The Slayer who was scared of blood

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A vladimir tod chronicles fanfiction.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



Slayers and Vampires can be friends.Can't they? (A COVT Fanfiction)

~Akira's POV~
I didn't want to leave.
But how can I tell my parents who want to leave so badly?
We were supposed to be leaving London to move to some small town called Bathory.
Apparently it has one high school.

Anyways so ummm my name is Akira McMillan and I am a vampire slayer.
I'm 15 years old and I have one older brother named Joss (weird name hey?) who is also a slayer.
We don't get along too well because I am being sent to finish a job that he never finished.

I must kill that vampire they call Vlad.
The beast that took my cousin away from me......
He will pay......

~Chapter 1-Sacred Promise~
~Vlad's POV~
"How long have you known?"I asked,looking at Henry.
"I came as soon as my mum told me"he looked at me.
"Akira isn't one of the slayers is she?"I tried to probe into my best friend's mind,seeing what he knew about Akira.
"No.They don't accept girls"he said.

A sigh of relief escaped my lips.
Now I could be friends with a McMillan besides Henry.
But there was one thought still in my mind.

"Is she pretty?"I looked down.
"Dude she's my cousin!"Henry blushed.
"What does she look like?"I snapped impatiently.

"Yes.She looks like a vampire but she isn't.At least I don't think so"Henry glared at me.
Now he was pissed off at me too.
"Thanks Henry"I said in a 'you can go now' way.

Henry was clearly good at taking a hint because he smiled at me and left.
As soon as Henry was gone i sighed.

~Chapter 2 coming soon~


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