Stinky - The First Story

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This is the story of Stinky the pig. He is not your ordinary farm animal. Stinky embarks on adventures and experiences that will make you laugh and touch your hearts. Always something great to learn from such a positive character.

Submitted: November 21, 2012

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Submitted: November 21, 2012



There was a farm. There were animals. There was farm equipment and machinery. There was the smell of freshly baked pie – pumpkin pie to be exact. Most importantly, there was a barn. And so the story begins, within the barn, with animals, on the farm with equipment, machinery and sweet-smelling pumpkin pie.

The barn was filled with an eclectic mix of animals. You know, the typical bunch you would commonly see in cartoons and animations – some wise, some mean, some happy and some that just made noises at the most inappropriate of times.

He stood atop a haystack simply surveying the place which he called home for the past three years. He saw Harry the horse doing his usual thing – eating whilst swaying his tail. He spotted Clucky and Clacker arguing over who would sound the next morning’s cocka-doodle-doo. He could see the sheep huddled together, unable to tell which one was Wooly, Merina or Ugg from their rear.

‘Whatcha doing Stinky?’

He turned around and noticed Cheesy the mouse right beside him.

‘I was just thinking old friend. I was thinking that it was time for me to leave home and explore the world’ he replied.

They both looked at each other. One, a big character with a gentle soul. The other, barely a handful with a big personality. Stinky and Cheesy were an odd pair but had always been the best of friends. Moments had passed before Cheesy patted Stinky on his leg.

‘I understand’ Cheesy said with a warm smile. ‘It’s time for you to see what’s out there’

They both stood there on top of the haystack, gazing through the window into the starry, starry night. It would be the last night Stinky stayed in the barn, with his friends, on the farm with equipment, machinery and sweet-smelling pumpkin pie.

So thus far, the story of Stinky the Pig has just begun. Where will he go first? What new lessons will he learn?


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