The Girl Who Flew Away

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Hi everyone. So, this is my second post which is a short story about a girl based in modern settings. So go about it and Hope you love it!

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



‘I don’t know Sanya how should I tell you, but, yes, as a good friend of yours, I cannot hide from you that he has some feelings for Samira. He told me to keep this a secret but I cannot stake your life. You are such a beautiful girl and I cannot see you in despair.’ Rohit said soothing her.

Sanya recently found out that Amit, her husband has been cheating on her and was having an extra-marital affair with a colleague, Samira. She loved her husband a lot and this news was indeed a heart-attack for her. She was losing her senses and thought that it was the best to confront her friend, Rohit, who was Amit’s friend too.

Rohit knew that Sanya, the love of his life, was melting. Few more minutes and she will loose her control. She will never forgive her husband and will throw him out of her life and house. And for Amit, her husband, he should be punished for snatching the love of his life from him.

‘What should I do now Rohit? Amit is my life. I don’t know how I will survive without him.’ Sanya was breaking down.

‘Why are you worrying Sanya? You are rich and pretty. Any young man will love to be with you. Why are you wasting your time and energy for a guy who has never cared for you, the one who has always taken you for granted and uses you and your wealth for his satisfaction and pleasures?’ Just a few more minutes, thought Rohit.

‘Do you mean to say that I should leave him? Rohit, he is my husband and I love him.’ The words pierced like an arrow in Rohit’s heart. His Sanya loved someone else.

‘But Sanya will you be able to forgive him? He is one who has treated you like a toy. How can you pardon him? Look Sanya, as a friend I advise you to leave him and move on in your life.’ Rohit said pretentiously but in a realistic look.

‘But with whom? Who will marry a woman like me? Who will take care of me? Will someone give me the love and affection I crave for? On whom I can depend upon?’ The fruit is ripe, shoot it, thought Rohit.

‘Me, my dear Sanya, me. Today I want to confess that I was in love with you since we met in the coffee shop that day. I wanted to marry you but you were already married to Amit. Let me tell you Sanya, I can give up all the worldly pleasures to have you with me. You really mean everything to me. I have my eyes only for you. Have you ever seen me with another woman? No, because I love you. But the question now is will you be able to return my love? Will you?’ Rohit said dramatically.

‘Really, Rohit? Do you really love me? Oh! How stupid I was that I never noticed your feelings towards me.’ An expression of happiness spread across Sanya’s face.

‘Yes, you never noticed but I knew that we two will become one. I was waiting for this day to arrive. I want to ask you now, Ms. Sanya, I Rohit Gupta, loves you from the bottom of my heart. Will you lighten up my dark life? Will you marry me?’ he said perching on a knee.

‘Yes, I will be delighted to marry you.’ said Sanya happily.

Rohit got delighted at the success of his plan. Finally, Sanya was his wife. He had succeeded in his intentions of parting Sanya and Amit. He had finally won the love of his life. He was deeply pleased with his planning.

The happily married couple shifted to a new three-bedroom apartment in Bandra facing the sea. Rohit was earning well and they both started a life full of love, comfort, and luxury. Sanya was also very rich and the world around became a heaven for them. She also joined many clubs and became socially active.

‘Sanya, I was thinking to buy you a villa and some land. I mean a beautiful lady like you should own some property.’ Rohit said.

‘What happened to you suddenly? Why this thought struck your mind, Rohit?’ Sanya said inquiringly.

‘After all you have been the light of my life. This is the least I can do for you. It would be shameful for such a pretty and rich lady not to own any property. Wouldn’t it be?’ Rohit said lovingly.

‘Yes, you are right.’ Sanya agreed.

‘I’ll buy you the most expensive and lavish land holdings. Just give me a list and I’ll get you the stars of the sky. A pretty girl like you deserves all the happiness of the life.’ Rohit said to his Sanya.

‘Thank you, Rohit. But it’s you who has redecorated my life once again. I cannot ever return whatever you have done for me.’ said his Sanya.

‘Oh! Sanya, it’s you who had changed my life into a celebration. You are the one for whom I can bestow all the happiness and luxuries of my life.’ Rohit looked in the eyes of his Sanya.

Suddenly, the phone rang, startling both of them. Sanya picked up her brand new IPhone 7 s and replied that she will talk later. It was around 11:30 p.m. Rohit questioned, ‘who was that?’ She drove the topic away saying it was her friend who wanted to talk generally about her wedding. As the night grew, they went to the bed.

Sanya felt relieved that Rohit felt convinced with her reason and did not inquired more about that person.

Many days went about and Sanya became the owner of many posh land holdings in and around Mumbai. She knew that the time was getting nearer and nearer. She had to carry out her plan one day. The day was about to arrive. But was everything ready? Were the papers she would require ready? Oh! She had forgotten to call him.

‘Hello!  Yes, be ready with the papers… Are they ready? Awesome. I’ll take it from you today in the afternoon at around 2:30 p.m. Meet me outside the PVR cinema... Yes, I’ll be there on time... Bye.’ Sanya was getting tensed as well as excited. Finally, the D-day was arriving.

The clock struck 1:30 p.m. She got up from her Jacuzzi and started to dress. She had to leave early because of the traffic jam she might have to face. She cannot be late there. Those papers were really very precious and important.

She instructed her driver to take out her favourite red Mercedes and take her to the PVR cinema. She reached the cinema exactly at 2:28p.m. Thank God, she wasn’t late. Two minutes later, a black BMW came which stopped near her car. The window of the car opened and a man handed her a brown packet. As soon as the packet was in her hand, the car sped away.

Sanya carefully kept the brown packet in her bag and ordered the driver to drive back to their home. The countdown had started. Just a few more hours were left. But how would she execute her plan?

Sanya was lost in thoughts when suddenly; the phone rang breaking her thoughts in between.

‘Hello! Yes, I got the papers… Yes, I had kept the papers safely… Hmm, I will take the signatures this very evening… Yes, I’ll be careful… Ok. I’ll call you tomorrow or you please come and take the papers back from me in the afternoon... Fine, bye.’

She reached her home and began planning what she will do. Around 5:00p.m., Rohit came home. She opened the door and greeted him lovingly. He kissed her on her cheeks and wished her Happy Birthday. He was carrying a nice large chocolate fudge cake, some food stuffs and beautiful diamond necklace.

‘Happy Birthday.’ Rohit wished his dear Sanya, ‘You are looking gorgeous today.’

‘Thank you, Rohit.’  Sanya was feeling a little uncomfortable and nervous, but she released her stress and got ready to execute her plan.

‘See what I have for you’, he paused dramatically and said, ‘A beautiful necklace for my beautiful and precious wife.’ Rohit presented her the gift.

‘Oh! Thank you, Rohit. It’s really very beautiful.’ Rohit hugged her Sanya.

They cut the cake and fed each other and sat for dinner. Candles were lit and delicious dishes were prepared. The evening was getting darker and a light background music was flowing.

After dinner, the couple got comfortable on the couches and a romantic film was running on the home theatre.

Suddenly, Sanya realized that the time had arrived. She got up and returned there with a file full of papers.

‘Rohit, I was thinking to open a new bank account in which I’ll start accumulating money for our future. For that, I’ll need your signatures. Will you please do that for me?’ Sanya requested.

‘Why not, for you I can even sign on my death certificate. Tell me where to sign.’ Rohit said.

‘That is what you are going to sign on.’ Sanya murmured.

‘What happened? Tell me where to sign.’  Rohit asked again.

‘Here, here… and there.... Oh! Thank you so much.’ Sanya got delighted and took the papers back. Finally, she had succeeded in her plan. She didn’t know that taking his signatures was such an easy task!

‘Wait, can I read them once? I do not put my signatures on any sheet of paper without reading them. You know it’s risky.’ Rohit said.

‘Don’t you trust me? If it is so, then please take it.’ Sanya was getting nervous.

‘No leave it, because I trust you. You can never cheat me I know’ Rohit said.

The night got off gleefully. Sanya was extremely blissful. Just one night to pass and she will become a billionaire. The night passed very merrily.

The next morning, Rohit woke Sanya up, telling her that he had a call from his secretary and he had to go to a three-day tour to Australia for a business deal. He asked her whether she wanted to go with him or not. Sanya first got excited to go and was about to say ‘yes’ but suddenly she came into her senses and memorized the work she had to do that day.

‘I’d love to go Rohit, but, today I have to attend a very important event in which it’s obligatory for me to make a manifestation. Moreover, I was planning to visit my mother today for she is unwell.’ Sanya made an excuse.

‘Ok! I’ll plan a nice vacation for us once I’m back. Bye.’ Rohit bided farewell to her.

Around 11’o clock she got up, bathed and dressed. She called someone and asked him to come home to collect the papers.

In the afternoon, the doorbell rang and she handed the person the papers on which Rohit had signed. She said something to him in whispers and that person left the place in a hurry.

The day after, she received a phone call. Suddenly, she fired all the servants and began packing all her belongings with all the priceless bits and pieces of the house. After she had packed all the things, she left a note with a message: “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME”.

She left the house and encumbered her luggage in one car and got seated in the other car with the person she had been in touch with.

 ‘You did an extremely well job, Sanya, I mean Tina.’

‘Oh! Thank you. It happened all because of my scheduling and of course, my acting. But, you also did a fast job, Amit, I mean Gautam; getting the papers ready and transferring Rohit’s property to my name was done very quickly.’ Tina said applauding Gautam’s effort.

‘Thank you. But, rather than your appreciations, I would like the portion of money you promised me.’ Gautam said, memorizing Tina the promise she made.

‘Yes, why not. Here’s the cheque of 10 crores. Is this enough?’ Tina asked pompously.

‘Yes, it’s more than enough. Thank you.’ Gautam said.

‘You deserve this. Rohit didn’t have a clue that you are not my husband and that I was playing a trick on him.’ Sanya aka Tina was contented with her planning.

Gautam dropped Sanya at the International Airport, where a flight to Dubai was awaiting her. She had planned to settle there until she got another rich fool in Dubai to play tricks on and changed her name to Priyanka Patel.




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