On potentially dating a non-Christian

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Please judge before you read.

Could it be it’s my own lies

That have bled from my head

Into my own eyes?

I hear I’m a fool from those all around,

The same ones who left me to bleed on the ground.

I know just what they’d say,

They’d call me a slut, or else, prey.

If I said that I knew you, they’d

Tell me, “No, you don’t.”

If I said I’d draw the line, they’d

Go, “And? He won’t.”


They way I see it, it’s a straight-forward choice:

Whether to fall into the tracks, or breathe with my own


The Christian guys I’ve know may never say “shit,”

But honest to God, they’ve treated me like it.

I was too weird or too broken to fit in their box.

Their sisters bake pies, while I photograph clocks.

You and I, we don’t know what we’re doing.

But I never knew that before, anyway.


Before you, I lived with myself and let my

Words fall on deaf ears without notice.

I tried to put fences around what was

Okay and the obvious dangers around me.


I tried to live like that, like they do.

Until I was pushed into my own fences,

Ran into the ground, screamed at,

Sneered at, stared at, ignored,

Stabbed in the back and the heart.

I don’t build defenses anymore.

They’re too hard to take down, and put up.


You, you didn’t want anything from me.

You had nothing to offer.

But Love, you gave, but didn’t know it.

And the best thing you could have done

For me,

Was to respond.

And you looked me in the eye.

And you said, “That’s okay,”

Like it really was.

Your response was a thing I anticipated,

But didn’t expect, if that makes sense.


If we do this thing that won’t make sense,

If we began only to plan for an end,

If we choose to hop fences and ignore the

Talking heads that have ignored us,

I ask this one thing:

That you will hear this truth that I

Have fought for long before I knew you,

And will still fight for long after your

Last word has lilted through my ears,


And maybe you will find you have more of yourself

Than you ever gave to me.

Submitted: January 30, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Seren H Sayer. All rights reserved.

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