Blood Is A Renewable Resource

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Use men when they are young. As they age, their value diminishes.

Table of Contents

Do Not Forget My Face Or My Name

Not everyone is cut out to be a dictator.  You can’t learn how to be ruthless.  You have to be born that way. I found out... Read Chapter

Pay A Steep Price

Running a business, legal or illegal, is harder than it looks.  I had to constantly resist the urge to shoot or punch out customers ... Read Chapter

The Eliminators

The veins were bulging in Mr. Lopez’s forehead.  Our actions the night before had been noticed.   “You realize you are ... Read Chapter

Dirty Deeds

Taking care of Onda Roja was the first in a string of dirty tricks carried out by Los Eliminadores.  We engaged in everything from b... Read Chapter

Burning Down The House

Humans are frail creatures.  Most of us learn to keep our flaws out of sight from the larger society.  On Sandoa, we made it im... Read Chapter

Inevitability Thesis

It comes down to this:  Whoever controls the military, controls the country.  General Julian Castillo was Chief of Staff of the... Read Chapter

Taking Care Of Business

The first order of business was tying up the loose end that was ex-President Garcia.  He conveniently had a fatal heart attack in hi... Read Chapter

Grab That Cash With Both Hands

Money is the grease that lubricates human society.  A large pile would be required to turn Sandoa into a desirable vacation spot.&nb... Read Chapter

Captive On A Carousel

The next few years went by in a blur.  As tourist money flowed in, we accelerated the construction projects.  Not all of the mo... Read Chapter