Curtain Call for Melody Greene

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Melody always felt that everyone hated her, so much so that she decided to get drunk one night... and maybe things would've turned out differently if she hadn't had a gun...
Oh, and let me know if you think that Willow's name would have been better instead of Melody's. Hmm... Willow Bycroft or Melody Greene?

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012




“I am a nuisance,” she whispers. “Nothing I do can satisfy anyone. People hate me but I do nothing… nothing to hurt anyone.”

Melody looked at the tiny webcam again. “I guess Nathaniel was right… I have watched, and I have learned. My father did leave me because I was weak and useless as a child.”

She chuckled and raised the bottle of Jack Daniels to her lips. Continuing her tirade, Melody yelled, “So fuck you, and fuck my parents! For all the goddamn sickos watching this –and it’s probably only you, Nathan- you can all blow me! The people who left me…”

Wiping a tear from her eye with a long artist’s finger, Melody whispered, “The people who left me… they were right in the end. Right to leave a worthless, pathetic girl like me…”

Angrily Melody threw the bottle of liquor. It crashed and broke on the far side of the wall, spilling the rest of its contents. Fumbling for another, she found the gun she hid in case she had always wanted a way out from this pathetic life.

Seeing her picture on the wall, Melody grew angrier. She pulled out the gun and shot her school picture, right between those pretending jade eyes.

“Fuck yes! That’s what I’m going to do to myself!” Melody laughed, giddy at the idea. “And you get to watch!”

Her fingers finally rested on another bottle of liquid courage. Melody didn’t even bother to pull out a glass; she wasn’t in the mood for that delay. She’d just rather let the alcohol pass through her lips and down her throat.

Suddenly a thought arose through the drunken recesses of her brain.

“Hey, if you are watching this, and it’s live, can you do something for me?” Grabbing a piece of scrap paper, she held it up so everyone could see clearly. “When I shoot myself, post the time of my death on this website? My name’s there too. Give my mother something to read, why don’t you? If you want, you can even read my suicide note. Actually, after I’m dead, you could do whatever the fuck you want. Chances are 99% of you will anyway.”

Tucking strands of stray black locks of hair behind her ears, she took another long draught of the alcoholic beverage.

“Because no one cared about ME!” Melody screeched, banging her fist down on the table. “No one gave a fuck about little Melody Greene!”

As quick her anger had come it had gone, a thin wisp of smoke from her troubled past. She winked at the webcam. "A toast to Nathan, for showing me the light, and a toast to illegal, underage drinking. I’m only seventeen, you know. Today was my birthday, although my own mother didn’t even acknowledge the date.”

Frowning, Melody put the gun to her head. “Maybe I should have just killed myself already without getting shitfaced. But you know I wanted to have a little fun, to make you wait. My last game.”

One last sip from the bottle punctuated her words. “Well, ladies and gents, it seems like it’s curtain call already for little old Melody Greene.”

Exaggeratingly theatric, she stood and bowed deeply. “Thank you everyone, and goodnight!”

Melody pulled the trigger.

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