Remembrance of Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Basically a poem about the many points of life that one looks back upon and remembers.

Submitted: November 08, 2012

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Submitted: November 08, 2012



The years have come and past

and while some memories may fade away,

I know in my heart that all of you shall last

until the very end of my days.


Forever shall I remember all of those summer days,

full of so much warmth, laughter, and play.

The days of our childhood

and runnung throughout the neighborhood.

The times full of being teased and dared

and of secrets shared.


Forever shall I remember our school days,

back in that small classroom down by the bay.

The days full of whispers and books

and passing each other notes.

The times full of icky girls and boys

and weekends filled with joy.


Forever shall I remember our days of high school,

thinking of only what had to be done to be cool.

The days full of first dates and skipping class

and creating music from instruments of brass.

The times full of rumours and spreading mean names

and pep rallies and football games.


Forever shall I remeber all of those dates we shared,

full of sweet-nothings and showing the other you cared.

The days filled with romance and candle-lit dinners

and trying ever so hard not to join the ranks of sinners.

The times full of promises and kisses ever so sweet,

that they swept me off my feet.


Forever shall I remember the day I walked down the aisle,

all dressed in white and wearing my biggest and brightest smile.

The day so full of happiness and doves

and words of devotion and love.

The time full of bliss and promises of forever

and vows to leave each other never.


Forever shall I remember the day we brought life into the world,

and rejoicing the birth of our little girl.

The day full of joyful tears and crying

and coos and sighing.

The times following filled with late nights

and of little stars twinkling ever so bright.


Forever shall I remember our golden years,

full of so much peace and cheer.

The days filled with easy silences

and providing our young with needed guidance.

The times full of taking it easy and kindess.


Forever shall I remember the day you dies,

and of all the tears I cried.

The day full of great sadness and tears

and many blank and pitiful stares.

The time of a massive sea of black

and wanting you back.


Forever shall I remember you.

November 3, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Serena Blake. All rights reserved.

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