maybe if you complimented girls they’d respond more than not at all.”

Robert gulped.  “Well, I think you’re quite pretty.” 

Her smile seemed genuine then.  “See, it’s not so hard is it.  It does help when you mean it though.”

“Cindy!  Order Ready!”  The clerk called from the counter.

Cindy picked up her iced coffee, taking a sip as if checking the flavor.“So meet me at Lana Park at 6 on Saturday.  Call me if you want to cancel for any reason.” 

“Okay, umm. Thanks.” 

“You should be honored.”  She said before strolling through the Café and departing.

Robert faced his friends, Mark was grinding his teeth, and Brian was slack-jawed.  Robert sat back down, Brian began to slow clap.Mark joined for a couple claps before stopping.  “I can’t believe it but you win.”  Brian said.  “Even I don’t believe it.” Robert thought.  Brian continued, “Do you want that as a cashier’s check, or on tab?” 

“Cash please, ye of little faith.”  Robert said. 

“Here, just wipe that insufferable smug look off your face.” Brian said, putting money on the table.Robert counted it and put in his wallet before saying “No, you have to make me.”

“Okay then,” Brian said, “I’m still gonna ask out Evelyn.”

That did the trick.

“No, come on man, you agreed.”  Robert said, despair evident.

“I said if you didn’t do it I was going to, I didn’t say anything about what I would do if you succeeded.  Besides, you got a date with Cindy,” Brian flashed a look at Mark who turned away, “You’re ahead of the game so I need to play catch up.”  Before Robert could protest Brian had stood up and held out his hand.  “I need to get going, see you tomorrow Robert.”  Robert just watched as Brian left the Café.  “Goddamn it.He is gonna steal my girl right out from under me.”   Robert had to stop himself there.  “She’s not my girl.  I just wish she was.”  Mark had the courtesy to leave with Robert and give him a farewell.  As abrasive as he could be, Mark was a loyal friend. 

As Robert walked home he tried to form a plan for winning Evelyn over the next day.  All his efforts he quickly dismissed as Rom-Com fantasy.  “Today at the Cafeteria was kinda like the start of one though.”  He thought, hope making its way back to him.

The sun hung somber as the alarm clock rattled its infernal cacophony.  Robert woke with the usual disgruntled yelp.  He performed his usual ritual but took some extra care to look presentable.  “Gotta really go for it today.”  He combed his black hair, an unusual practice for him, he preferred the all-natural look.  He put on a nice red button up and black slacks, and faced the mirror.  “I hope this will do.”  He thought disappointed.

It was on the drive to campus when the dread started to creep in.  A kind of foreboding understanding of the inevitable humiliation that was to come.  “Maybe it will be different though.  Maybe it will be like the Café.”  Stranger things have happened.  Still the doubt lingered on.

He strolled through the halls, but as he approached his destination he heard a familiar voice around the corner.  Robert stopped short, peering past.  Brian was leaning against the wall on his left elbow, his fist pressed against his jaw.Robert couldn’t see who he was talking to, but he knew.  Her giggling rang in his ears as loud as church bells.  “Evelyn.  Fuck me.  I should have come early.” 

Taking a deep breath, Robert rounded the corner, feigning surprise at seeing Brian. “OH Brian is that you?”  Brian wore the biggest shit-eating grin he could, getting as many of his pearly whites as possible.

“Oh there you are Rob.  I was trying to catch you earlier but it seems my time is up.”

Robert could see Evelyn clearly now.  She was beaming ear to ear.  Robert had never seen anyone so beautiful before.  Her curvaceous body, was only matched by her lips.  Her heart-shaped face was perfectly framed by her locks of dark red hair.  So beautiful Robert could hardly believe she was human.

“Hey Robert!”  Evelyn said, her voice as sweet as honey.  “Did you get that essay done?”

“Yes I did.  What did you want to talk about Brian?”

“Oh never mind, it wasn’t that important anyway.  I should get going.”  Brian gave Evelyn the double guns and a click of his tongue.  “So what do you say?”

“I’ll think about it.  Kay?”  She said, still smiling.

“Right then, see you all later.”  Brian winked at Robert before leaving.

“We should probably go in now.”  Robert offered.

“Don’t bother class was cancelled today anyway.  You should check your email more often.”  Evelyn pulled out a small stack of papers.  “Will you proofread my essay? She asked.  “I’ll do yours if you want.” 

“Sure, but let’s go to the courtyard.”  

The temperature was nicer than he expected considering the sun chose to hide in the clouds today.  They found a nice quiet bench under the shade of an elm where they could read in peace.  “If I stop being a coward, maybe I will finally ask her.” 

“You have 6 grammar mistakes on page 5.”  She said.  

“Do you…”  Robert stopped, his mouth dry.  Evelyn looked up, waiting.  “Want to go out later?” He finished in his head.  But his nerves betrayed him.“…want something to drink?  I’m going to get a water.”  

“Yes please!  Water as well. That’s very kind of you Rob.”  She smiled and went back to making corrections.

He returned to find Evelyn had finished correction to his paper.  He handed her a water bottle which she thanked him.

“So, I made a list of all the types of mistakes and how many per page there are, you should be able fix them easily.”  She took a sip of water.  “So Rob, how did I do?”  She asked, her eyes widening with curiosity. 

“I didn’t find any mistakes grammatically, you should probably strengthen the conclusion with some more sources though.”  Robert said.“I can’t do it.  Oh well.”  He forced himself to smile to avoid dispel any awkwardness that might arise.  “You did great though.”


They sat there. Robert reviewed her correction.  Evelyn reviewed the concrete below.  The sound of other students conversing provided the only ambient noise, fitting along well with the oppressive silence.

Evelyn broke the silence.“Rob, I have a question for you.”  She scooted closer.  Robert felt his heartbeat quicken.“Maybe it will be like yesterday.”

It’s about your friend Brian.”  She said.

Of course, why would I even bother to get my hopes up?”  “Sure, what is it?”  He asked, praying that she didn’t hear the sorrow in him.

“Is he always such a douche?”  She whispered.

Robert started laughing.  And kept laughing.  And kept laughing.  His sides hurt, he could barely breathe, sweet tears rolled down his cheeks.  Evelyn just stared befuddled, then she joined in, the hysteria spreading like wildfire.

“I guess you get that question a lot.”  She said as the moment died own.

“Not as much as you might think.  It’s just…the expectation versus what you said was too much for me.”

“Oh, you didn’t think I was actually into him did you?”  She shook her head.  “No, not in 10000 years.  He is such a smarmy creep.” 

“At my birthday last year, he hired a stripper in my name, with my credit card to come over to the house.”

“That’s kind of a dick move.”

“It was at my parent’s house.”  Robert said.

“Ouch!”  She laughed.  “Well, I guess you know not to invite him to your parent’s house again.  He probably drinks all the alcohol too, amirite?”

“Pretty close, he is known to get into partying.”  Robert smiled, even if he couldn’t win the bet, he wouldn’t trade this moment for anything else.

Evelyn leaned in closer.  Robert could smell her lavender perfume.  Unable to resist, he glanced down her shirt to get a look at her cleavage.  

“Oh my Robert you’re all red.  Do you sunburn easily?  It is an overcast I suppose.”  Evelyn said.  “I have one more question to ask?”

Robert did his best to recompose himself.  “Uhhhh…yes of course.  Shoot.”

“You free Saturday night? I was thinking we could.”

“YES I’M FREE!”  Robert blurted.

“Uhhh…Great!I was thinking we could go down to Lana Park that night, you can really see the stars there.”  She said.

“That sounds heavenly.”

“I hope so.”  Evelyn ripped out a piece of notebook paper to write on.  The moment of truth arrived.  Robert was holding a note with Evelyn’s address on it.  “Pick me up about eight.  Oh sorry I got a little bit of makeup on it.”  Sure enough there was a dark smudge, but it did not hurt the presentation.

“It’s fine.  I can read it.”  Robert said.

Evelyn tittered.  “I said yes but is still nervous.  She is more like me that I thought.”  Robert thought.

“Hey Rob, I need to go. Thanks a bunch for helping with my essay.”

“Don’t mention it.”  He looked at his watch.  “You have to go already?”

“Afraid so.  I told my boss I’d come into work early today since I got this class off. But I’ll see you Saturday.”  She waved goodbye as she strolled away.  Robert waved too.  He was bummed that she had to go so soon.  “But then again I got a date.”He reviewed the note again, his imagination already crafting the perfect ideal for Saturday.  “How did she get masquera on it?”  He wiped his some the smudge off with his finger.  The texture was rougher than he anticipated.  He held it up to his nose and inhaled the scent.“Soot? Didn’t know it smelled like that.” 

It didn’t matter to Robert though.  He had a date with Evelyn and one with Cindy.  “Cindy.”  He whispered to no one.  “I forgot about Cindy.  She had said to cancel for any reason though.” 

He dialed the number she gave him.  “I hope she didn’t fake me out.”  Each ring heightened Robert’s fear.  “Fuck.  It’s fake.  She wanted to humiliate Mark, that’s all.” 

“Hello?”  Cindy asked.

“Hello, its Robert.”  Robert’s relief was palpable.

“Oh, hey.  What you calling about?”

“I need to cancel our rendezvous on Saturday.”

“I’m surprised, I thought you would have called last night, but no matter.  As long as you told Mark to fuck off then I’m happy.”

“I haven’t done that yet.”


“I will do that! But anyway I can’t go out Saturday.”

“Fine, I knew you didn’t want to go anyway.”

“Well that’s not exactly true.”  Robert didn’t want to sound rude.  “You’re a pretty woman, it’s just that something else came up.”

“Another woman then?”  She asked.

“Well…yes, how did you figure?”

“It’s clear from your cadence.  Someone else that you’re interested in.  No problem I get it.  I’m sure she is a lucky girl.”  She said.  Robert couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic.

“You’re right.  Anyway she wanted to go to Lana Park also, so if you want to double date with Mark we can all be happy.”

She snorted.  “Don’t give me that bullshit.  Good effort though.”  She said.

“Well, it was worth a shot.  Maybe you and Evelyn would…”

“Evelyn!”  She growled.  “You shouldn’t go, she is bad news.”

“What are you talking about?  You don’t even know her.”  Robert raised his voice.  Who was she to talk like that?

“I know enough.  For your own sake don’t let that she-devil suck you in.  You aren’t the first.”  Before Robert could respond she had hung up.

The hell does that mean?  What a crazy bitch.”  Robert thought.  It didn’t matter.  Cindy wasn’t going to ruin his night with Evelyn.

Robert drove to Lana Park, with Evelyn in the passenger seat.  They were making small talk about the usual, work, school, and weather.  Robert was talking back but not particularly engaged.  He couldn’t get what Cindy said out of his head.  Did she really know something, or was she just pissed off about the Mark thing?  “Of course that’s what it is, she is just a pissed off ice queen.” He decided.

She was saying something about her job when they parked. “So my boss just threw the fish into the garbage and left it in the alley for days.  The smell was so repulsive I swear he did it to drive out the homeless people.”

“I suppose that will work.”

“Sure, but it was perfectly good fish.  He should have just cooked them and gave to them as a going away gift.  At least that’s what I would have done.” 

They walked through Lana Park, the drooping elms cast creepy shadows, at least according to Evelyn, across the pathways.  She seemed to use that as an excuse to scoot closer to Robert so he did nothing to challenge it.  They didn’t walk in a particular path, just enjoying the park, which Robert noticed was nearly empty, or appeared to be.  It was situated on a hilly area and was fairly densely forested it was not uncommon to go for hours without seeing too many people.

“I want to take you to my favorite spot.  It get the most clear view of the stars.”  She said.

“Of course madam, lead the way.”  He replied.  She took his hand and the lead.

Robert didn’t recognize this part of the park.  The pathways wound and bent through the underbrush, becoming more and more wild and unkempt.  The trees tightened closer and closer to the trail like fingers wrapped around a throat.  Now Robert was creped out, but he was along for the ride.  His hand was starting to ache.  Her grip was much stronger than he would have guessed. 

Finally, they came to a clearing.  She led him directly to the center and pointed upward.  “See how beautiful it is.”

It was beautiful.

“Wow.”  The stars were so bright they were almost street lights.  All the heavens could be seen clear as day.

“There is the big dipper, Taurus the Bull, Saturn, Jupiter.”  She said. 

“You know your stuff.  I never paid that much attention.”  He said.  “It’s kind of terrifying how big and beautiful it is.”

“Terrifying?  I call it romantic.”  He felt her hand on his chin and she tipped his head down to look at her leering face.  “You look so delicious Robert.”  She said.  She jumped on him and he fell to the dirt, her hands pinning his arms.  “Sorry, was that a little to forward?”  She asked. Robert wasn’t going to miss this chance, so he shook his head.  “Good I need you right now Rob.  Do you want a kiss?” 

“Of course.”  Robert said.  He never thought Evelyn would have such an aggressive side.  “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  He thought.  Her eyes appeared to change color.  They would mix and pulse from a brownish orange to a kind of brick red tinged with spun gold.  Back and forth like a twisting conflagration.  A hypnotic rhythm.  “It’s like fire.”  He thought. Her flicking eyes bore directly into his soul.  “It is fire!”  He realized.She had no eyes.  All that remain in the holes where her eyes should be were dancing flames.  Hideous, burning, beautiful.

 “Don’t be afraid Robert.”  She crackled.“It won’t be long now. It will be sweet I promise you.”  She opened her mouth and a tongue of sire slithered forth, licking his lips, searching for an opening.  Robert tried to move but it was no use.She was too strong.  Her skin was burning hot.  He could feel it through his jacket.

Robert knew he was going to die. 

The flame burned his lips until he could no longer stand it.  He cried out in pain.  Seeing its chance, the tongue of fire plunged down his throat, and into his chest and stomach.  “It’s like an anteater.”  He thought, bemused.  He would have laughed if he could.  Everything seemed so unworldly, so comedic in its absurdity.  Perhaps that was the clarity that came with death.  The understanding of just how nonsensical life was.

It didn’t feel so hot anymore, he felt something stir and heave inside him.  The fire was grasping something he couldn’t say what.  HE couldn’t feel anything, except a kind of general euphoria.  “She wasn’t lying.  It does feel sweet.”  Robert had read before about what happens to people who starve to death.  The last few minutes before it claims you feel incredible as your body shuts down and your brain fills with chemical.  That’s what doctors say anyway.  Robert didn’t think that that was the case here, but he didn’t have the where-with-all to challenge it anyhow.

Then Robert did feel something.  A slight chill touched his head.  The long slithering flame tongue pulled out of him with a sudden fright.  Evelyn was looking at something behind him, a snarl fixed on her face.  Her eyes were back but now burning with rage.

“Get off of him demon!”  Someone said.  Robert couldn’t tell who it was but he knew it was familiar.  “You aren’t welcome in this town.”

“I don’t need to listen to you bitch!”  The thing called Evelyn howled and leapt towards the mystery figure.  Robert rolled onto his stomach to see his savior.

There stood Cindy.  A warrior.  A Valkyrie ready to fight. 

Evelyn was in the air and nearly onto Cindy already.  A deft roll to the left and Evelyn crashed into the earth.  But like a lion searching closing on its prey, she landed on all fours and rebounded almost immediately to pounce again.

Cindy was faster.

Cindy did not behave like an animal, she was focused and disciplined.  She stretched out her hand, her face stoic, and flicked her wrist.The ground became covered with frost and snow, forming a line aimed at Evelyn.  She tried to dodge, but part of her arm was caught in the wave.  Her elbow to the tips of her fingers were frozen.

“Fuck!”  Evelyn roared.  “I’ll kill you for this!”  Evelyn howled.  Embers burst from her back like fireworks, a shower of ash and charcoal rained down around her.  Great wings of charcoal, ash, and fire burst forth.  Heat bellowed from her wings as they ascended Evelyn towards the sky.  Then like a bolt of lightning she darted towards the darkness.  Like a fading candle Robert could see her glow slowly shrink and disappear.  Although not sure if the danger had passed, Robert arose to his feet.  Only then noticing that he could feel again.

Cindy faced him.  She didn’t say a word.  She didn’t have to.  “I told you so.” Thought Robert.

“Holy shit.”  Robert said.  “What the hell is going on?”

Cindy scowled.  “A thank you would have been more polite.” She said, her voice hard and cold.  She turned away, looking back into the darkness where Evelyn had fled. 

Robert’s head was still swirling but he realized she was correct.  “I’m sorry.  You’re right.”  Robert gulped.  “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Her tone was softer, but Robert didn’t think it was because of him.  She seemed completely focused on her task at hand.  An outside observer would just think she was looking into the dark, but after what he had seen, Robert knew this was a watch, she was on picket duty.

“She’s gone.”  She stated as a matter of fact.  “I was hoping to kill her, but I suppose it’s just as well if she doesn’t come back.”  Her voice trailed off somewhat, like she was talking to herself more than Robert.  Cindy snapped back around and looked at him. And Robert looked at her.  For the first time Robert saw the real woman.  She wasn’t of this world, she was something else.  “Something inhuman, something dangerous.”  The full moon shone on her pale blonde hair as it danced and waved with the gentle wind with a grace that Robert could not deny.  He eyes glittered like gems of ice, piercing into Robert.  “Something beautiful.”  He thought, blood rushing to his cheeks.

“You’re blushing again, I guess that will do for the compliment.  Really though Rob, you don’t even have the courtesy to thank someone who saved your life without a reminder.”  She chuckled.  “Boys are so stupid.” 

“I’m sorry.”  Rob said, and he meant it.  “It’s just…It’s not every day that someone saves my life.”  He was still a little in shock, but he felt safe now.

“Don’t be so sure about that.  A lot of raw shit goes on in the world.”  She walked up to him and looked at her watch.“It’s getting late.  You should probably get back home soon.” 




“But?”  She raised an eyebrow.

“Could you at least tell me what the hell just happened!”  He yelled.  Robert had suddenly found himself back to his senses, and every one of them was telling him to make some kind of sense for the madness he just experienced.

Cindy signed, and for a second Robert thought she wasn’t going to answer, but she spoke.  “Evelyn was an Efreet, a creature of fire and magic.  She was going to feed on you, drain your soul that is and probably others here too, until she decided to move on.  I stopped her.”  Cindy smiled in triumph.

“So you used magic to stop her, like some kind of sorcery spell?”  Robert asked, his years of RPGs and R.A. Salvatore novels flooding into his mind.

“Not exactly, it was an innate ability.”  Cindy grinned and snapped her fingers.  A burst of cold air hit Robert, forcing the hair on his arms and neck to attention.

“So you’re not a witch?”


“So what are you then?  And why did you save me?”  Robert was apprehensive, but he needed to know the truth.

“Im a Sin’Fey, and I protect my home.”  A gust of wind blew through as she spoke. Her voice became as powerful as a glacier, and.  Implacable, immovable, unstoppable.

“Oh.  So you made of ice or something?”

She wrinkled her eyebrows.  “Not exactly.”  She brought her index finger the corner of her mouth, thinking.  “It’s more accurate to say that winter is my aspect.”

Robert was taking this sudden world view shattering information surprisingly well.  “What about Vampires and werewolves and zombies and Gypsy curses?”  He asked.

“Don’t be silly Rob, zombies aren’t real.  As for the rest…its best if you don’t think about it.  The odds of being attacked again are the same as being abducted by a stranger who was hit by lightning.”  She held up two fingers in a V shape.  “Twice.”

Robert wasn’t as reassured as he believed she wanted, or maybe she was having a go at him, either way it was a lot to take on.  “Do all magical creature feed on humans?”

 “A lot of them do, but not all.  I’ve never met a leprechaun who dines on human for instance.” She cocked her head slightly.  “You don’t need to look so worried.  I don’t feed off people like she did.”

“Oh, was it showing that bad?”  Robert asked.

“Yep.”  She said.  “Besides Rob, I like you.”  Her arms wrapped around his back, he could fell their chill through his jacket.  "You have nothing to worry about.”  She leaned in and he felt her lips on his.

 The kiss was warm. 

Before he knew it, his hand had found its way to the small of her back, and the other was stroking her hair.  She broke it off gently.“See?”  She said with a smile.

Robert smiled back.  “I didn’t quite get a good look, mind showing me again?” 

She giggled and let go.  “You outta get back home before someone gets worried.”  She turned and started walking back towards the other side of town. 

“Will I see you around?”  Robert asked, dreading the answer.  He didn’t like this.  This is where all those tragic romance movies end, where the protagonist loses the woman of his dreams.

“Of course.  I still owe you a date, eh?  Just call me tomorrow.  You still need to tell Mark to fuck off though.”  She called back.

Robert felt as light as a feather then.  “Of course.  Just don’t give me the cold shoulder!” 

“Hardy Har Har Har.  Big boy thinks he’s clever.”  She shouted back, waving goodbye.

Robert waved too as she vanished into the night.  “I guess I lost the bet only got one kiss, and not even the right date.”  He thought, but didn’t care.  It took a while to navigate out, but eventually Robert got back into his car.  He turned on the ignition and the radio came on.  Without really thinking about it, he started singing along with Haddaway.

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