The Labrynth

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I scanned the vast forest, searching for a way out of the never-ending trees. And then it came to me. I was in the experiment. I was in a maze.

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



The Labyrinth

The cool air brushed against my bare legs, sending chills up my spine. My eyes fluttered open, focusing on the starless night sky. I sat up and instantly felt the achiness in my head, too heavy to hold up. Dark purple bruises covered my bony legs and dried blood crusted into my tattered t-shirt.  Where am I? My mind searched for the answer but my memory was cloudy, blurring the past. I slowly stood up, having to grab hold of a near maple tree for support. All I saw were trees. The thick trunks aligned in rows, towering into the night sky like skyscrapers. The forest seemed never-ending. My body was weak, barely able to support myself standing up. The smell of sweat and filth perfumed the air, leaving me feeling faint and unsteady.  There was only one thing I was certain of: I shouldn't be alive.

The jagged rocks tore against my calloused, bare feet as I shakily walked deeper into the forest. I was so concentrated on walking that I barely heard the wheezing of my tired breath. My body was begging for rest, already exhausted after only walking a short distance. My dry throat burned with each breath, signaling my desperate need for water. My tongue was unable to produce any saliva, it was dry as a bone. The midnight sky echoed through the trees, leaving it almost impossible to find my way around. The forest was silent besides the faint crinkle of leaves against the wind. Confusion sunk in as my mind still begged for answers. I felt as if my memory had been erased. Who am I? I wasn't even sure.

Unable to walk any further, I slid my back against the rough bark of an unknown tree. The wind hissed by, leaving dead leaves and dust in its trail. My naked toes dug into the dried soil, finding an unusual comfort. Thirty-seven deep cuts ran along the base of my feet. The scabs were beginning to peel, and the fresh blood oozed between my toes, reminding me of the trees' sticky sap. Trying to catch my breath, I sucked on the dampness of my soiled shirt, barely putting out the fire that burned deep in my throat. My body slumped into the ground, completely drained of energy and ready to give up.  I chewed on the sweet maple tree leaves, relieving my hollow stomach for only a  moment. My left arm burned of infection, and I squinted in the moonlight to find the source. And that's when I saw it. Three letters carved into my arm, inflicted by tree bark. Run.

My body jolted to my feet as the memories came rushing back to me. My fingers gripped on a nearby branch as I steadied myself, my vision black from the impact of my sudden rise. The flashback was sudden, rewinding me back in time to me and my colleagues boarding a plane. We were all excited, awaiting the landing in Brazil. Dr. Verciano was the scientist we were looking for, the scientist our professor recommended. He was waiting for us as we all blissfully stepped off the plane, a fake smile plastered on his gaunt face, never reaching his gray eyes. He lead us to a shiny black car smelling of new leather and stale coffee, and we all squished inside, anxious for his lectures. Inside, he loosely described his newest experiment. He insisted that we became subjects to his research, that we aide his first trial. The whole idea seemed suspicious to me, and my hand subconsciously crept towards the door handle. His venomous gray eyes darted over to my hand, frozen in motion. Before I could react, his icy hands took hold of my wrist and a needle full of liquid was jabbed into my deltoid. A cry of pain escaped from my trembling lips, as the fiery poison ran through my veins. My world was shifting, contorting my vision. Dr. Verciano smirked as my grip on reality began to falter. A dark shadow engulfed my vision and I slowly faded into the blackness. When I awoke, a sharp pain surged through my body as I slowly took in my surroundings. I scanned the vast forest, searching for a way out of the never-ending trees. And then it came to me. I was in the experiment. I was in a maze.

Thirty-seven days. That's how long I've been here. Thirty-seven nights of crawling deeper into the forest, searching for a way out. What happened to my fellow colleagues? Where were they? Dead. I couldn't think of anything else. We were all lab rats in the demented scientist's sick game. We were all lost in his own labyrinth. I took my own advice, which I carved into my own skin thirty-seven days ago and began to run down through the thick trees. My eyes darted left and right in hopes of finding an opening, in hopes of ending this nightmare. The bulky trees did not budge against the wind, instead they stood tall, laughing at my failing attempts to flee . My feet pounded into the firm dirt as I pushed myself harder and faster. I wouldn't allow myself to be stuck here forever.

The moon's dim glow began to diffuse, letting what little hope I was holding onto slip away. I continued to run up and down the trees, losing sense of my direction . My vision was darkening, letting exhausting and dehydration take over. My foot caught on a stray branch and I was abruptly hurtled to the ground. I lay my head on the stiff dirt, trying to steady my breath. The cold realization of the scientist's demented game finally set in. I was going to die. This was no maze. There was no end. Thirty-seven days of searching and the forest just continued to get deeper. I closed my eyes, letting out a sigh of defeat. It took all my strength to tear off the final piece of bark from the redwood. The rough edges burned against my raw fingers as my shaking hand carved the ultimate mark. Thirty-eight.

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