A Perfect Pair

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He's a gambler; she's a bridal consultant...could they be the perfect pair?

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




A warm spring day with the flowers blooming and the birds chirping was a perfect day to get married.  The gazebo was draped with pink and yellow bunting and was surrounded with carnations of the same color.  Streamers of pale blue ran along the aisle runner.  A few finishing touches were being added and Alaina Peters stood in the background watching.  She was 26 and she’d been working for Always Yours for the last 5 years and has never been happier.  She was second in command and the wedding she was overseeing today was major on all scales.  Gabriella Conners, the governor’s daughter was getting married and if everything went as planned; this would put Always Yours over the top for years to come.

“Alaina?  Alaina?” An assistant called.

She snapped out of it. “Hmm?  What?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yea, yea I’m fine Izzie.  What’s up?”

“The Governor’s wife called and she and Gabriella are on the way.”

“Well.  Places everyone!” Alaina said to anyone within hearing range.  “Lady Conners and our bride-to-be are on the way!” Alaina started walking quickly.  “Where’s Julie?”

“In the ballroom with the caterers.”

“Where’s Dottie?”

“In the bride’s quarters making sure everything is perfect.”

“Good.  And the groom’s quarters?”
“My area.  I’m on my way there in five minutes.”

“Perfect.” Alaina smiled.  She then looked at her watch.  “11:30 and we’ve got 3 hours til show time.  Make sure, absolutely sure that once Lady Conners and Gabriella arrives security is airtight.  I know they have Secret Service, but we still need to make sure no one enters without ID or a wedding invite.”

“Will do.”

“And Izzie?”

She turned to look at Alaina. “Yes?”

“Good luck.” She gave her two thumbs up.

“Good luck.” She returned the same gesture.



It was now 1:30 and Alaina was in with Gabriella and her attendants.

“How are you?”

“Scared to death.” Gabriella answered rolling her eyes and taking a deep breath.

“You’re going to be fine.” Alaina brushed a strand of hair off of Gabriella’s cheek.

“I’ve waited for this day for a year and now that’s it’s here, I’m a wreck!”

“We’re all wrecks!” Her maid of honor chimed in.  “Where’s my other thigh high?”

“Right here.” An assistant answered swinging it on her forefinger. 

“Where’s my hairpiece?” A bride’s maid asked frantically.  “I can’t find my hairpiece!”

“Carrie, you’ve got it on already.” Gabriella giggled pointing to it in Carrie’s hair.

“Oh my.” Carrie placed her hand to her chest. “Sorry.”

“Ladies, you’re going to be just fine.” Alaina said reassuringly.  She looked to her watch.  “We’ve got one hour til show time, okay?”

Everyone nodded their head eagerly.

“I’ll have Isabella come at the 30 minute mark to let you know, then she’ll come every 10 minutes after that, okay?”

“Okay.” Gabriella answered with a sigh. 

Alaina’s walkie beeped. “Alaina here.”

“Governor Conner’s limo just pulled into the gates.”

“Daddy!” Gabriella grinned widely.

Alaina smiled at her.  “I’m on my way.”  She hooked her walkie back to her pants and spoke to Gabriella.  “Want me to send him back?”

“Please!” Gabriella said putting on her slip.

“You got it.  Good luck ladies.” And Alaina left.



The wedding went off without a hitch and the reception was phenomenal.  The governor and his wife were the last to leave and they thanked Alaina and her crew for a job fantastically done.


She was sitting alone in her office with her shoes kicked off and stretched out in the recliner.  She always took 15 minutes to herself after an event, but today she was taking 30.  She had a glass of wine she was sipping and her eyes were closed. The vision came instantly and it took Alaina more than by surprise.  He was absolutely gorgeous and was part Cherokee from his mother's side.  His father was Caucasian. He was at least six five and had the body of a man that worked out faithfully at least five days a week.  His skin coloring was a testament to his Cherokee heritage. His hair was thick and black and came just above his shoulders.  And his eyes were dark brown almost black and were unbelievably alluring.  One look into those eyes and you were at his beck and call.  He was sitting at a table with cards in his hand and his face was unreadable…a sign of a great card player. She could see his hand, two Aces and three Kings.  Well shit, how lucky can you get?  She could also see his chips…one hundred, two hundred, three hundred…$1000!  Damn!  She saw the other players, but only briefly and none of them showed the calmness he did.  The hand was his and with a smirk that always sent chills through her, he gathered in his winnings.  A hand came to his shoulder and he reached back to take it with his.  She recognized the voice instantly, it was hers.

“You won again.”

“I never lose with you by my side Sugar.” He pulled her down to kiss her.  Alaina could feel the kiss from where she sat and it sent her system into overdrive.

“You rarely lose anyway.” She said smiling at him seductively.

“True.” He leaned in to nip her bottom lip. “But having my Nubian Goddess by my side just fortifies my luck.”

“You flatter me.” She ran her fingers through that mane of hair.  She adored his hair. Very rarely did he keep he loose while he was playing, but knowing she was going to be there, he did so for her. 

“I’ll do more than that when I’m finished.” He gave her a look that always made her weak in the knees.  He stood and wrapped his arms around her.” His name was Dade Hamilton, but the first name she was clueless about.

“Dealing Mr. Hamilton.”

“One moment.” He looked back to Alaina.  “I want you waiting for me in my bed.” He kissed her hard and possessively.  “You have your room key?”

“I do.”

“Then go and wait for me. “He leaned in to speak in her ear. “Naked.”

She shuddered and he grinned from her reaction.

“I’ll be there in less than a half hour.”

Alaina turned to leave and he patted her behind. 


He was there in 20 minutes to be exact and Alaina was exactly where and how he wanted her.  Naked in his bed.

“There should be a law for being as good as I am.” Dade said confidently unbuttoning his shirt. 

“Should there?”

“Oh yea.” He let his shirt fall to the floor.  Good lord he was beyond gorgeous.  That chest of steel and those magnificent hands were hers.  “I love my job.”

“Your job.” Alaina  laughed softly.  “It amazes me that you get paid to play cards.”

“It’s what I’m good at.” He unzipped his jeans.  “Well, one of things I’m good at.”

Alaina’s lips curved.

“Want to see what else I’m good at my Nubian Goddess?”

“I already know what else you’re good at.” When his pants hit the floor and he stepped out of them she gasped.  Even after all this time they’d been together it still amazed her at how manly he was.  “Damn! You are incredibly hot.” She threw back the covers for him to get in.

“Am I?” He murmured sliding in next to her.

“Beyond reason.” She slid her hand beneath the covers.

Dade closed his eyes and moaned.  “Keep that up Sugar and we’ll be done in no time.” He reached to place his hand at the nape of her neck.

Alaina only smiled, wickedly, and leaned in closer.  “How much did we win?”

“About 2500.” He answered trailing his tongue along her jaw line.

“And I suppose you expect  a reward for your,” she traced his lips with her tongue. “Success?”

“I do.” He fisted his hand in her hair. “Let me tell you what I expect and what I’m gonna take.” He whispered an unbelievably erotic suggestion in her ear.  “And then after that.” He whispered something else that had Alaina’s eyes rolling back in her head.

“Is that possible?”

“Let me show you Sugar.” And he pushed her back and showed her over the next hour.


The knock on her door brought her out of it…dammit.

“Just a moment.: She shook her head from disbelief and stood up. “Dammit.” She placed her hand to her heart.  “My heart is racing!”  She unlocked and opened the door.

It was first in charge of Always Yours and her best friend Julie O’Dell.

“What a day!” Julie said happily as she walked in.  “”I just got a call from Lady Conners and she told me that her niece who was here today wants us to do her wedding next July!” Julie made a fist in the air and brought it down to her side.  “Can you believe that?!” Julie turned to look at Alaina. “And—,” She broke when she saw Alaina’s face. “What’s wrong Laina?”


“Sweetie you look like you just had some type of out of body experience.”” Julie placed her hand on Alaina’s arm.

“I—I think I did.” She sipped her wine.  “Can I tell you about it? It was like I was really there.  I wasn’t asleep by any means Jules, I was wide awake and yet…” Alaina shook her head from disbelief.

“I’m all ears Laina.” Julie went to sit down and too Alaina’s hand so she would follow.

“Okay.  I was in a casino…” And Alaina told her the story leaving nothing out.



Dade Hamilton was a professional card player.  He had been for the last seven years.  It was a living you couldn’t complain about.  He was his own boss, he made his own hours, he worked when he wanted to and when he got paid, he got paid big.  Dade was VERY good at what he did.  He was 33 years old and single and he had to plans to stay that way for a while longer.  He’d just won three grand and was in his suite about to stow away his winnings.  The vision hit like a ton of bricks and as usual it left him confused, frustrated, and annoyingly aroused when it was over. 

“Son of a bitch.” He snatched open the drawer of his nightstand.  “Why does that happen?” He placed the money into the cigar case he had in there.  He didn’t smoke cigars, but used the case for the false bottom to store his winnings. He’d been getting these visions for the last couple of months and they were incredibly real.  The female was amazing.  He didn’t dream of them often, but this one was always a part of his visions.  She was African-American and about five seven with a curvy physique.  She had skin the color of caramel and from his visions he knew it was as smooth as silk.  Her hair came to mid-back and was straight, thick, and black.  Her eyes were light brown and those lips, lips he’d kissed in the visions were  beautiful, full, and incredibly delicious.

“Oh man.” He had to adjust himself.  He was getting hard just thinking about her.  “Enough Hamilton!” He stood up to go pour himself a drink.  “Crazy to get yourself worked up over a chic in a dream.” He poured himself three fingers of bourbon.  There was a knock on his door. “Come in.” He took a drink.

His best friend of six years walked in.


“Michaels.” Dade toasted him and drank. “Want a drink?”

“Sure.” He sat down in the recliner.

“Can I ask you a question Ethan?”


“You don’t have any long lost sisters that you haven’t told me about do you?” Dade handed him his drink.

“No man.” Ethan grinned and took a drink. “You’ve met all there of them.  What’s up?”

“I’ve been having these visions with this really incredibly hot sista.”

“Really?” Ethan was interested.

“Yea man.  She’s beautiful and in every vision, I mean every vision, she’s been in my bed.” Dade swirled his drink.

“And the problem is?” Ethan raised his brow.

“The problem is, I don’t know where these visions stem from.  Have I seen someone who looks like her on television maybe.  Is it one of your sisters’ friends I possibly met and don’t remember?” 

“Go on man.” Ethan took another drink.

“I don’t even know her name.  I call her Sugar or my Nubian Goddess.  I’ve had a few visions about her and I don’t even know her name.”

“Nubian Goddess?” Ethan stood. “If she were real man, I’d have to meet her with a nickname like that.”

Dade only smiled.

“So!” Ethan finished off his drink.  “You don’t have another match til 7:00 and it’s 5:30 now, what would you like to do til then?” He placed his glass on the bar.

“I don’t know man,” Dade put his arm around his  shoulders.  “Surprise me!”

“I have just the thing!” Ethan laughed and headed to the door.  “After you champ!”

Dade grinned, grabbed his key and walked out.



It was a couple weeks later and Alaina was at home reading over a consult while she had coffee and a blueberry muffin.  This wedding was to happen in June, which was only a month away.

She stood to get more coffee and she got dizzy.  The coffee cup fell from her hands.  She braced herself against the counter for balance and the vision came.

“You can’t leave me man.  What would I do without someone to keep me honest?” It was him again and he was sitting in a hospital room next to someone who was pretty beat up.  “A thousand dollars to you right now man if you open those damn eyes!”  His voice broke.  “Come on Ethan, you know you can’t leave me here alone with your sisters, they’re not safe with me.” He reached for his friend’s hand. 

A nurse entered.

“Mr. Michaels’ family is here.”

Dade stood and nodded his head quickly.  He was still holding Ethan’s hand.  With no thought to masculinity, he kissed it and then placed it gently by Ethan’s side.

He walked out of the room and to the waiting area.  The first person he saw was Ethan’s oldest sister.  She ran into his arms.

“Hey there Sugar.” He said quietly and the gently rubbed her back.

“How—how is he?” She asked grasping Dade tightly.

“He’s hanging in there.” He kissed her temple.

“What happened?” The middle sister asked wiping her tears.

“We were meeting for drinks at The Back Alley and I was waiting for him inside when I heard this crash.  I went outside to see what was up and there he was on the ground with the car that hit him just inches away.” Ethan’s sister flinched in his arms as he told the story. “ I hurried over to him to check for a pulse.  It was there, but it was weak.” He reached out for the other sister’s hand, still holding the first.  “911 was already called and paramedics arrived instantly.  He was in surgery for a couple of hours and I haven’t left his side since.” Dade’s eyes caught Ethan’s mother’s.  He let the sisters go and walked over to her.  Ethan’s father and him exchanged looks and then Dade took Mrs. Michaels into his arms.  She let the tears go.  “It’s alright Beautiful.” He kissed the top of her head.  “He’s going to be just fine.  He’s in critical condition right now, but I bet him $1000 to open his eyes today.  You know how your son hates to loose so he’ll have to do it.”

Mrs. Michaels patted Dade’s back.  “You’re so good to him.” She pulled her head back to look at him.

“I have to be, he’s the best friend I’ve got.” Dade kissed her fully on the lips. 

“Can we see him?” The youngest sister asked.

“You can baby, but only two at a time.”

“Mama, why don’t you and daddy go first.” The middle sister suggested.

“Alright.” Mrs. Michaels nodded her head.  “You’ll be here when we come out?” She reached for Dade’s hand.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else Beautiful.” He kissed her hand and winked at her.

The last thing Alaina saw before the vision left was Dade holding all three of Ethan’s sisters.

“Damn.” She let out a deep breath.  “What an incredible man to be that close to a family that isn’t his by blood.  Will that happen?  Has that happened?” Alaina took a step and crunched glass under her feet.  She looked down.  “Dammit.”  She went to the pantry closet and pulled out the broom and dustpan.  “I don’t understand these visions.  I want to though, I have to.” She swept up the broken coffee cup and threw it in the trash.  “There has to be someone who can help me.”

Once again the knock on the door startled her.

“Shit.” She put the broom and dustpan away and then answered the door.

“Hiya!” Julie said walking in.  “Ready to go?”

“No.” Alaina shook her head.

Julie knew that look.  “You had another one didn’t you?”

“I did.”

“Tell me about it.” Julie sat down at the kitchen table.  Alaina followed. 

She told her everything in detail.

“Wow.” Julie said shaking her head in amazement.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Okay, this may sound strange but I’ve been doing some research since you told me about this.  Do you think that just possibly you’re a pre-cog?”

Alaina just stared at Julie dumbfounded.

“Think about it Laina.  You’re having thoughts and visions about someone you’ve never met.  Maybe you will and by doing so, you can prevent this last event from happening.”

“You’re telling me that you think I have the ability of seeing the future?”

“I am.”

“Come on Jules.”

“Come on Laina.” She mimicked in the same tone.  “Do you remember a couple years ago when we took a vacation to London England that when we got there you knew exactly where to go without asking for directions?  You took us places that a tourist would only know about by talking to locals.” When Alaina didn’t respond, she went on. “Last year with the Harrison-Mitchell wedding you nailed every detail before it was told to us by the bride and groom.  After their first initial consultation you had their wedding mapped out perfectly.  A few months ago, I was going to out with “Hands McNalley”, but you told me he was bad news.  You begged me not to go and I didn’t.”  Julie had never shared this info with Alaina.

“And?” She asked nervously.

“And the next day there was a story in the paper with his picture attached to it…. Serial Rapist Caught.

Alaina gasped.  Julie put her hand over Alaina’s.  “It’s okay.  You saved me from a memory of embarrassment and pain.  Alaina…think about it.”

She did, for a moment.  “A pre-cog?”

“Mmm-hmm.  I know someone who might be able to help you, interested?”

“I am.”

“Cool.  Let’s go.” Julie stood up quickly.

“Don’t we have a consult at noon?”

“We do, but Izzie and Dottie can handle it til we get there.  Come on!” Julie grabbed her hand.

Alaina just laughed and hurried out the door.



“What do you mean she’s pregnant?  She is not!” Ethan shook his head and shuffled the cards.

“I’m telling you brother, Leah is pregnant.”  Dade poured two glasses of bourbon and sad down at the table with Ethan.

“My baby sister wouldn’t keep something like that from me.”
”She would if she was afraid you’d rip the guy in two for kicking her to the curb.”

“What?” Anger began to show on Ethan’s face.

“The guy’s an ass.  He loved Leah right up until the words I’m pregnant came out of her mouth.” Dade took a drink.

“This isn’t something you should fuck with me about Hamilton.” Ethan stood up quickly and began to pace.  “Is this one of your visions again?”

“It is…. Michaels.” Dade said calmly banking his anger at being questioned about family.  When it came to that, he never fucked around. 

“She’s 21 years old.  She’s got her whole life ahead of her.  Why would she fuck it up now?”

“A baby is not a fuck up.” Dade drank his bourbon.

“That’s not what I meant.” Ethan ran his hand across his baldhead.  “Who’s the guy?”

“That’s for Leah to tell you man, not me.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes.

“You know good and damn well if I tell you who he is, you’re gonna go and beat him down and possibly ruin any chance of this guy doing right by Leah.”

Ethan just stared at Dade.

“Sucks when I’m right don’t it?” Dade winked at Ethan and finished off his drink.

“Ass.” Ethan said playfully.

“But you love me and my ass anyway Michaels.” Dade picked up the cards and reshuffled.  “So get your ass over here so I can whip it at 5-Card!”

“In your dreams punk!” Ethan sat down and picked up his drink.

“I’m telling you man, I can “see” it happening!”

Both laughed at Dade’s play on words about his gift.  It was something both of them started believing in especially when they started remembering events over the past that tied in.  Just a couple weeks ago, after his vision with his Nubian Goddess, Dade saw Ethan and his father on a fishing trip and Ethan’s father was doubled over in pain.  Just for safe measure Ethan and his father canceled that trip and Ethan’s father went on as usual.  They had actually done the fishing trip this past Sunday and all was fine.  So if Dade said that his baby sister was pregnant, Ethan had to believe it.  He didn’t damn well have to like it, but he’d believe it.



Another month had passed and Alaina and Dade’s visions concerning each other were more frequent, more visual, an in some cases much too stimulating.  Neither of them still knew the other’s name and it was driving them both crazy.  The last vision Alaina had she was pregnant with his child and they were deliriously in love.  The last one Dade had taken him right into a 15-minute cold shower.


“I love it here.” Alaina said stretching out next to Dade in the lounge chair.

“I told you that you would.” He pulled her closer to him.

“How long have you had this condo here?”

“I’ve had this one here for about a year.  I’ve got another in Cozumel that I’ve had for about six months.  And,” He interlocked his legs with hers. “I’ve got another in Madrid.”

“Madrid!” Alaina stroked his chest.  “Will I get to see that one too?”

“Whenever you want Sugar.” He leaned over to kiss her slowly. “Do you know what I want?” His eyes told all, but she played anyway.


“You, naked, underneath me, now.” Very smoothly he undid the clasp of her bikini top.

“You’ve already had me that way today.”

Dade pulled her on top of him and removed the top.  “That was three hours ago.  Much, much too long.” He caressed her breasts.  “I can never get enough of you.” He began to kiss her neck as his hands gently worked her body.  His hands were lethal weapons.  They had to be registered somewhere.  “There are things I want to do to you that you can’t even begin to imagine.” He trailed his tongue along her torso.

“I can.” Alaina whispered.  “Show me baby.” She sat up to straddle him and gasped when he pushed her backwards with one hand on her neck and the other reaching for and cuffing her wrists.

“I’m not going to be nice.” He said deeply as his eyes darkened with passion.

“I haven’t asked you to be.” She was nervous and afraid, but not of Dade, but of what she knew he could do to her.

“Let’s get rid of these first.” He removed her bikini bottoms with one hand then trailed a finger from her ankle to her thigh. “I’m going to take you places Sugar that no man other than me ever will.” He leaned down to kiss her hard.  Her system was on fire for him.  He moved his hand down to cup her.  Her body shuddered and she moaned as the first climax hit her.

“That’s right baby, brace yourself for the ride of your life.” Dade took her over again and again.  He kept the pace rugged and torturous.  It gave him ultimate pleasure to watch her body, which belonged only to him react to his every touch.  Finally, when he felt her delicious body had all it could stand he entered her and came with her gloriously.  They both fell hard.


Dade stepped out of the shower and wrapped himself with a towel.  That was intense. He thought to himself.  And he also thought one way or another he was going to find this Nubian Goddess and make her his…forever.


“How am I supposed to find him Jules?  It’s impossible!” do you know how huge Vegas is?  I only know his last name and I can’t begin to tell you how many Hamilton’s there are in this city!”

Alaina and Julie were having lunch at Roxy’s Diner as they did a couple days a week.

“Just hang on a minute.” Julie pushed her sandwich aside.  “Haven’t you said you’ve seen him in your visions in two casinos?”

“Casinos! Vegas! Impossible!”

“You told me you recognized one of the casinos as Mandalay Bay, yes?”

“I did.” Alaina toyed with her salad.

“We’ll start there.” Julie said confidently.


Julie cut her off. “Enough!  It’s been nearly four months since you started having these visions and each time you tell me it gets more concise and clearer.  It’s time to find this man and see what he’s all about okay?”

Alaina didn’t answer.

“Okay?” Julie repeated.

“Okay.” Alaina said a little more at ease.



It’s been another two weeks and Alaina and Dade felt as though they were at dead ends.  Just when they both were about to let it go, fate intervened.


“Who’s are next appointment Izzie?” Alaina asked typing on her computer.

“Leah Michaels.  She’s coming with her older brother today as her fiancé couldn’t get off from work in time.”

Alaina continued typing while Izzie took some notes on her legal pad.  Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door.  Izzie stood to answer.

“Hey Leah!” Izzie hugged her.

“Hi Isabella.  This is my brother Ethan.”

Alaina’s head shot up at the name.  When she saw the face she did everything but pass out.

“Nice to meet you Ethan.” Izzie extended her hand.

“Nice to meet you too.” He smiled warmly and stepped in behind Leah. 

“Alaina this is---,” She broke off when she saw her face.  “Alaina what’s wrong?” Izzie hurried over to her. “Alaina?”

“What?” She couldn’t take her eyes off of Ethan.

“Is something wrong?” Izzie knelt down next to her.


“I’m sorry.” Izzie said to Ethan and Leah.  “Just help yourself to tea or lemonade and we’ll be right with you.” Izzie pointed to the stand across the room.

Alaina’s eyes followed Ethan.

“A-laina!” Izzie poked her.  “Laina!”

“What!” She finally snapped out of it.

“What the hell is the matter with you?  You were staring at Ethan Michaels like you’ve just seen your long lost lover.”

“I have, I mean I will.  Oh never mind!” She picked up the phone and dialed Julie’s extension.

She was there instantly.

“Where is he?” She asked hurrying into the office.

Alaina gestured with her head.  Ethan looked at Julie cautiously.  Something was up.

“Mr. Michaels, so nice to meet you.  Your sister Leah is a jewel!” Julie walked over to him hand extended.

“I think so.”

“How are you Leah?” Julie asked.


“How’s the baby?”

“She’s good.” She placed her hand on her belly.

“She?” Izzie repeated.

“Yes, Manuel and I are having a girl!”

“Fabulous!” Julie patted her arm.  “Izzie?”

“Yes?” She walked forward.

“Why don’t you get Leah started.  Alaina and I have some questions for Ethan.”

“Okay.” She said confused.

“Ethan, right this way please.” Julie showed him to the door and then to her office.  Alaina was right on her heels.

Julie pointed Ethan to a comfortable chair and then offered him a drink.  She figured he’d need one after this story.

“So Ethan, you’re probably wondering what’s up with me and Alaina, right?”

“You could say that.” He took a sip of his scotch.

“Well,” Julie looked to Alaina.  “Shall I tell him or are you up to it?”

“I’ll do it.” Alaina said nodding her head.  She then looked to Ethan.  “Where should I start?”

“How about with his best friend?” Julie watched for his reaction.

He flinched and put his drink down.  “What about Dade?”

“Well, at least I have his first name anyway.” Alaina took a deep breath. “Ethan about 4 months ago, I started seeing Dade in visions…”

Ethan’s lips curled slightly but neither Alaina or Julie noticed.

30 minutes later, Ethan sat there fascinated and intrigued.

“So you’re telling me you recognized me instantly because I’ve been in a few of these visions you’ve had.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Alaina’s stomach was in knots.

“And you’re also telling me, plain and simple, you can see the future?” Ethan stood and walked over to the window.

“In some cases.” Alaina answered nervously.  “You think I’m insane don’t you?
”Actually,” Ethan started still looking out the window, “I think you’re right on the money.”

Julie smiled.

“What?” Alaina was shocked.

“What if I told you that Dade has the same…. gift?” Ethan turned to face Alaina.

She was speechless so Julie spoke for her.

“You’re telling us he’s a pre-cog too?”

“I am.”

“Holy shit.” Julie responded.

“My sentiments exactly babe.” Ethan grinned.  “It’s time for another intervention.” He took his cell phone out of his pocket.  He found the number he wanted and dialed. “Hey Hamilton, what are you up to?  Cool.  I need you to meet me at The Back Alley in one hour.  No questions just do it.  You trust me don’t you?  Alright then, one hour and not a minute later.  Peace” He hung up his phone. 

“Was that Dade?” Alaina asked nervously.

“It was.” Ethan walked over to her and squatted in front of her.  “Think you’re ready to meet your destiny Sunshine?”

“No.” She answered without hesitation.

“That only means you are.” Ethan took both her hands in his.  “I’m so glad I was the first one to meet the lady who’s gonna knock my best friend on his ass.” Ethan kissed her hands.

Alaina smiled and fought back the tears.



An hour later, they were at The Back Alley waiting on Dade.  Ethan positioned them at the bar where Alaina couldn’t be seen immediately unless Ethan wanted her to be.

“You okay?” He asked picking up his beer.

“I’m scared to death!” She fingered the rim of her wine glass.

“Everything’s going to be just fine.” Ethan looked to the door. “And there he is right on time.”

Alaina couldn’t help herself, she had to see him.

“No, not yet Sunshine.” He pushed her back into position.  “Just give me five minutes and he’s all yours…literally.” Ethan winked at her.

Dade spotted Ethan at the bar and walked over.  The bartender had his beer waiting for him when he arrived. 

“Thanks man.” Dade slid the beer closer to him.

“No problem Dade.”
“So what’s the emergency Michaels?” Dade took a sip of his beer.

“Do you ever believe there’s a time where you just have to step back and let fate take over?”

“I’m a professional card player, of course I do.”

“Do you also believe that sometimes things happen that we least expect?”

“Again, I repeat myself, professional card player.” He took another sip of his beer. “Is this why you brought me here for a philosophical discussion?”

Ethan grinned.  “Patience man, patience.” He slid his beer mug back and forth in front of him. “Had any visions lately concerning your Nubian Goddess?”

Alaina smiled at the term.

“I have and I’m over them.” Frustration came into Dade’s voice now.  “I’ll never find her Ethan and it’s killing me! I need her like I need air to breath and food to live.” He finished off his beer.  “I’ve given up on her Michaels, Vegas is much too big a city to find a woman whose name I don’t even know.” He signaled for another beer.

Ethan chugged the rest of his beer and stood making sure Dade couldn’t Alaina just yet. “Dade,” He put his hand on his shoulder. “Never give up on your destiny.” He patted Dade’s shoulder and moved aside so Alaina came into view.  “Dade Hamilton, meet your destiny, Alaina Peters.”

Dade nearly dropped his second beer.

Alaina turned to smile at him and his heart nearly jumped out of his chest and into her hands.

“You take it from here Sunshine.” Ethan leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

“Thank you Ethan.”
He winked at her.  He turned to look at Dade and saw that his mouth was hanging open.  Ethan chuckled, patted Dade’s leg and left.

Dade couldn’t take his eyes off of Alaina.


Dade cut her off by holding up a finger.  He stood never taking his eyes off of hers.  He helped her stand and then he ran his hands through her hair.  He tilted her head back and kissed her feverishly.  He fisted his hands in her hair and took the kiss deeper.  Alaina wrapped her arms around him tightly and let herself be taken.  Minutes later, Dade pulled back.  The ability to speak had returned to him.

“Hello Sugar.” He stroked her cheek.

“Hello.” She said after finally catching her breath.

“This is real, not a vision.  You really are here in my arms?”
”I am.” Alaina answered smiling at him and running her fingers through his hair. “Ethan tells me, you and I share a gift?”

“Do we?” He brushed his lips across hers. “You’ll have to fill me in as apparently Ethan knows more than I do.”

“I’d love to fill you in.”

“There’s so much I have to share with you.  One vision in particular that left me speechless.” He kissed her again.

“Was I pregnant?”

He grinned. “That you were.”

“Wow.”  She laid her head on his chest.  “This is so unreal.  I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and you’ll be gone.”

He placed a finger under her chin and raised it so they were eye to eye.  “Sugar, now that I’ve got you it’ll take heaven and earth to take me from you.” He kissed her left cheek.  “You belong to me now.” He kissed her right cheek. “I don’t plan on letting you out of my sight for the next several days.” He kissed her nose. “So I don’t care what you have to do or how you have to arrange it,” He kissed her lips again. “But you’re taking the next week off to be with me.  I want you in my bed, in my arms, I want to show you how much I can love you after only knowing you in my visions.” He took her face in his hands.

“Oh Dade.” She was breathless.

“Come on, I want to be alone with you.” He reached into his pocket and threw money on the bar for the drinks and then reached for Alaina’s hand.  He could feel her anxiety.  “I just want to hold you baby and talk to you.  I want to kiss you all night long and share things with you.  Making love will come later.” He squeezed her hand in reassurance.

They walked outside to his car.  He unlocked her door to let her in.

“You’ll be my first.” She shared with no hesitation.

Dade smile proudly. “And Sugar, I’ll also be your last.” He kissed her gently and then helped her in the car. 

He got in his side and buckled up.  He reached for Alaina’s hand and brought it to his lips.

“My visions didn’t do you justice my Nubian Goddess.” He kissed her hand again.

“Neither did mine.” She said now linking her fingers with his.  Instantly they felt the link, the bond.  Both knew this was forever and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Dade kissed their linked hands and started the car.  This was one hand he intended to play out in full.




©Dawn Denise Watson January 2011

© Copyright 2018 Serenity91. All rights reserved.

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