The Swinging Misfet & The Sixth Grade Prank by Hiba Kteich

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ahhh dont you just love embaressing moments!!
here is one of my memerobles!!
love H*

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



There is a difference betwwen an accident and a "pre-planned" scheme.HUGE! An accident is the happening of a event without expecting it or as most people say:"by chance".Now as for a "pre-planned" scheme .... thats a completely different story! Yeah,it can be fun to prank someone and get away with it , but that someone will suffer the aftermath of this prank like a tattoo on Megan Fox's slamming body!It will hurt at first but the results afterwards is like a cherry ontop of a fantastic year.

Sixth grade! Yeah,personally it was hell! I loathed everything about it. Whose the dumbass who didnt?! Better...whose the f-ing nerd who didnt?! It was a warm spring afternoon in math class where nobody paid attention to what Mrs.Zeina was saying,which leads us back to the chair swinger who ws about to get hardcore punked(me).Nader,a victim of Satan,decided to go forward and do the most brutal prank ever.He was sitting right behind me,therefore,I was an available target.While I was still swinging,he pushed the lower part of my seat with his leg which made my legs fly all over the place.I fell flat on my butt that was placed on the upper part of the chair,my legs were in a split position(Ouch!)and got stuck between 2 pairs of heavy loaded backpacks each.And that actually happened when the bell rang and everybody rushed for recess(even the teacher!).Fortunately,my 2 bestfriends at that time were still in class and helped me get up.Unfortunately for them,I was in alot of physical pain,heavy, and STUCK!! Alot of my classmates saw what happened but were too self-centered to help,so all they actually did was stare at what was under my skirt and laugh.However,I did eventually get up and you have no idea how difficult and challenging that was,not just for me , but for my poor bestfriends who had to lift me!After recess everybody came and was like:"OMG!We totally saw your underwear!" and I responded:"No!It was my shorts thats all!".

Life goes on,so dont even bother to go out there and search for a time machine and dont even think about locking yourself up in your room till Doomsday!Thw truth is:having alot of embaressing moments in my life tought me a giggantic lesson.I have became more fearless and confident that even if i said "goodBUH" instead of "goodbye" I wouldnt care(i might crack a joke about it later)!Some say time heals everything,right?Well,all you have to do is smack them in the head because time does nothing but goes on and its what you do in the time heals everything.Moreover,its not shameful if you were embaresed,just look to the bright side like I did because without embaressing moments my life,trust me,would be kinda dull.Oh and one more thing... listen to what your teacher say about your safety ,so dont swing on your chair!!!

 Love, H*

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