Angel Dreams...(con't)

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My apologies to all of you who were left hanging with the first part. I didn't realize it didn't all print correctly. I'm still learning!

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



He placed a finger gently to her lips. “Shh. That’s nonsense. Nothing about you will ever disappoint me. I wouldn’t be in this bed with you otherwise.” He kissed her eyelids and then her cheeks. “Let me show you exactly how accommodating your beautiful body is going to be.”


He kissed her, everywhere. Touched and caressed her, everywhere. If he continued, she would climax again before he even entered her. Her friend Karla had mentioned to her about the night she had several orgasms with a guy she described has the Zeus of sex. It was an amazing experience, one she never thought to experience for herself. And here she was on nearly her 4th orgasm and all the man was doing was kissing and touching her. She moved against him of her own accord, she loved the way their naked bodies felt together, and damn him, he was right. She was ready for him…now.

“Cade…please…take me now.” She was breathless. He looked deep into her eyes and spoke. “Patience my love…patience.”

Was he kidding? Patience? Now? Not on his fucking life.

“Cade, baby, please!” She buried her nails into his back. Her body was on fire.

He chuckled confidently and without another word entered her slowly. She tensed, but pain be damned, she wanted all of this man…now! He sheathed himself completely in her and the pain was so quick it was almost unnoticeable. Now, there was nothing but pleasure, nothing but ecstasy, and she never, never, wanted him to stop. It was nothing like she’d heard about, nothing like she’d seen in the movies or even read in books. It was heaven. His pace increased from slow and easy to steady, but hard. Adah moved with him like it wasn’t her first time and that amazed her. But she heard it said when two people come together that are meant to be together, their bodies are like one. And that’s what she and Cade were, one whole, one flesh. She was forever his and would never belong to another soul.

Her climax came hard, but it was one of the most amazing things she’d ever experienced. She tightened around Cade bringing him to his climax at the same time as hers. He groaned, threw his head back, and pumped against Adah fiercely. As he emptied into her, he mumbled something she couldn’t understand. She cried out his name and held onto him for dear life. Several minutes later after regaining some of her composure and taking a deep breath or two, Adah finally said the words Cade had been waiting to hear. “I love you Cade.” She said softly as she nestled against his chest. He smiled sleepily and pulled her even closer. Minutes later, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Her dreams were of the two of them. They couldn’t get enough of each other and it was amazing. It would be fine with her if she never woke up, but then how could she experience the real thing if she didn’t? The real thing…it caused her to smile in her sleep. He was lying next to her and she knew he would be for a long time to come.


“Angel.” Cade kissed her gently. “Wake up my sweet Angel.”

She stirred slowly and then stretched sensually. Cade groaned and leaned closer in to her. “You know what that does to me when you stretch like that.”

“Do I?” She said saucily.

“Little minx.” He bit at her neck and then kissed her again. “What were you dreaming about? You had that sexy smile on your face.” He laid down next to her.


“I was dreaming about the first time we met and the first time we made love.”

“Again?” He teased rubbing her belly. She was six months pregnant with boys and Cade couldn’t wait to see them.

“Mmm-hmm.” Adah nodded her head and continued. “I can remember it like it was yesterday.”

“Wasn’t it?” They did just make love last night.

She swatted at him. Cade still made love to her like it was the first time every time, and being that they had been married for the past six years, that amazed her.

“Hmm.” She leaned against him. “No time will ever be like the first time.”

He leaned back to look at her and raised a brow. “Remember what happened the last time you said that?” He rubbed her belly in answer. She chuckled softly. “Yeah, I suppose it was about six months ago you proved me wrong.”

“Just six months ago?” He leaned down to bite her lower lip. She heard laughter and giggling downstairs.

“Oh. Was it 5 years I said those same words?” She looked to the ceiling as in thought.

“I believe it was and we have two little angels named Kanti and Kaya downstairs to prove that.”

Twins. She couldn’t believe it when it happened. They’re identical twins and the older they get the more alike they look. And here they are again with another set of twins, these fraternal. Adah nearly fell off the exam table when the nurse told her she was having twin boys. Cade just smiled that killer smile of his and kissed Adah and the nurse.

“I still can’t believe you married me.” Adah said looking at him with love in her eyes.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her. “And why not? I told you then and I’ll tell you again now, you are the only woman for me. If it wasn’t you, there wasn’t going to be another.” He kissed her long and softly. Their girls walked in.

“I told you they would be kissing again.” The older Kaya said rolling her eyes.

“They’re always kissing.” Said the other named Kanti. They had something behind their backs as they walked over to the bed.

“And what are we hiding?” Adah asked sitting up and looking to her girls proudly.

“We made this in school for you, it’s your Mother’s Day gift.”

Both the girls presented the gift to her. It was a collage with pictures of them on it from birth to five years old. Adah couldn’t stop the tears.

“Oh, thank you babies.” She bit her lip to hold back more tears.

“Told you she’d cry.” Kanti said shoving her sister playfully.

“So.” Kaya crawled into her mother’s lap. Or as close to it as she could considering the belly took up most of it carrying twins this far along. Kanti crawled into her daddy’s lap. He kissed the top of her head. Adah returned the gesture to Kaya. “Happy Mother’s Day mommy,” Kaya started. “We’re going to make you breakfast, but daddy wanted to wake you up first and ask what you wanted.”

“Surprise me.” She said looking to all of them.

“And look mommy,” Kanti took the collage and turned it over. “We left room on the back for our baby brothers when they get here. You can put pictures of them right here.” She pointed to different spots of the paper.

“Thank you baby.” She kissed her cheek. “I’ll be sure and do with the first pictures we get of them okay?” Kaya nodded her head happily.

“Can we fix her breakfast now daddy? We’re hungry you know. You only let us have one bowl of cereal, duh.” Kanti loved teasing her daddy.

“So you’re starving now?” He said gathering her close to tickle her.

“Yes!” She squealed trying to stop him from tickling her.

“I’m hungry too.” Kaya said trying to protect her sister. Cade simply grabbed her and tickled her too.

Adah looked to the three of them in awe. She still didn’t know how she got so lucky. She loved each of them with every fiber of her being and couldn’t imagine her life without them not they’re in it. Cade stood up with them and walked to the bedroom door. He put them down kissing each one and then swatting them on the behinds.

“Downstairs. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“They’re going to kiss again.” Kaya said making kissing noises.

“Ew!” Kanti teased running out the room before her father could get her.

“Go.” Cade said pointing and chuckling. Kaya ran out laughing. He looked to Adah.

“Happy Mother’s Day my precious Angel.”
Every time he called her that, it melted her heart still to this day. “Thank you baby. I love you.”
“And I you Angel of my dreams.” He winked at her and blew her a kiss.

She leaned back against the headboard and rested her hands on her belly. Her boys were active. They always seemed to be more so when all of them were together. She had the most amazing husband in the world, two adorable twin girls, and two precious twin boys on the way, could life be any better? She didn’t think so. She just noticed the note taped to the television in their room. It said turn on and press play. She did just that and once again the tears started. It was video of Cade holding both his baby girls when they were only hours old in the hospital.

He looked to the camera and spoke, “Hello my Angel. What a wonderful job you did today.”

Nope, life just didn’t get any better.



©Dawn Denise Watson January 29, 2012



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