Natural Behavior

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A world where animals are in control of humans. This is a satirical short story I wrote as an English assignment. Enjoy.

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014



“Subject 502 is responsive,” said the Orangutan after he fetched his audio recorder from his old wooden desk and pressed the play button. “Waiting for further results”..The Doctor took a moment to check the watch on his hairy wrist. “It has been a total of five minutes. Subject has yet to notice his inability to speak...502 is the first subject to show positive signs of this unpredictable procedure. This could finally end all chances of a human rebellion. It is important to continue testing the subject for an any other hidden abilities.” The rigid metal lab table provided little comfort for Kit; all the blinding light above him contracted his pupils and he rapidly blinked a few times.

Dr. Harlow’s medical assistant walked into the bright room.

“I don't quite understand Doctor. . .Isn't this considered- uh” The assistant  hesitated, pondering what to say next “Torture”? the Border Collie croaked.

“Torture? Unlikely assistant Collie. I am only doing this for the greater animal good. You know humans are not permitted to speak; speaking for them is a threat to us. we cannot let them even think they have a minuscule chance of rebelling against our kind. Because of your genius breed of dogs we were able to overrule the humans. We are far too advanced to ever regress into the position of the animals hundreds of years before us. Besides, I thought you were here simply to observe my medical miracles.”  Dr. Harlow retorted, angrily pressing the stop button on his audio recorder.

“ My apologies Doctor, I know the speaking is a hazard, but what’s the point of all this other testing? I just thought the SPCH was against human--”

“Enough about those silly human rights groups! The SPCH, MFH, FoH, and other groups have been trying to stop my human research for months! Think about this logically; cost versus knowledge. The other animals don't do anything special with these humans. They are put in zoos and displayed in exhibits, so animals can laugh when the humans fart. Or the humans are domesticated and kept as house pets. I assure you, the cost is very low and the amount of knowledge we can gain is high  ”

“Yes Doctor, of course that makes perfect sense., but..” Dr. Harlow cuts him off once again.

“Okay then! So dont worry about this human. He never saw it coming....”

* * *

In the year 3005, humans no longer have the upper hand. They once were the ones doing precarious tests on innocent animals and some went as far as implementing intelligence into these animals. Eventually, one of the animals, a Border Collie ended up being able to think on a higher level than intended. A spark of hope ignited in the animal. Thinking turned into speaking and the dog escaped the laboratory. The Border Collie banded with other animals; he promised these animals he would share the intelligence and that they have a chance at finally being the superior species. News reports showed animal riots; animals even broke free from their zoo exhibits. Some pet owners said their pets somehow escaped their homes and ran away to join the rebellion. A war took place in 2020 proving animals to be superior. After winning, most of the humans had their vocal cords removed. This removed their chance of ever speaking of rebelling against the animals in charge. Now the animals are the scientist, the doctors, government officials, presidents, technicians, yoga instructors, and the list goes on for miles. Humans are the pets. A scientist and orangutan, by the name of Dr. Harlow disregards all of the history he learnt his junior year of high school, about animals once being tortured and decides its time to do research on humans. His sudden interest forms from a news report that catches his attention in his studio apartment. The doctor sees “Breaking news: a new breed of humans are showing signs of intelligence and maybe even speech” in bright red letters. His eyes grow significantly wider and he quickly turns up the volume. A siberian husky anchor dog starts to speak:

“Well some are speculating that these three special humans could overthrow us” she takes a moment to laugh “We’ve been going strong for hundreds of years and I doubt any of them will stop anything. Our biggest problem so far with the humans right now is human abuse and testing. Too many of them are out in the streets and in human mills. I mean, they have rights to-”

Dr. Harlow quickly shuts off the Tv before the husky finishes her sentence. He stays awake that night until a look of relief spreads across his face.

Kit is a stray that has been in and out of human shelters and mills most of his life; taken from his mother at birth but he always remembered the first and final words his mother told him “Kit. You’re a special one; you can make a difference.” His mother eventually died from heart disease, a result of the poor conditions humans in the mills are kept in. In some of the last moments spent outside in daylight, he can barely cross a one-way street without collapsing to the ground. A couple of pedestrianimals are walking by and quickly notice the human but stroll past him.

“There was nothing we could do..” One of the animals mumbled.

A car drove up the one way street, quickly pressed down on the brakes and slid across the asphalt. The couple of gorillas appearing concerned, quickly exited the vehicle and slowly approached the fallen creature.

“Aw honey, its a poor human. Wow, he's really banged up.”

“Seems like he's seen a few mills in his years”

“What should we do about this”?

“Uh, I dunno leave him here I guess.. Wait! Theres an SPCH a few blocks North.”

* * *

The couple drove for a few minutes up the street until they arrived at the nearby shelter. There is a large sign outside of the building that displays all the facts about human abuse and testing. The sign read:  Humans in Labs suffer on a daily basis. The stressful environment is damaging both physically and psychologically. Over 20 million humans are killed in U.S Laboratories for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing every year. Make a difference. Adopt your very own human today, they can't take care of themselves. Stop Human Testing and abuse. The couple walk into the shelter with the human and alert the two chimpanzees busy on their smartphones at the service counter. One of the Chimps pick up the phone on the counter and dials rapidly “ A wounded human is in the lobby, I repeat, a wounded human is laying on the lobby floor.” Two dalmatians put the human on top of a transportation table, swiftly taking him in the direction of the surgery room. At that moment an infomercial about human cruelty airs on one of the Tv's in the lobby. “These infomercials come on every five minutes; they're just terrible, ya know it makes me sick to my stomach that someone would do something like that to a defenseless human. The sad music doesn't make it any better” one of the Chimps at the service counter says as he mouths the words of the repeated infomercial. Every single hour, a human is violently abused. While showing a human with a wounded eye. 3,000 humans were rescued last year. Another moving image of a human limping because of it's missing leg is projected and transitions into a slide saying: For hundreds of others, help came too late. Sarah McLachlan, a Siberian Husky and spokeswoman for human rights appears on the screen and speaks “ Hi, I’m Sarah McLachlan. Will you be an Angel for a helpless human? Every day innocent humans are abused and neglected. And they're crying out for help. Please, call the number on your screen( 1-800-478-5555) and join us, for just 18 dollars a month. You can change a human's life. One that has been given a second chance because of you.” The sad music resumes playing and another montage of hurt humans is  shown.  

“Yep”. The other Chimp says while scrolling down his Instagram news feed, “There goes my day. I wish more people had the courage to make a difference"

* * *

The run down building had been abandoned for years. It was a perfect opportunity for Dr. Harlow to continue his human research and take it to the next left. But in order to continue his research he must find the subjects that are a potential threat.

“How do you plan on getting those “talking” subjects Doctor?” Collie asked.

“That's easy. I can just hire Class B dealers.”

“Class B dealers?”

“Yes. an ape I can hire that will go to the mills or other places and retrieve humans I can test on. There’s an app for the service. There is an app for everything nowadays. They'll keep them in a holding facilities until picked up.”

“Holding facilities?”

“Do you not know anything! How'd you even get this job?”

“Never mind. I'm sorry Doctor.”

The doctor’s phone vibrates and he pulled it out of his pocket and took a glance. The message read:

I know where you can find the special humans, but ill have to charge extra.

The Class B dealer arrived at the local shelter where kit is held. While walking past one of the kennels the dealer notices the sleeping human and approaches the kennel.

“Hey little guy. Some say you and a few others are going to change the world. I’m here to make sure that doesn't happen.” He says with a cynical smile. The dealer uses his charm to convince one of the adoption staff members and convinces her to adopt the human that very day.

Kit is unconscious while transported to the holding facility. He is then kicked in the ribs and punched in the face by one of the watchers in the holding facility, Kit is propelled into a holding pen. The pen is filled with the grunts of tired humans. Each human only had 12 inches of space and every minute a pointy elbow grazes Kit’s arm. Maggots crawled through the food and water is given to the tight packed group of humans that were captured nights or months before. They are denied veterinary care and must deal with the conditions they were brought in. Cannibalism is one of the most entertaining events that can occur in the holding pen because some humans are eaten by stressed cagemates. While trying to sleep, Kit noticed a chunk of something in the corner of the pen. He slowly approached the chunk, licking his lips in delight. But then is confronted by a snarling human. The snarling human grabbed the the chunk, which turned out to be an arm and muttered “Mine.”  Some of the humans just bite their nails and try their best to avoid contact with other humans, but this encounter was different for Kit.

“You... speak?” with his eyes wide open.

The other human somehow disappeared into the darkness, with the arm.

* * *

Kit spent the longest 24 hours in his life inside that crowded holding pen. Tranquilization is the only way the dealers can transport the humans with the least amount of trouble. Vroom Vroom , the truck carrying an abundance of different humans of all races starts up and drives to the abandoned building where Dr. Harlow is. 50 of the doctors subjects died within the first week of testing. Some died because they didn't receive enough love and care. Others from unknown causes. Harlow tests the psychology of his human subjects and places them separately into a pit of despair for up to an entire year. Because most of the subjects did not respond when he asked them to speak. Kit is the last subject Harlow places in this ten foot deep pit of darkness and misery. This was how he breaks his subjects.

“These are the rules. If you are obedient and follow my every instruction you will only have to suffer in the pit for..let's say...six months. That's about half the usual time” Harlow says.

“What is your name?”


“Ah!” The doctor quickly scribbles in his writing pad “so subject 502 is the one that can speak!”

Kit suddenly realized his mistake and tried his best to grunt and seem like what just happened was a figment of the doctors imagination. The other humans in cages started shaking the cages and loudly grunting. The sounds bounced around the room and echoed through the halls of the abandoned building.

Kit is sedated and Harlow places him in the pit of despair. A twelve foot pit that only has one way out, death. For an entire year misery and fear is all he knows, Kit scratches the walls of the pit and tries his very best to climb out of the pit every single day; unfortunately, his attempts are in vain because escaping is not an option. Harlow tries his very best to break Kit.

* * *

Kit is blinded by a shining light above him. All he can remember is finally being removed from the pit. Having a feeling of knowing nothing, disturbed and severely depressed. Dr. Harlow pressed play on his audio recorder and said “Subject 502 is responsive after showing autistic self clutching and repetitive rocking. We are much closer to ending chances of any rebillion.”

At that very moment Collie walks in..

“Cost versus knowledge….” he mumbles to himself.

“What was that, assistant?” Harlow questions.

“Animals never got the idea to conduct experiments on themselves?” Collie asks.

The Doctor breaks out in laughter “Why, that’s preposterous,” He takes a moment to catch his breath from laughing so hard “Of course you should know conducting an experiment on another animal would be unethical. Which is why we conduct our experiments on humans and not our fellow animals. We’re just observing natural behavior. We have to test the products we use in everyday life somehow. Disease is also avoidable.”

“Don’t you remember how we even became in control?” Collie pleaded

While the two were talking Kit manages to unlock one of the leather straps around his wrists. He jumps from the table and grips Dr. Harlow, attempting to claw his face with three inch long nails. Collie raced to the opposite side of the room and grabbed a syringe that will calm Kit. The needle is forced into his neck and Kit’s eyes roll into the back off his head as he dropped to the ground.

“See, these humans are a hazard.”

Colli only looked at the ground, unable to face Harlow.

“What’s your next move...Doctor”?

Harlow presses play on his audio recorder.

“Subject 502 is responsive.”


© Copyright 2018 lecram. All rights reserved.

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