Smelly Jelly Soap

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A funny short story that I think I made either in 7th or 8th grade. I'm not sure which but enjoy! This was for a book project for a Robert Munsch theme...

Submitted: December 15, 2013

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Submitted: December 15, 2013



“Millie!” shouted Mom, “Time to go grocery shopping!”

Oh no! Whenever we go grocery shopping, there's this clown who calls himself “Smello the Clown.” He literally begs you to buy his Smelly Jelly soap. That's why I'm hiding in the closet.

“Millie! C'mon! Unless you don't want a Kitkat!” called Mom. Whenever we go to Safeway, Mom always buys me a Kitkat just for the sake of it but this time I didn't want one.

Mom started counting, “three, two...”

I come out because the number one means bad luck to me.

“One... There you are! C'mon we gotta go!” she says and forcefully drags me out the door. I cross my arms in the car and put on my best pouty face.

“Honey, what's wrong?” Mom asks.

“Do you remember Smello the Clown?” I ask.

“Yes. What about him?” Mom questioned.

“I... I think he's scary,” I confess.

“That's why you hid from me?” she queries.

“Yes,” I said in my most pathetic voice.

“Oh Millie,” Mom rolls her eyes in disbelief.

We arrived at Safeway. I hid behind Mom the whole entire time. When we were in the cereal section, I peered out from behind mom to see if I could see Smello. There he was at the dairy section begging customers to buy his soap.

Smello looked like a regular clown with regular clothes and regular clown makeup. The only thing that set him apart from the other clowns is that he had Smelly Jelly soap printed all over his clothes.

“Smelly but it works! Smelly Jelly soap,” he was saying to the customers. No one was paying attention to him. A mother with a baby strolled by. “All babies LOVE this soap!” he says and hands the baby the soap. The baby grabbed the soap and waves it in the air with glee. “See? See?! Get your Smelly Jelly soap now for just $2.99 plus tax!” he announces. Then the baby put the soap into her mouth then takes it out and cries. The mom took the soap out of her hands and chucks it at Smello. Then she walks away, her nose high in the air. Smello quickly strikes another customer. I look away. I then realize that mom was not in sight. Panic strikes me and I started calling her name.

“Mom! Mooom! Mooooooom!!!!” I run as fast as lightning and dart down each aisle. Then the world went blurry and everything went black. I was awoken a few moments later by mom and a dozen other strangers. “Wwwhat hhappened?” I stammered.

“You blacked out. Sweetie, are you OK?” Mom asks checking for any injuries.

“I think so,” I managed to say, “What's next on the list?” I asked.

“Hmm let's see... Oh! Smelly Jelly soap!” She says. My eyes grow big and I lean in close to Mom.

“But what about Smello?” I whispered.

“I can't believe I actually forgot to tell you. Smello's your dad!” she squeaks. Smello walks over and takes off his wig.

“Dad!” I cried and ran over to give him a bear hug and that's the story of how we bought Smelly Jelly soap for the first time.


The End.

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