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In Defense Of Marriage

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Because people are the same everywhere, even if they aren’t people.

Submitted: January 30, 2015

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Submitted: January 30, 2015



Varshness sighed as he steered the vehicle to the side of the road.  At least he knew what the problem was.  The bolts on the laser drive had slipped again.  They would be back on the road soon, it would only take a few minutes to get things lined up again.  His reddish, jelly-like form glistened in the sun while he turned the wrench with one of his flagella.  If Willsletta didn’t have the gambling problem, affording a new laser drive would be no problem.  But what is a slime mold to do?  If he didn’t love Willsletta so much, he’d just stick to asexual reproduction.

Slime molds don’t have hearts, but if they did, Willsletta’s name would be written all over the one inside Varshness’s rib cage.  Except slime molds don’t have rib cages.

The hood slammed down after Varshness completed the repair.  Willsletta yelled at the youngsters to get back in the car.  Both Alsess and Lendelta were at the age where they just couldn’t keep their fruiting bodies from releasing spores.Willsletta grimaced.  She loved children, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to be a grandmold. 

Varshness sighed again, he knew Willsletta’s nagging and sarcastic stalk waving would resume once they were back on the road.

The crankshaft began turning and the vehicle carried the family of plasmodiophorids toward their destination.  The argument over money picked up where it left off.

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