LALS: Script to Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Suri or Serenity Vert is auditioning for the role of a life time. her call back partner just so happens to be her long lost friend from childhood. The two must find it in themselves to realize who the other is before they lose each other again.

Submitted: May 29, 2013

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Submitted: May 29, 2013



Suri Vert

The sound echoed in my chest, not the sound of my shoes hitting the floor, but the sound of my heart rapidly hitting my rib cage. As I walked into the spot light that was lighting up the stage I felt a single pair of eyes find me. When I hit the center mark the second pair of eye found my place. The light was blinding me and it was basically impossible to see anything in front of me. That didn’t make me nervous about this audition, I was ready for it. I had practiced for hour’s non-stop for weeks. I memorised every needed emotion, pronunciation, and most important; every word. When I felt I was ready I took a really long deep breath.

“Hello, my name is Suri Vert. I am auditioning for the movie ‘Like a Love Story: Written Law, as the part of Skyler Ross.”


I bowed towards the two full seats. I could still hear my heart beating into my ribs.  It was so loud I was almost sure that the two people sitting in front of me could hear.

“Thank you Miss. Vert,” A stern voice rang through the abandoned theater. “Please step back stage; we will call you back out shortly.”

I quickly bowed my head before tripping out of the spot light. As I stepped back stage my brain gave me back the ability to breath, and I heard myself gasp for air. As I stood there in the silence my hands started to shake, and my legs trembled. With each breath I tried to take in more air then needed to calm myself down.  As I was recovering from the light headedness the voice from the second women called, her voice was lighter and softer than the other women’s.

“Miss. Vert, please return to the stage.”

I walked back onto the stage fairly quick, I almost passed the spotlight and had to dig my heels into the ground to stop myself. So the two women out in the audience couldn’t see my hands shaking I shoved them into my pockets.

“Hello Miss Vert,” The soft voiced lady greeted, “My name is Selena Stars, I am the author of the book, and I am the casting director.”

“And I,” the other sterner voice spoke up, “am the director, my name is Sabrina Tori. I am not going to beat around the bush here. I think your acting is good. The emotion feels real, your actions are believable. My only concern is if you can keep the same energy with the male lead.” Sabrina began to walk to walk down towards the stage from her second row seat. “I want to see you act again, but with a partner. Will you be free later today?”

“Yeah I should be.”

“Great, I am going to see if I can get the male lead to run a few lines with you, to see if you look well together. I will contact you when he gets here. Hurry he will not wait for long.”

I nodded and began to exit the theater when a question popped into my head. “Who is the male lead?” My mouth spoke before my brain finished processing.

“I was wondering if you would ask that.” Selena’s voice echoed with a mischievous tone, “His name is Connor Dyke. You probably know him from his starring role in ‘The Young Never Stay Still’ and the drama, ‘Dark of Heart, Light of Mind.’ It was very difficult to get him to agree, but I worked my magic.” She smiled with pride at her own accomplishment.

“If you have someone so famous, why get a nobody like me?” I shrunk in my own inescapable shadow of nothing.

“Because, I want someone new, a new face per say.” Sabrina and Selena said at the same time.

“Women in show business either mature really fast or really slow, I want a teen to play the teen role. I don’t want an adult or a little kid, it wouldn’t fit.” Selena continued. “He also needs someone new to the business because you will probably be intimidated, your nervousness around him will be heightened. Anyway, I will contact you when he is on his way, be here with in five minutes. You can have 1 guest to make it easier on you. I, we, will see you later.”

I slowly walked out of the theater, my hands dangling loosely at my sides, my feet dragging on the ground with every step.

I stopped in the hallway leading back to the main part of the school. I looked around to make sure no one was in the hall before jumping up and down screaming.

“Why’re you jumping up and down?” A voice asked from behind.

“AHHH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “What is wrong with you?!” I grabbed the person guilty of making me scream and it was my friend Charlie.

“Oh my, I am so sorry,” her voice was thick with sarcasm. “I just happened to get out of class at the perfect moment.”

“I got a call back!” I was way too happy about the audition to stay mad at her.

“Seriously?! That’s awesome!” Her eyebrows scrunched together indicating she was confused. “Wait, what is a call back?”

“It is a second audition; the director wants to see me with my co-star before she confirms me for the part.

“Do you know who your co-star is?”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t, either way promise not to freak out, scream, yell, and you CAN’T tell anybody.” I warned.

“Yeah, yeah the usual. Please tell me?”  She begged.

“Okay, well firstly his first name starts with a C, sec-“

“No guessing games!” Charlie interjected. “Just tell me already!”

“Fine, his name is Connor Dyke.”

“You’re not serious! Connor Dyke?” Her jaw dropped, which left her mouth a gape. “How did your crummy agent get you this audition?”

“That is a mystery to us all, but she definitely deserve a raise.” WE started walking back into the school when I remembered, “Oh, I can have one guest at my call-back do you want to come?”

“You serious?” She asked, “Are you sure you want me? I mean why not your mom or someone from your family.”

“My mom and family think this is a stupid life choice. I would rather my best friend any day. I want you beside me, or at least in the same room.” I smiled as I tackled her with a hug. “I don’t know when he is coming but keep your phone on vibrate I will text you when he gets here.”

“Okay cool, I need to get back to class, and so do you. See you later.”

Connor Dyke

“No.” I shot at my manager.

“What? You can’t say no it’s for the movie.” She replied.

“I am not going to another high school to act with yet another teenaged girl. Why must I waste my gas by always going to them?” I questioned. “Bring her here, I don’t care.” I sank into a couch cousin stubbornly.

“Connor you are going to that high school whether you want to or not.” She began stern but lost her momentum. “Look, I am not going to sugar coat this, this girl maybe our last chance. We are running out of options. Please will you do this? If not for the movie, then for your career, or me?” She batted her eyelashes.

“Connie, stop batting your eyes at me.” I got up off the couch. “You’re double my age and my manager. You have looked after me since I was ten.”

“I know, but I got you off the couch.” She smiled at her victory. “Come on we don’t have much time, if you don’t move faster I will pull you out by your ear.”

I decided not to push her any farther then I had already.

“Fine I will go meet her, but if I am wasting my time you’re the one doing the explaining this time.” I hated having to go, but I would never win a fight with this women.

“Yes, yes, as always can we go now?” She was pushing me out before I could answer. “You can drive; I have some phone calls to make.”

Suri Vert

My phone buzzed in my pocket, before I pulled it out I checked to see if the teacher was looking before looking at the screen.

A text from a random number lit up my screen.

He is on his way hurry over he won’t last long.’

It took me a moment to realise what the screen said. Connor Dyke was coming to my school to perform with me. I quickly threw all my stuff into my bag and ran up to the desk. I was trying to think of something to get me out of class, but when I needed it most, I had no idea what to say.

“Just go Suri, have fun and break a leg.” Mr. Visall told me before I could tell him a lie.

“Thank you Mr. Visall!” I leaned over his desk and gave him a hug.

I ran out of the room and down the hall. I stopped outside the hallway leading up to the theater. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket so I could test Charlie.

‘Charlie he is on his was. Get ur butt over here!’

I shoved the phone back into my pocket as I watched two people walk up to the school and walk through the doors. The male of the couple was very tall and skinny; he was almost familiar like I had seen his face before. The women on the other hand was not familiar I could tell I had never seen before in my life. They had walked around the little entry twice before they saw me.

“Hello my dear,” the women spoke, “can you direct us to the theater?”

“Yeah sure, just go down that hallway and it will be the double doors on your left.” I answered.

“Thank you my dear, you were a big help.” She bowed her head in respect before she left for the theater. Her speaking tone was soft and soothing, almost like how a mother would talk to a child.

“The boy didn’t move from the spot he had stopped in. So I walked over to him.

“Do you need a different destination?” I asked kindly.

“NO, I’m-I’m good thanks for the help.” He started walking away before rushing back. “Have we met before?”

“I don’t think so, I would remember.” So it wasn’t just me, he felt it too.

“Sorry, I must have you confused with someone else.” He walked briskly after the women who were planning to give us a tour.

“Do you know who you were talking to?” Charlie popped out from behind a wall.

“Gaaaaa!” I Screamed, “Will you stop that? If you scare me anymore I will have to restart my heart.

“Not in this life time.” Was her answer, “Now, will you answer me? Do you have any idea of who was three inches away, who you shared previous air with, who talked to you?”

“Nope, I have no idea. Are you going to tell me?”

Her jaw was so low it was almost hitting the floor, “How can you NOT know that face? That is your co-actor Connor Dyke. You should know! He is #1 young actor in the country, hottest guy on the planet, and not to mention #2 on the best shirtless shot in Pop-Human magazine.”

A light bulb flashed in my mind; maybe that was why he seemed so familiar to me. It would make sense since I had seen him on T.V before. But that would not explain why I was familiar to him, I would remember meeting someone like him right?

“YO! Earth to Suri, don’t you have an audition, or a call-back right now?” Charlie was snapping her fingers in my face. At that moment I popped back into reality. “And she returns to earth, welcome back. Come on, you said he won’t wait long.”

“Right, let’s head in.”

For the second time today, I walked down the read carpeted hallway into the theater that held my destiny in the hands of three other people. This was my chance, possibly my only chance. I had waited almost two months for this; I had practiced every day since I heard the amazing news. I starting asking myself if I should have practiced more, but I had to push the thought out of my mind. No matter what happened on the other side of that door, I would not come out the same person as when I went in.


“Thank you for coming in again Miss. Vert.” Selena greeted me.

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting long?” I asked.

“No, Connor just got here and is being briefed on what will take place. They are just back stage you can go join them.”

“Thank you, this is my one guest,” I motioned toward Charlie, “Her name is Charlie.”

“Welcome Charlie, I will explain to you what we expect from you as an honored guest.” Selena gestured for Charlie to follow her.

As Charlie walked up with Selena, I walked back to find Connor and Sabrina.  I walked back stage and found them standing just in front of the changing room. As I walked through the door way, as my shoes clicked on the floor the three sets of eyes turned to see me. Connor’s eyes widened as he focused on my face.

“Ahh, there she is,” Sabrina was the first to break the silence. “Connor, Connie, this is Suri Vert. She will be the young lady playing Skyler.”

I shook hands with both Connie and Connor. They still seemed very surprised about me not knowing who Connor was.

“It will be wonderful working with you two, hopefully in the near future.” I spoke with a smile that was half forced.

“Sa-same here.” Connie’s voice stuttered.

“Um, anyway,” Sabrina spoke up, “the scene that you two will do is the scene were Nathan and Skyler have their first full conversation. People who are not your character will be done by someone out in the audience. Do you have any questions?”

“Yeah I have one,” I stated, “which line starts?”


I take a long breath before walking over to Connor, who was currently Nathan. When I got to a comfortable distance, I twiddles my thumbs and crossing my feet.

‘Nathan…..I am so sorry for my behaviour, for Rocky’s weirdness, and for knocking your books down, I wasn’t looking were I was going. “I spoke quietly and super mellow. I avoided his eyes for a moment before finally looking up.

I easily got lost in the soft look on Connor’s face and his smile captivated me. I felt like the story we were telling was true, I was Skyler and he was Nathan.

“It’s okay; it was mostly my fault anyway, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” He apologised.

I snapped out of speechless moment just in time to respond with my line.

“Okay! Well now that, that is settled, I am going off to English. See some of you later.” I just turned to leave when I heard Connor talk.

“Hey I have English too, do you want me to walk with you?” Connor’s hand was out stretched for me to take it.

I was about to answer when a whole bunch of responses got jumbled up.  The sentence ‘Not thank you’ was nagging at my brain, but at the same time I wanted to say ‘OMG! You want to walk with me?! OF CORSE I WILL!’. I couldn’t get my brain so say either line, because I knew it wasn’t in the script. I didn’t know what to do, or what to say.

“Awesome!” I suddenly heard from the audience, it sounded like Charlie but I wasn’t sure. “I sadly have science.”

There were a few other lines of dialogue with the characters in the audience before we got to another scene with just Nathan and Skyler talking.

I looked over to Connor and was getting ready to say his next line. “You’re quieter then I remember.” His voice cut through the silence in the theater easily.

“Yo-you remember me?” I turned away as I felt my cheeks brighten as blood rushed to them. “I try to not stand out; I never knew people noticed me enough to remember me.” I felt a nervous giggle escape my throat.

“I think a few people still remember you from grade 6 when you made that dance number for spirit week, it was awesome. Rocky wasn’t the only one calling you Dance Champion around school, actually I spread that nickname around school.” Nathan explained. “In grade 7 I think people wanted to see your work again, but they never planned a dance off for spirit week, but I am sure you have something for this year.”

“Actually, I don’t dance anymore. I quit at the end of grade 6.” I admitted, “It got really pricy, and I had no spare time anymore. So I quit and focused on school and work, now that I am in high school I need every minute to either do homework or study.”

“You have a job? I always thought you would be a writer,” Connor took a step towards me. “Your stories in English class were always creative and vibrant.”

I took a step closer to him, almost challenging him. “Being an author is a job too you know. And I…..I write romance novels.” I took another step closer, testing myself. I was losing the scene, what in the world was doing?

“Really? That’s amazing.” His voice and actions were different than what the scene wanted, but so were mine. “Have any of your books been published?”

By now, we were so close that we were breathing each other’s air. I started feeling a little light headed, because the air was slowly thinning around us. No guy at this school would be this close to me willingly.

“Yeah, two actually.” I took a few steps back because I needed oxygen before I passed out. “I have sold 25 000 copies worldwide of each. Well that was last week’s total, I am going to see my editor/publisher later today to get an update.”

“If that is the case, why does everyone treat you like crap? Why don’t they ask for your autograph or a picture with you?”

“Because I want a normal teenage life, people flocking me to sign things is not normal. To keep my teenage life the way it is, I use a pen name so no one knows it is me.”

Instead of laughing like he was supposed to, he gently took my face into his hands. His hands were big enough that his fingers had to curl under my jaw.

“Why do you put up with it?” He asked, slowly pulling my closer to him.

I was searching his eyes for reasoning behind this but I found none. Was he just trying to mess with my head? Was he going to laugh at me later about how I thought he was going to kiss me? All these questions popped into my head while he was still pulling me towards his face. Our noses were an inch apart from each other, his warm breath was wrapping around my cheeks.

“Maybe because, I can’t fight it.” He just kept pulling me closer.

The distance between us was non-existent, but it felt so natural, like I had been waiting for this moment for years. His lips were about to brush mine, because he was so tall I had to put my hands on his shoulders so I could stand.

“CUT!” Someone in the audience yelled.

I hadn’t noticed, but my eyes were closed. When they fluttered open I saw how close we were and jumped back about five feet.  What was thinking? This guy was, Connor Dyke, he would never fall for a nobody like me. As I felt the tears gathering in my eyes, and blood rushing to my cheeks, I ran. I ran to my comfort place in the school, the only safe place for me at the moment.

Connor Dyke

What just happened, more importantly, what was I thinking? I knew that I wanted to test the girl, but even for me that was taking things a little too far. During that scene I had seemed to lose myself, why did it turn out like this?

“Um…good work Connor,” Selena said as she stumbled down the large steps from the risers. “We are going to find Suri; you can take a break in the meantime. Connie, please go over the scene with him.”

As Selena and Sabrina let the theater, I went to sit on one of the front row seats. I then watched as Suri’s friend ran out after them, I then heard the stairs creek under Connie’s slow movements.  

“Okay Connor, the truth now. And, don’t give me some lame lie or excuse.” As Connie waited for my answer she tapped the toe of her high heeled shoe on the ground.

“The truth? About what?” I demanded.

“The truth about what happened on that stage! You acted way to familiar then you should for just meeting, and that was not part of the scene.” She let her weight fall into her right hip, while pinching the bridge of her nose out of frustration. “The scene was two school mates catching up after not talking for years, not two love interests sharing their first romantic embrace. You, have some explaining to do Mr. Dyke.”

 Suri Vert

I ran until I found myself at the back of the library, shortly after I had sat down Charlie ran into the room.

“Girl, for someone who doesn’t know him you sure got pretty close.” She leaned against the wall I sat against to make her-self feel important and in power.

“Charlie, it’s not like that! I can’t really explain it all that well, even if I wanted too.”

“Well figure out how, because we are not leaving this spot until I know exactly what happened on that stage.”

Connor Dyke

“I…it…well when I looked into her eyes something over powered me.”

Suri Vert

“It felt like, well it felt like something took control of my body. Like another person was taking power and I wasn’t in control.”

Connor Dyke

“I felt like I had talked to her before, maybe even seen her before.”

Suri Vert

“When he held my face and stared into my eyes, I was almost at peace almost like….”

Connor Dyke

“Everything in my life felt in balance, almost like…”

Connor Dyke/Suri Vert

“At that moment, I was complete. Nothing was missing, they were my second half.”

Suri Vert

“For that brief moment I wasn’t scared about who hated me or who thought I was stupid I was just being me, or the character I guess.” I rambled on, “I don’t know what completely happened between us on that stage,” at that moment my mood flipped 360°, “but I hope it never happens again.”

“Wow, what’s with the mood flip?” Charlie questioned letting more of her weight slump into the wall.

“People like him sicken me; he acted so familiar like he knew me. I will admit that he does remind me of a very old childhood friend of mine, but the chances of it being him are one in a million.”

“Suri,” Charlie’s tone changed and I knew what she was going to say, “Do you still have trouble believing that people can like you that way? I mean you are a gorgeous young women, if I were a dude I would date you.” Charlie then proceeded to giving me her half pedophile, half stalker stare.

“Okay, fine that’s the reason okay? I seriously doubt that he would fall for me that fast. The real world doesn’t work like that; this is not a romance novel.”

“And how do you know that? Well I know this is no romance story, but he could have fallen for you. Just this morning you had no idea who he was.” Charlie pulled me up from my seat against the wall and tried pulling me towards the door.

“But he is famous; he probably has a girlfriend who is rich just like him. A commoner like me will have no appeal.” I made my best pouty face until she stopped pulling my arm.

“Oh who cares for God’s sake? Forget about that for a minute would you? All that should matter to you right now is getting back to your call-back.” She gave me a super sweet childlike smile before pushing me through the door. What a great friend.

Connor Dyke

“I’m sorry Connie; I don’t know what happened other than that. She has a strong acting presence, I got sucked in, and she over powering me.” I shot up from my chair as I tried to plea for my innocence.

Connie started pacing around the theater before she pulled out her phone to look something up. It took her a while, and judging by her face she was looking for something really specific.

“A HA!” Connie yelled when she finally found what she wanted. “I knew I had seen her face before, true she has aged but this has to be her.”

Connie ran over to where I was standing and shoved her phone into my face. After I backed away a bit, and my eyes adjusted I saw a picture of when I used to live full time in Gepinniw. It was a picture of when I was ten and with my best friend Serenity; she was only 7 at that time, two days away from being eight. That was my last summer in this town full time, before I moved to California.

“That is a picture from when I was ten what does that have to do with anything?” There was something she was hinting at that I just wasn’t getting.

“Connor, Suri is Serenity!” Connie exploded. “Well at least that is my theory. It would make sense, we are in Gepinniw. It was bound to happen one day; it hasn’t been that long since we moved here.”

“Connie, we don’t live here, it is temporary. Also what makes you so sure that she is Serenity? I mean she also could have moved.  We haven’t talked since I was ten and she was almost eight.”

I hated talking about Serenity; it always reminded me about how much of a jerk I was. When I used to live here back then Serenity and I were neighbours. Until I had moved, I didn’t realise how close she really was or how much I actually liked her. When I moved away it was a surprise move, I never saw her again after that.

“Connor, but what if it was her? Would you be happy about it?” Connie kept acting as if this was the best thing to ever happen to the Earth.

“Connie, that’s enough. She is gone okay? My Serenity doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Hey Suri, are there people in here still? I swear I could hear someone say your name.” Suri’s friend’s voice echoed from behind the open door to the theater. I then grabbed Connie and ran to hide behind one of the curtains.

“If so, why use my full name?”

I felt my eyes widen when I heard Suri say those words. This girl; had the same name as my childhood friend and my first love, she even lived in the same city…but that doesn’t mean that they are the same person, there are probably a thousand Serenity’s in this city. The only thing that would make me believe that she was the girl from my past would be her knowing my real name and not this phony stage name.

“Where did everyone go? Are they still looking for me?” Suri asked.

“I think so, did no one stay behind? I was sure Connor and Connie were in here when I left.”

I turned to Connie to stay quiet and stay hidden. I wanted to know what these two girls were up too.

“Well Charlie, if they were here they aren’t anymore.” Suri’s voice sounded forced, like it was a struggle to breath. Did she run back here?

“Okay, well no one is here, tell me more about this childhood friend.” Suri’s friend, Charlie, demanded.

“There is not much to tell you, I was a seven year old girl and about to turn eight. He was older by two years, I had a huge crush on him and then he moved without any notice. He never wrote, never called, I never heard a word from him after that summer. He just vanished off the face of the Earth.” Suri’s tone got heavier with every word she spoke. “I tried to contact him for a few years before I finally gave up.  He was my one and only friend back then; he was popular with the girls so they all hated me for always being around him. And guys? Ha! They were worse, because I was always with guys my age thought I was weird and older boys thought I was an annoying little sister figure.  I haven’t really felt safe since he left, but I got used to it. It has eight years since I last saw him.”

The silence that hung above our heads was nerve racking. Both girl spoke a word, and Connie and I were still in hiding.

“Will you tell me his name?” Charlie was the first to break the silence.

“Why?” Suri demanded, “It’s not important an-“

“I believe I asked for a name.” Charlie cut her off, switching from a friend to an authority figure’s tone of voice.

“Well now I see I have no choice.” Suri paused for a moment. “Okay, if you really want to know, it is Jeremy. Jeremy Packer.”

My heart almost stopped beating for a minute. No wonder she looked familiar earlier and no wonder it was so easy to act with her, she had known me for almost my whole childhood.  She is the reason I now feel all normal human emotions, but from what I did I could tell I took one away with me all those years ago. Her acting skills had gotten better at least, when we were little she always dreamed of being an actress. When I moved to California I looked into becoming an actor on the small chance that I would meet up with her again one year.

I was all ready to jump out from where I was hiding but then it dawned on me that she hated me for leaving and not saying why. I never wrote or called her, I never attempted any form of contact actually. I had been her only friend, but I didn’t know that back then. I suddenly felt a wave of stupidity and selfishness was over me. I had to talk to her and try to explain, but I didn’t know if she would listen. I wouldn’t want to if the situation was reversed.

“Jeremy Packer?” Charlie questioned, “Wasn’t he a loaned at our elementary school? He was one of the students that started the drama department right? Am I thinking of the right Jeremy Packer?”

“Yep that is the right one.” Suri sighed.

“How did you get close to him? I heard that in those days there was always this little brat around him….oh, were you the?” Charlie didn’t finish the question, she couldn’t before Suri exploded.

“Yes, I was that little brat that was always around him, I was the little idiot that fell in love with him, I am the idiot that hopes he still remembers me, and I am the idiot that still thinks he will come back for me one year, I am also the idiot that never stopped looking for him.” Suri had such pain in her voice, it made me want to hug her like when we were little.

“Didn’t you stop looking and liking eight years ago?” Charlie questioned.

“Can you ever really forget your first love Charlie? To make matters worse I grew up with him, played with him since I was four and liked him since I was five.” One of the theater chairs squeaked as Suri fell into it.

“Thank you for that very detailed confession…..Connor you can come out now.” Charlie’s tone told me that she knew that I was there the whole time. “Or should I call you, Jeremy?”

I froze in my place, how had she known that whole time that I was there listening?

“I saw you almost jump out when she said your real name. Also, Connie and I planned this while you two were running lines. Now, I would rather not talk to a curtain so can you come out before I force you out?”

“Charlie, no one is here but us. Stop acting silly, you are starting to look really stupid.”

“Don’t be so sure Suri, you never searched the theater. Am I really only starting to look stupid? I thought that happened long ago.” In the most serious situation she had to joke around?

None the less, I walked out from behind the curtain to see Suri’s face had turned bright red. I couldn’t help but let a smile appear on my face. It’s true that the little girl I grew up with was gone, but in her place was a beautiful young women. Almost nothing had changed about her; she seemed the same as from when we were kids, personality wise.

“Hi Serenity.” I greeted.

“Jeremy.” She nodded her head respectfully. I could tell she was containing her feelings.

“Are you seriously just going to stand there? Go hug him for God’s sake!” Charlie pushed her towards me and she didn’t reject.

Suri/Serenity kept running towards me with the momentum given to her by Charlie. She didn’t stop until she was in my arms embraced in a hug. I fell to my knees I was so happy.

“Where, where did you go? Why did you go? Why didn’t you ever contact me? Why leave me wondering?” I was just able to make out her words between sobs as tears ran down her face.

“Where: California. Why: I don’t know, my parents never explained it to me. Contact; I froze every time I tried to call or write, I didn’t know what to write or say. I didn’t mean to leave you like that, but I just had no confidence when it came to moving away I could never bring it up. That summer I had realised how much I liked you, because of your age I never told you. I thought you would be grossed out because I was two years older. Looking back, I wish I had called and not froze, you were and still are the most important person in my life.”

She pulled back and looked up at me. I was frozen again; I had no idea what to do know. I had no idea what she was thinking or what she was going to say, and that scared me. Before she had the chance to respond or think I took her face into my hands again.

“Do you trust me?” I asked, instead of answering she just nodded, “will you be with me from now on?” she nodded in response again as another lonely tear ran down her cheek.

I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her gently. I had wanted to do this for a long time. Our breaths became synchronised as we settled into the kiss, and I could almost imagine fireworks going off in the background. I only pulled away when I felt a light tapping on my shoulder. When I turned around, I saw a strawberry blonde girl standing behind me.

I jumped up and away from both girls, I had totally forgotten about Britney. I looked over towards Connie silently asking what she was doing here.

“I’m sorry, when everything started falling into the plan I called her because I thought that you would need to talk to her. I didn’t expect her to be three blocks away.” Connie explained.

“You should run these things by me first Connie, now what am I going to do?!”

“Um Jeremy, who is this girl?” Serenity asked.

“Better question, who the hell are you?” Britney said intimidatingly.

“Ser….Suri Vert.” Serenity answered.

“Well, Suri Clueless Vert, My name is Britney Hail. And I would like to know why the hell you were just kissing my boyfriend!”


To be Continued……..

© Copyright 2020 Serena Stars. All rights reserved.

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