For the Love of Myths

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A love affair between Sasquatch and Chupacabra that's sadly falling to shreds. It explores their first encounter with each other and the falling of their marriage.

Submitted: May 10, 2015

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Submitted: May 10, 2015



Sasquatch intensely looked into Chupacabra's eyes and uttered the words that they both would never forget. The words that nobody would want to hear nor say. The words that if you say them, using their true meaning, you must have been hurt and if you hear them directed towards you, then you would know that you really hurt someone at their deep core.

"I want a divorce." The words rang in the air similar to the way your ears ring after a firework goes off. Shocked and numb. This was how Chupacabra was feeling. Chupacabra didn't know what he did. It was all the countless goat affairs.

Chupacabra considered the possibility that it was his goat rutting. He was always a goat sucking fiend. That was his nature, it was in his name and Sasquatch knew that before they started their relationship. Chupacabra was even able to note that he was at it when he met Sasquatch.

It was a late summer night. Chupacabra even recalled that it felt like a night for love, but he was surprised to find that the love he found wasn't the love he thought he'd find. He was out on a goat hunt or as he called it "Pulling Goat". He saw a small furry creature that seemed to be a goat bent over with its face in a berry bush, but to Chupacabra's surprise it wasn't a goat. It was Sasquatch. She was eating berries savagely as a spontaneous thought.

That was just  how Sasquatch was. Always having a wacky thought that would lead to some zany adventure. This adventure would be one of her most incredible.

Chupacabra approached Sasquatch and said,"Hey baby, what's a goat like you doing in a place like this?"

Sasquatch replied, "Well for one:I am not a goat and two: is that what you tell all the goats because that is cheesey and tacky!"

Even though there was a rude tone to Sasquatch's voice, they felt a spark that they couldn't deny. From there on they were together alomost all the time. When they were apart they'd call and text each other. There relationship took a regular course to marriage. Nothing was notable about their marriage except for the fact that although they thought the other changed, that was how they always were, they were just more comfortable to show it now.

Unfortunately, their being comfortable led to a tragic uncomfort, that was their fighting and Chupacabra's affairs, but Chupacabra wasn't the only one at fault. Sasquatch was too. She would spend unbelievable amounts of money on unnecessary items that she would never use. She didn't work. Chupacabra supported the two of them and she just burned throught their money. On top of that Sasquatch would complain about having to do housework that Chupacabra could care less if it was done.

Their marriage fell apart. They just couldn't understand that to be comfortable they need to be uncomfortable, but in the end they were just two myths in search of another myth. Love.

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