My Daughter Lily

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A little girl travels to find the father who never even knew she existed.

Submitted: May 22, 2014

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Submitted: May 22, 2014



Six Weeks Earlier

"Mommy, tell me more about my Daddy" Lily asked.

Lily was being tucked in by her mother, a beautiful woman with dark brown hair. The blanket was pulled up just under her chin before the older woman laid down on the bed beside her daughter.

"Sure, what do you want to know, Sweetie?" Her mother replied. She'd known that eventually, Lily would ask more about her father. She didn't like talking about Blake. He was a great guy, and it hurt to think about the man she missed.

"Why did you two break up?" She looked up at her mother with those beautiful brown eyes that was passed down from her father "and why doesn't he ever come see me? He loves me doesn't he?"

Lily's mom sighed, looking at her cute eight year old daughter We broke up because the distance between us was catching up to us...I asked him to visit me again, and he couldn't make it, then it just kept getting more and more complicated after that, so we decided to break up, mutually of course"

"So relationships are complicated?" the little girl asked.

"Sometimes yes" she kissed her daughter's forehead, "Your father doesn't know about you... I never dared to tell him, he always seemed like the type to have such a huge future, I didn't want to burden him"

The girl suddenly looked sad "So… you regret having me?" she asked softly, looking near to tears

"Oh gosh no" her mother hugged her "I love you, baby...if anything were to happen to you I would die, it's just that... in the years after that we drifted apart, so much we never speak now... I would never know what to say if we ever met again"

Lily saw the sadness in her mother's eyes and kissed her cheek "I love you mommy" she said, doing her best to make her mother happy again.

She received a kiss back. "Go to bed, my child" she said, running her fingers through Lily's curly brown hair, one of the only attributes the girl got from her. Lily acted like Blake French, not only by her personality but by her love of adventure and how silly she could be at times.

Lily fell asleep in her mother's arms that night, dreaming of meeting her father and having adventures. She hoped he loved her, even if he didn't know she existed right now.

The Present

Blake French sighed as he opened his eyes. He could already feel his hair sticking up all over the place. That is what he got for going to sleep without taking a shower first.

He slowly sat up, running a hand through his hair to try and get it to straighten out. When he let it go, it fell across his eyes, forcing him to push it to the side. Ever since he was young, he liked to grow his hair out, now he was paying the price for it. It wasn't too long though, didn't even touch his shoulders or go passed his chin.

Scratching the light stubble that had started to grow onto his face, he slowly moved his feet to the edge of the bed, letting them fall to the cold floor, quickly picking them up again when his feet sent the feeling to his brain.

"Geez that is cold" he mumbled, slowly setting his feet down again, trying to get used to the cold. He then leaned over and plucked his boxers off of the dresser that they had been tossed onto and quickly pulled them on, trying to prevent his man parts from being frozen off.

He'd forgotten to turn the air conditioner off last night and it had turned the room into a freezer. He rolled to the edge of the bed and tried to find his slippers, grumbling a little about how cold it was.

He eventually found them under the bed and almost fell off of it when he tried to get them. But he was lucky and was able to get them without injuring himself.

Giving a small yawn, he stood up and began to look for some clean clothes to put on after his shower. He mumbled something about doing a load of laundry before the end of the day as he snatched up a pair of khaki pants and a white button up shirt before he rolled across his bed to reach the adjourning bathroom.

Yawning again, he arranged his clothes the way he would put them on. Shirt on bottom, pants and then the towel that went over them.

He turned on the shower and walked over to the sink to brush his teeth. Knowing his shower, it would take forever for the water to heat up, giving him just enough time to get his teeth clean.

Once he'd scrubbed his teeth and the water was hot, he hopped in, giving a small yelp when the hot water hit his cold skin, causing him to scramble back cursing under his breath.

For the next five minutes, he continued to test the water until his body was accustomed to the heat. He smiled a little as he enjoyed his shower.

Ten minutes he climbed out and began to dry off before he slipped on his clothes. He gave a little stretch "Crap, should have got some socks before I came in here" he said. The bathroom was pleasantly warm from the shower, but he knew that as soon as he opened the door, his feet were going to be cold again.

Quickly, he pulled open the door and leapt for the bed, bouncing a little. He grabbed a pair of socks off the floor and slipped them on before he sat up.

He sighed as he got off the bed and looked around for his shoes, and after looking around for a little bit, finally remembered where he'd last taken them off "Oh yeah, I took them off last night in the living room"

As he opened his door into the living room, he noticed something on the floor and picked it up. He chuckled when he looked into the living room and saw the bare butt of a girl as she hung off the edge of the couch. He heard her mumbling about finding her panties "I could have sworn he pulled them off with my pants"

He grinned and walked over to the girl, popping her, causing her to yelp and fall over the edge. He leaned over and dangled her panties above her "Missing these Amy?"

The girl looked up at him, blue eyes shining passed her green and black hair, and glared a little as she stood up, grabbing the undergarments and pulling them on "And to think that I was going to make you breakfast" she said, pushing her hair out of her eyes and making sure her pony tail was still in place.

Blake laughed and pushed her onto the couch, noticing that she was wearing one of his shirts "Please, like you could cook anything decent" he walked into the kitchen, his search for socks forgotten "I learned that lesson long ago"

Amy DeLarouse was a twenty year old woman who, thanks to her father, had a large fortune. She had met Blake in college and even dated him for a year or two before they broke it off, planning on just being friends. For a while, that worked, until a bad break up and a little alcohol turned them into friends with benefits.

Some time during all of this, before he found out she was rich, Blake had told her about his idea to open up a bookstore and she had liked it, wanting to help.

Blake had found a nice sized building with a decent apartment above. They went into business together, even living together as they did now.

She growled and got off the couch, running and hopping onto his back, hugging him by the neck and nearly choking him "Fine then, you make me breakfast"

For a small girl, she was strong, but he was able to get her off of him "Fine fine, but you have to get dressed and open up the store"

She pouted a bit and sighed "Fine, but it better be a damn good breakfast" she headed into her bedroom which was next to his own. When they weren't fooling around, she stayed in her own room.

He shook his head and chuckled as he began to get things out to make breakfast. This morning was already interesting, he wondered how much more interesting it would get.

A hour after, they were both down In the store when a young girl walked in. She looked around curiously at all the books in the store, her eyes lit up. She ran towards the island marked 'fantasy', browsing all the thick fantasy books that caught her attention.

It was odd for such a young girl to be looking at such advanced novels, she couldn't be more than seven or eight-years old. Long chocolate brown curls fell down to her waist, and her eyes were brown too. She was wearing a winter parka and carrying a giant knapsack. It was only just the beginning of fall why was she dressed so warmly?

Blake watched her for a second, finding this little girl an oddity. Not that he discouraged reading, in fact he encouraged anyone who entered the store to read, but it was still so odd to see a little girl look at such large books.

Amy tapped him on the shoulder "Hey, you need to check the books for this week 'cause I am no good at this business stuff and you know I might mess something up" she grinned as he rolled his eyes and headed for the register.

Amy smiled and headed over to the fantasy section, seeing the small girl "Hi" she said happily "Can I help you find something?"

She looked up at Amy curiously "Um.." She looked back down to the book in her hand and slid it back on the shelf "I'm actually looking for someone.." she rooted through her pocket before pulling out a picture and handing it to Amy "This guy, I asked around outside and some people said that he was the owner"

When Amy looked at the photo she saw a picture of a younger Blake, he looked to be in his teens. Then right beside him was a girl with bushy brown hair and murky green eyes. Both were smiling and they looked happy.

"His name is Blake" the girl said "Blake French"

Amy looked at the picture and giggled "Oh, he was such a nerdy looking guy" she said to herself "Cute girl with him" she looked back to the girl "Yeah, I know him" she pointed to Blake sitting at the register.

"That handsome guy right over there is who you are looking for" she looked up and saw a book out of place "Uh oh, he'll kill me if I don't fix that" she moved over and began to rearrange books.

Lily smiled when she saw him "Thanks" she said to Amy before walking towards the register quietly, feeling a little shy. He was doing something with the cash and didn't seem to see her walk over. "Hi" she said, gripping the counter, trying to get his attention.

Blake looked up for a second "Allison?" he asked, wondering why his ex was here and then blinked "Oh..I am sorry" he chuckled "You look like someone I haven't seen in years" he put the money away and leaned over the counter "So how can I help you cutie?"

The young girl smiled when she heard the name "I just came here to meet you" she said, a big smile on her face now "I can't believe this is really happening" she hurried over to his side of the counter and ended up tackling him in a hug, her head came up to his abdomen "Daddy" she said, her words slightly muffled by his shirt.

Blake blinked "Um...what?" he asked. He was pretty surprised, it wasn't everyday that a little girl came into his store and called him daddy.

She let go and looked up at him "My name is Lily Faye, I come from Canada, I'm eight years old. I have a kitten named Charlie and I love reading and playing video games. When I grow up I wanna be a writer, my mom even said some of the short stories I made up are pretty good, I'm allergic to. . ." This kept going on, Lily was so exited she was just rambling off everything about herself without giving Blake time to think. She wanted to tell him everything about herself.

He laughed and lifted her up, setting her onto the counter before putting his finger on her lips "Shush" he said "Now, speak slowly, I caught your name, age, and origin, and I can assume Allison is your mom, but why are you here?" he already had an inkling of why she was here, but couldn't really believe it. He'd always wanted a kid.

There was a moment when she went quiet and just looked at him "Your my daddy aren't you?" she plucked the photo out of her pocket again "Mommy said you were my dad, but this is the only picture I have of you so I brought it with me trying to find you.. I really really hope you are, I've always wanted to meet my dad" she looked so tiny there sitting on the counter, when just minutes ago she could have pulled off being a small pre-teen.

He looked at the photo with a small smile "I remember when we took this photo" he said softly as he looked her in the eye "Well, if Allison said that you are my daughter, then you are probably my daughter"

He grinned "You'd have to be my daughter to come looking for me, I am surprised your mom let you run off, she should have sent a message or something when you both came to America"

"Mom didn't come with me" Lily said quietly "she doesn't even know, I came on my own.." She unzipped her knapsack pulling out some papers and putting them on the desk. Her used plane tickets, her passport and right smack on top was a MasterCard with the name 'Allison Faye' printed on it.

"I know the numbers, mom let me use it a few times and I remembered. I wouldn't have met you if I hadn't come myself" she was smart enough so that none of the airport personnel had noticed she was an unaccompanied minor.

"Please don't get mad.. I know my mom will but I only wanted to see you"

He sighed softly before chuckling and mussing up her hair "I know I should be mad, but you are just too cute, besides, I am sure your mom is going to be mad enough for the both of us" he sighed "Though I don't want her mad at me, so I am going to have to call her after we close up later"

Amy walked up "So, what is going on?" she asked, leaning on the counter and looking at Blake.

"Well, this is Lily, my daughter" he said looking at her. He sounded exactly like a man who'd found out he was a father.

"No way! Awesome" Amy laughed "Why didn't you tell me you had a daughter?"

He shrugged "I didn't know" he said chuckling "It is a pretty happy surprise"

"Well, it will be nice to have another girl around, we can stay up and do girl things" she smiled at Lily. It was pretty surprising really. Blake wasn't the type you'd expect to have an illegitimate child.

Lily looked up at the older girl "Are you his girlfriend?" she asked her directly. She really didn't like the possibility of someone else with her dad. She wanted her things to happen like in the fairy tales. True love, happily ever after, she knew her mom and dad were meant to be even though they weren't together just yet.

Amy blushed "Well...not exactly" she said "We..have a special relationship" she looked at him "Blake?"

He laughed "We sometimes act like boyfriend and girlfriend, but most of the time we are just friends" he couldn't just tell his eight year old daughter that he and Amy were fuck buddies.

"Oh... ok" Lily said a little confused. 'Is it like a part time job?' she wondered in her head. She yawned a little, it was early in the morning and it was even earlier when her plane landed. You could tell just by looking at her that she was sleepy, even if she wouldn't admit it "What kind of books do you read?" she asked her dad, guessing that if he owns a bookstore he must love books.

He chuckled "I love almost any kind of books" he said "But we can talk later, I can see that you need to sleep young lady" he said lifting her up into his arms before looking at Amy "Watch the store for a little while alright?" he asked.

She nodded an watched him walk upstairs "Geez, always knew that guy would be a natural at being a parent" she said and sighed as she got to work.

Lily snuggled her face in the crook of his neck, he felt warm. "I can walk you know" she pointed out, she didn't mind it though, she was fairly light, her mom gave her piggy backs all the time. She already felt the sleepiness catching up with her.

He chuckled "Yep, just like your mom" he said. He walked into his room and laid her down in his bed before laying next to her, letting her lay on him as he stroked her hair "My little girl" he said softly. It felt odd to have a daughter..but he also liked it.

Lily was almost asleep "My phones in my bag if you wanna call.." she didn't finish her sentence, she was out like a light.

He chuckled and slowly sat up, pulling off her shoes before pulling the blanket over her and setting her shoes on the floor.

Then, he opened her bag and began to search for her phone. Once he'd found it, he searched through her contacts, landing on Allison's name. He sighed "Eight years" he said softly as he hit the button and walked out of the room.

He flopped onto the couch to wait for her to pick up. He was a little nervous. Allison had probably been the greatest love of his life. He still thought about her sometimes.

"Hello? Lily? Lily, are you ok?" came a familiar voice on the other line, she seemed rushed. It also sounded like she was walking in a hurry.

"She is fine, just sleeping" he said sighing softly "We have one hell of a daughter Allison" he said "A lot more gutsy than I ever was that is for sure"

Allison stopped walking. "Blake" she said and sighed "She sure is something, but she doesn't get it from me" She started walking again "I knew she was gone down there from the charges on my card, I'm getting on a plane soon and I'll be down there in a few hours to pick her up"

He chuckled "Well once you get here, you can stay for a bit" he said "I want a little time to spend with my little girl" he shook his head "I mean a guy doesn't run into the daughter he doesn't know everyday" he sounded a little angry.

He ran a hand through his hair "I'm probably not even on her birth certificate am I?"

"I'm.. sorry Blake, I just didn't know how to tell you after everything that happened" Allison did sound sincerely sorry "There was many times I was going to but the words wouldn't come to me, and time flew so fast we lost in touch" She sat down in an airport chair.

"I didn't mean to hurt you or her, I just wanted you to go somewhere in life. Being held down by a pregnant seventeen year old wasn't going to do you any good, especially since we live in two totally different countries.." she hoped she wasn't sounding too harsh by saying all this.

"You know me though, at least you did" he said "You know I would have done anything to help you, I mean, I went to Canada for you" he sighed "I understand why you did it, I just wish you hadn't"

He shook his head "We can talk about this after you get here, I have to get a place for you to sleep set up"

Allison agreed. "I'm boarding my plane in twenty minutes, I should be there by tonight.." there was a pause "Thanks, Blakie" she said and the line went dead.

He didn't want to admit it, but her calling him Blakie made his heart skip a beat. He sighed and set the phone down, sinking down onto the couch to rub his face. Then he realized that Amy was still downstairs and working by herself "Ah crap" he hopped up and headed downstairs.

Hours later..

Allison stepped out of the taxi, holding her coat over her head, trying to shield herself from the rain, who expects it to rain at this time of year? Where she lived everything was covered in snow.

She looked up at the giant sign for Blake's book store "Better late than never" she mumbled sighing, as she walked towards the door, the whole place is supposed to be closed cause of how late in the evening was but lights were left on 'He's expecting me' part of her wished she wouldn't have to deal with this, that she could just get her daughter and go home. But Blake wouldn't do that, he'd want Lily to stay here for a while.

She had a small rolling suitcase filled with clothes behind her, she stepped up on the steps and knocked, carrying the suitcase up with her. Knowing she probably looked like a state, hair flat with the rain and clothes drenched but all she wanted was to see her daughter.

It had scared her to death when she had vanished, she hadn't been home when Allison had come from work. She looked everywhere, even called the police. When they had found out she was in America she automatically insisted she get on a plane to go find her. Part of her deep down had known this day was coming.

Blake opened the door, Lily sitting on his shoulders holding on to his head. He blinked when he saw Allison "Oh, hey" he said softly "Come on in, get out of that rain" he said touching her arm as he pulled her inside.

Allison felt heat flood to her face when he pulled her inside. "Thanks" she said, hauling her suitcase in after before shutting the door. "Hi Mommy!" Lily piped up, Allison smiled, so glad her little girl was safe "hey baby".

"Daddy's really fun, he lets me do ALLL sorts of things, like jump on the bed, and I get rides on his shoulders, and he's a REALLY good cook"

Allison looked at Blake with an eyebrow raised "Really?" she hoped he wasn't going to be too lenient to her daughter, Lily would probably get too used to it.

"Hey, don't look at me like that" he said "I've missed eight years with my daughter, I am allowed to spoil her a little" he grinned and lifted Lily from his shoulders, setting her down "Take your mom upstairs while I lock up okay?" he asked.

The little girl grabbed her mom's hand "You should see his place, it's so big compared to ours!" She began leading her mother upstairs. Allison looked back briefly, seeing another girl down there too walking towards Blake. 'It's none of my business' she thought, looking away and walking up with her daughter.

Amy hit Blake on the shoulder "How the hell did you lose her?" she asked "She's cute"

"Hey, she was the one who wanted to break up, I just told her it was mutual just to protect her feelings" he sighed as he locked the door and turned to head upstairs.

"Well whatever, her loss...though if she wanted some of you I wouldn't mind sharing" she grinned, watching as he blushed.

"Geez, don't put images in my head" he laughed nervously "Come on, I have to make dinner"

She rolled her eyes and followed him upstairs with a small grin. Blake was a great guy, though sometimes he was too nice for his own good. It was so easy to embarrass him and push him around. Though even he had his limits. He wouldn't let himself be used. He was smart enough to realize who was his friend and who was just using him.

Allison was sitting down at the table talking to Lily when Blake and Amy made it up "Hey" she said quietly, turning to look at them.

"How long?" Lily asked still continuing the conversation they'd been having before her dad had come upstairs.

"Two weeks, no laptop or games alright? Your missing school for this, and you stole my card. I'm glad your ok but stealing is bad, honey"

Lily looked down "But I did it for a good reason" she said softly.

"No excuses, you could've found another way" Allison sighed hating to do this to her daughter "You could've talked to me, your grandparents wouldn't have minded bring you here over the holidays or something, stealing was not the way to go".

"Sorry mommy" the 8 year old was trying not to cry.

Blake smiled and leaned down to kiss Lily's head "It will be alright sweetie, I've been grounded before too" he grinned "I even got in trouble with your mom once"

Allison smiled a little as the memory passed through her head.

Lily felt a little bit better, at least there's lots of books to read, she wasn't grounded from that.

"Who's your friend?" Allison asked looking toward Amy.

"That is Amy" Blake said grinning "She is the co-owner of the bookstore and has been my best friend for the past five years and a terrible cook"

Amy hit him in the back and flopped down onto the couch and flipped on the tv.

"Nice to meet you?" she said, as the girl watched TV.

Amy smiled at her and nodded "Nice to meet the woman who Blake let get away" she said chuckling.

After her father said she could still read books, Lily headed into his room to read, leaving Allison and Blake alone in the kitchen.

Allison didn't know what to do now that they were alone "So.. how have you been?" she asked, stumped on what to say.

Blake grinned "I've been good" he said as he began to cook "I went to college, met Amy, then we opened this place, it has been going pretty well, how about you?" he asked.

Allison tried not to show any sign that she was bugged by the word 'we'. Were they that close? "You know, had a kid, went to college, single mother and all.. same old" she said quietly.

It was hard for her to go through her whole pregnancy while staying in highschool but her dad had made her, he said it would help her in the future and it did. "I have a job writing for a gaming website, it doesn't pay much but it gets us by" She had to borrow some of her parents money to even buy the second ticket, and they even offered to pay for the return whenever that is.

"Well you know I will pay for any money Lily used to get here, I'll even pay for your return trip" he smiled "I'd also like to pay child support" he sprinkled seasoning over the food and licked his fingers.

"I am glad you got to continue school, I wouldn't have forgiven myself if you hadn't" he looked at her, pausing in his cooking to ask the question he really wanted to know " anyone?"

Allison shook her head, she was a bit surprised by the question "Nope.. not many guys anyway, most don't go for the whole single mother thing, and I didn't have much of a selection where I lived anyway" she looked towards the room where Lily was "She's been my life, if anything were to happen to her I don't know what I would do"

"Well, she is part of my life now" he said smiling as he opened the oven to put some garlic bread in. He leaned against the fridge and looked at her. For a minute or so, neither of them said anything then he chuckled "Feels like when we used to call each other"

She smiled "Just listening to each other typing away and breathing was good enough back then" she said. "So what's with you and Amy?" she asked quietly a little curious about their relationship.

Blake chuckled "Well, Amy and I dated for a while, but it didn't work out" he scratched the back of his head "I am not sure what exactly happened, she broke up with some guy and I consoled her, got a little drunk" he shrugged "We have a bit of a friends with benefit's situation going on now, though we don't bother each other when we have dates, unless the dates are into that kind of thing"

He blinked and blushed a little "But you probably don't want to hear about something like that"

"No it's fine" she said, even though part of her didn't think it was fine, "It's more than I have" she blushed a little, she'd thought of sex, what person didn't, but actually finding the right guy and dating him enough to sleep with him? She'd never been able to find the time.

He blushed with her "Sorry" he said softly, his face turning redder as he remembered the last time he and Allison had sex. He chuckled nervously and turned back to stir his food. His first time had been with her, it had also been when Lily was conceived.

It was funny how it all revolved around that one night of passion, a night ingrained in his memory. It'd been one of the more important nights of his life.

She smiled as she noticed him blushing, he was so cute.. 'Wait! Stop thinking like that dammit' she laid her head on the table as they waited for the garlic bread to cook.

He looked at her "You alright?" he asked her a little worried for her.

Allison nodded "Just tired, I was on a plane for a couple of hours, and its later back and home then it is here.. I'll get over it" she smiled, liking that he still worried about her, it made her chest flutter a little thinking about it.

Blake smiled and nodded as he finally had four plates of food. He handed her two "Help me set the table" he looked at Amy and asked her to go get Lily while they set the table.

Allison nodded, lifting her head of the table and taking the plates from him.

After a few minutes lily and Amy joined them. "This book is really good" Lily said, sitting at the table.

He laughed "Of course, I know how to pick them" he said "But no reading at the table, I couldn't do it when I was young, and that means you can't do it either" he sat down as well.

"Aww" she said, putting the book down by her plate "Looks delicious" she said happily.

Allison smiled at her daughter, she got Blake's silliness, but the being hyper part was definitely her genes.

"Well, everyone, eat up" he said clapping his hands and began to eat. He blinked and noticed something when he looked at Lily. They ate the same way. He hadn't noticed that detail before.

Allison ate quietly, she decided that after they finished eating she would find a place to nap cause she was wiped.

Lily looked up when she saw Blake was looking at her. "What's your favorite food, daddy?" she asked, still wanting to know more about her father.

Blake smiled "Well, I am not sure, I have tasted a lot of food" he shrugged "I can't say" he laughed "I am not good at picking just one thing"

"My favorite food is pizza... No wait, Mozza sticks" Lily exclaimed.

Allison laughed "She changes her favorite food alot too".

"Mommy said she's always liked the same two foods, Kraft Dinner and Hot dogs, and that's the way it'll always be for her" Lily said giggling.

"Hey, it's good stuff AND easy to make" the brown haired woman stated, making her daughter giggle more.

"Oooh, Cheese Sticks that have that little bit of juice in them" Blake laughed "and I don't mind hotdogs, but I really love them when they are stuffed with cheese"

He poked Allison with his fork "You better not be feeding my daughter just those two things" he said

"No I'm not, my mom helps with the cooking sometimes and I've learned" she said with her own grin.

"It is smart to learn how to cook different things" he said grinning.

Amy laughed "Man you guys are weird, Blake once cut a steak in half and stuffed it with cheese and garlic along with a ton of other stuff" she gave a small moan "It was so delicious!"

"That sounds soo cool, lets stuff everything with cheese" Lily said, almost finished her plate of food, she had a big appetite.

Blake shook his head "Too much cheese will make you sick" he said.

Amy nodded "Especially squeeze cheese" she said before she stood up and put her plate in the sink and headed toward her room "I got a date tonight, so don't wait up" she smiled "Allison, if you and Lily want to use my room tonight, feel free to do so"

Allison nodded, she was done now. "Sure, thank you" she smiled, maybe this Amy wasn't so bad.

She got up and put her plate in the sink. "Want me to help with the dishes?" she asked.

"Mommy should go to bed" Lily said "I'm sure I can help do them, Daddy should get some rest too since he cooked for us".

Allison was surprised at how polite her daughter was being, and proud.

Amy soon came out dressed for success "See you all tomorrow" she said heading out.

Blake waved at her before he looked at Lily "Alright, but you break it, you buy it" he said grinning as he stood up, kissing her forehead before he stretched and yawned "I am actually pretty tired" he said softly.

He looked at Allison "The bathroom is connected to both rooms, so make sure you lock both doors or I could walk in on you" he ran his fingers through his hair as he headed for his room.

Lily nodded and began to run the water for the dishes, she had done it tons of times at home.

Allison went to her suitcase and grabbed her tooth brush and pjs, She brushed her teeth and crawled into bed quickly enough. Meh, she'd take a shower in the morning. Making sure to leave a small light on for lily she fell asleep.

Blake sighed as he pulled off his shirt and pants, flopping onto his bed. Seeing Allison today had brought up old feelings. He shook his head and snuggled deeper into his blanket. He was not going to have innocent dreams tonight.

Later Lily crawled in beside her mother and fell asleep.

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