Rainbows And Rebels

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Featured Review on this writing by Criss Sole

This is going to be fabulous.

Tomorrow, February 9th, 2015, is going to be a historic day.  My favorite state in the whole country, Alabama, is legalizing same sex marriage.  Granted, we aren’t doing it by choice.  It is being forced on us by a federal judge.  That is okay.  It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you end up in the right place.

If you are young, you can’t imagine how bizarre this is to me.  I remember separate bathrooms and drinking fountains for blacks.  We’ve come a long way.  Not just Alabama.  The whole country.  I’ve been everywhere.  Alabama does not have a monopoly on racists, or sexual bigots.

There has been much debate.  Opponents constantly quote the Bible, thinking that will prove once and for all that homosexuality is evil.  I tell them all the same thing.  The Bible is for Christians, not Americans.  Unless you are an American Christian.  Then you are free to practice your religion in your personal life.  But that is where the line is drawn.

If you believe homosexuality is wrong, don’t practice it.  No one will force you into a same sex marriage.

I am a heterosexual.  I have no particular interest in gay rights.  But I do believe that all are created equal, and deserve equal protection under the law.  Here is the question I have always posed to people who claim homosexuality should not be tolerated.  I ask them to provide one reason, not based on religion, but on logic, why homosexuals shouldn’t have the same rights as the rest of us.  No one has presented a valid reason yet.  I’ve asked the question many times.

The inevitable slippery slope arguments get made, next it will be bestiality or pedophilia.  It is easy to disarm those arguments.  Animals and children are not consenting adults.  Then they will bring up polygamy.  I ask them to name a polygamist.  They can’t.  Not that there aren’t any out there.  If there were a significant number of polygamists clamoring for equality, I’d listen to their arguments and give them the same consideration I gave to gays.  But there aren’t enough of them.  It’s not going to happen.

I have been trying to convince people that the sky is not falling.  Monday morning, gay people will start getting married, the rest of us will go to work or get on with our lives as usual.  When people say God will punish us for allowing this, I tell them to read a history book.  If God didn’t do anything while the human race was butchering 60 million people during World War II, I think he’ll give us a pass on same sex marriage.

Twenty years from now, same sex marriage will hardly raise an eyebrow in America.  That doesn’t mean it will be accepted by everyone.  People who are against it now, may well be against it until the day they die.  That is one way change happens.  The upcoming generation is more open about gender variations, just like my generation was more open about race than the last.

There is one thing that can change even old folks like me.  Blood.  I have a number of friends, who were not necessarily tolerant when younger, who now have mixed race grandchildren.  They love their darker skinned grandchildren the same as the others.  They never saw it coming.  They never had a chance or a choice.  The same thing frequently happens when they find out a loved one is not heterosexual.  That is how it works.  Sometimes life changes you.

The rest of us will gradually figure out how to accept the LGBT community.  We’re never going to be one big happy family.  Humans tend to divide up into groups, that is our nature.  But we can come to terms with our differences and learn how to be tolerant.  It really isn’t that hard.  If Alabama fans and Auburn fans can get along, anything is possible.  I haven’t decided yet if it is a good idea for those folks to marry each other…

Submitted: February 08, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Serge Wlodarski. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

I really like your view on this and you make some excellent points. I was not aware that Alabama legalized same sex marriage. Good to know. I say it's about time human beings treat humans beings as equals.

Mon, February 16th, 2015 8:20am


Well, we hardly ever do anything on our own. But the caboose gets pulled into the station eventually, no matter how far behind the engine it stays.

Mon, February 16th, 2015 8:19am

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