Serenity vs Darkness 2 (Prequel)

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A long time ago before the events of Serenity vs Darkness

Submitted: January 18, 2015

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Submitted: January 18, 2015




"Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place." - Iroh (avatar the last air bender)

I arrived at the Sith Acadamy when i was just a child. Korriban was the sith tomb world/homeworld. even the main sith acadamy was here for students to learn the ways of the dark side. My Teachers name was Darth Marr and his two overseer's to our main group to test who would become Sith. Our ranks was initiates. if we retrieved a ancient tablet found in this world near or around the tombs we would become acolytes. the others who didn't would be well, taken off planet or made into slaves. I was to be trained by my fathers request so i did as i must. I was eleven years old and some of the initiates was around my age a few alot older. We was greeted by Overseer Lin he was morely obease. he even kept eating as he was talking. If he was another species that ate alot that i could understand but he was a Human even he didn't clean himself up he smelt like five day old room temperture tuna wrapped in burnt turkey bacon. We was tasked to finding artifacts and so we did, only ten of us got artifacts the other four had to be taken away. I shivered to hope i didn't mess this up but i knew my father being as powerful and known as he was would probably get me out of messes like this. My Father met a  Arkanian Offshoot woman on the planet of Naboo. They was both there under diplomatic reasons for my father it was for the Empire. for my Birth mother, she was doing this for the Republic. Both opposite sides. She was a Jedi, he was a Sith. One clear gentle wind night he met her outside of the main citadel to the river through the city to ask her why she was here to ruin what he knows he could win. She spoken to him kindly asking him if he was afraid she would win Naboo over to the Republic. Both began to critize each other knowing they couldn't kill one another while doing this or it would end the truce of coruscaunt then and there. Instead they kissed wrapping there arms around each other after her slapping him and him slapping her. It was the oddest relationship. The next morning they both walked in together to see the queen of Naboo and they both told her that they had to go. The Naboo queen was shocked asking about the diplomatic reports to who she should join. both my parents said do what ever and left. It was indeed the most oddest thing anyone seen as a sith and jedi walked out together. Later on they lived on naboo secretly knowing if they returned too soon there factions would wonder why they arrived so quickly and without doing anything. So they spent a month together which eventually she became pregnant, with me. She was a  Arkanian Offshoot. a near human except for a few differences on her body and he was well a human. Such things would be different, yet hey my parents i guess was thinking too much on each others bodies than that reason. I took much human traits though but paleness from my mother and my kindness from her. I got my courage and determination from my father. So I was secretly had to keep quiet about where i came from. or my father and me would be in deep trouble even her at the jedi order. Oh how love blossoms right? Anyway so back to my training, I befriended one person named Lawrence. He too wished to be sith and determined much to become one, we was though rivals to be better than another but it felt like he was being a friend to me as well he was only four years older than me. kinda cute. As we neared the ending of our trials we had to take a break of two days to prepare as our final test would be going into the tomb of tulak horde and retrieving a ancient blade. it was just me and lawrence left only one of us could be Darth Marrs apprentice. I went to see my family over training, my great aunt shaula, great aunt arachne, my father and my step mother Aruriania for help. my birth mother disappeared one day and never returned after years my father remarried. I had to ask them for help over my training and each family member taught me different things as i learned alot from them of there pasts of how they became sith and the reason to why.  either as in great aunt arachnes case was to control everyone. or as great aunt shaula wanted to destroy everyone. even as my father only wanted to keep me safe as my step mother just wanted to make everyone like robots they all had a reason to be a Sith. Some of it was just upbringing to which i found sad and i did try to speak the lightside as back then i was more apart of the light than i was the dark only to have everyone happy than angry at one another and it felt i was able for them to listen and rethink there decisions as the next day... became dreadful. The final trial began as both me and Lawrance raced to Tulak Hordes tomb using our lightsabers in combat with one another to a death match to race to grab it. As we fought i didn't show no anger as he was confused at it and as we made one last clash he leaped back and so did i and asked me; "why aren't you using your hate?" and i only replied. "because hate isn't what is powerful, its the love and care for another." i explained why and he just looked at me confused yet he was in total thought and asked me. "then why would i then do this?" as he threw his lightsaber to blind side me and rocks caved in ontop of me as i was slowly becoming unconscience he walked up to me saying this; "I won't kill you since you helped me through the trials but i will think on what you said, sorry but i must become an apprentice." I seen him run off and i blanked out yet in my mind i knew he had a right to do that to outsmart me. As he ran to the tablet he retrieved it and ran back towards the acadamy to the back end of the acadamy at the rear hanger to the overseer. The overseer however was no where in sight yet as it wasn't time, my family was there though thinking i was going to make it. My father of course cursed at the boy and he just gave my father a glare telling him how I was still alive but he had to win. My two great aunts only had to hold my father and step mother before killing the boy. But as they got done argueing there was a man in sith armor and a mask on that looked like the overseer came in. Yet my father felt something strange, as the man took off his mask... and the only thing was heard was faint sounds of slashing and yelling. I later on awoken and got out of the rubble to only run to the temple to catch up to see if i could steal it out of his hands to win the trial, when i got to the rear hanger... i could only stop and see blood like a pool from behind the large crates as i walked to see what was around the crates. I gazed upon his body laying there holding his lightsaber and tablet on the ground around his blood, nearby was my aunt shaula's body with a stab wound in her body as well. My aunt arachne had a stab wound as well near her laying in her own blood, my step mother near the other end of the hanger thrown into a spike out of the wall dead lifeless as her blood dripped below her. and to my horror my father laying there in the middle his weapon in his hand deactivated lifeless his eyes still open but dim as his blood was around his body on the floor. I stood there in shock an horror and fear all at the same time having goosbumps on my skin. I then seen at the left end of the hanger a small transit shuttle with one figure inside lift up hovering and as i looked i could see two white glowing dots as if eyes of someone look toward my direction then the transit shuttle zoomed out and into space leaving the scene. I just fell onto my knee's on my friend and loved ones blood shocked and scared. only a few minutes later the real overseer came and seen this and yelled for troops as they came in to guard the hanger and Darth Marr himself came in, shocked and horrified to what happened. It was silent for a moment until Darth Marr placed his hand on my shoulder and i had no way what to do but turn around and hug him in tears as a sith you wasn't to show such ways, yet he had put his hand around me to hold me and get me out of the room. A week later I buried them on my birth mothers homeworld known as Arkania. I was at a cliff looking toward one of the cities and also a valley as a perfect scenery. I placed five stones of names where there graves was and i just stood there in tears. I only could think of being no longer an apprentice to Darth Marr but to find my own destiny. I looked up seeing a republic convey coming to Arkania to restock the planets resoruces and i thought this was my chance to restart with the Jedi. I looked down at my family and my friends graves and place cherry blossoms upon them and gave them each a kiss and stood up looking at the republic convey noding to myself and my lips opening to speak. "I miss you all, I wish you was all still here. You all lost to that monster..." she said referring to the unknown man who killed her family but remembered that shuttle's code on the back as it was still in hover an then those eyes inside and she frowned having a tint of the dark side show from her body. "he will suffer... the man behind the slaughter." 

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