For the Marine Corps grunts, the Snuffys, in the Southland of Vietnam, Riverine warfare in the Delta region took on many different shapes and forms. The coastal islands, mangrove and nipa-palm swamps, creeks, rivers, a bewildering maze of inland waterways, and the Vietnamese jungle, imposed an extraordinary military challenge.

The Snuffys of the Marine Corps River Force were not “heroes”, only men doing what they had been trained to do, and to survive meant being one of the lucky ones, nothing more, nothing less.

Table of Contents


Southlands Snuffys 1 Cradle of the Corps - to - City of Da Nang   Avant Propos "You maggots best come to... Read Chapter

Le Jour de Jours

  Le Jour de Jours. “ The only protection you maggots will have in Vietnam is the high standard of training as give... Read Chapter

Tout Acier Américain

Tout Acier Américain. “ Ok, listen up! A Mike boat is nothing more that a big steel fucking coffin, for any of you dumb fuckers ... Read Chapter

Bateaux et des Hommes

Bateaux et des Hommes “There are few roads in the Delta and so everyone, friend and foe, take to junks or sampans. Those you enco... Read Chapter

Mademoiselle Béatrice de Funès. Tante Bee.

Mademoiselle Béatrice de Funès. "Tante Bee". “Ok, standing orders for Saigon. No one,and I repeat no one, other than duty Officer... Read Chapter

Le Cabaret Boonie

Le Cabaret Boonie. “ Ok, this is a military issue condom, and designed to reduce, or eliminate, the chances of your little pecker... Read Chapter

Les jeunes croisés, malchance

 Les jeunes croisés, malchance. “Life in a conflict is like shooting craps where you cast the dice and reap the result, ... Read Chapter

Le fou courir

Le fou courir “Bro the 1960’s Nam code of the Grunt states:  If there is even a remote chance for survival, don’t go fuc... Read Chapter

Des morts en sursis.

Des morts en sursis. “Yup, you boat grunts are crazy fuckers for sure! Sitting on a target filled with inflammable and explosive ... Read Chapter

Une âme perdue

Une âme perdue. “Insects, and botulism bacterium, poison molecules injected when bitten or stung, malaria, typhoid and cholera. ... Read Chapter

Combattant pour gagner

Combattant pour gagner. “This Assault operation must be supported by the maximum small arms fire available. Which means, all... Read Chapter


Encalminé. " Ok, listen up! As far as the Navy is concerned, under our rules and regulations, the only person solely responsi... Read Chapter

Vagues sans Gloire

Vagues sans Gloire. “The first thing you will notice in war is that absolutely nothing, and nowhere, is safe anymore.” The ... Read Chapter

Bateau de la Mort

  Bateau de la Mort. “An AK 47 has a powerful reputation; is brutally simple, easy to operate, and has a noticeable popp... Read Chapter

Ordres Mouvement

  Ordres Mouvement. “The best plan in the world will fail if you cannot communicate it. Similarly, a poor plan can be sa... Read Chapter

Lutte à la Corde.

Lutte à la Corde. “There is an ever increasing danger of boats being ambushed by the VC. Our main bases are now fairly secure, b... Read Chapter

Pieux de Renseignement

  Pieux de Renseignement “Top priority must be given to capturing Eastern block and Chinese advisors. Remember, they are... Read Chapter

Survie du plus Apte.

  Survie du plus Apte. “Ok, here is something for you maggots to remember. When fighting in jungle there are no towns or... Read Chapter

Mer Bleu, sur, Mer Bleu

Mer Bleu, sur, Mer Bleu “Ok, now we turn to Flack Jackets, fiberglass filled useless crap which can hardly stop a BB from a kids ... Read Chapter

Avenir Précaire

Avenir Précaire "It never pays to be sentimental about war. Even if you end up with a row of medals and a few dog-eared photograph... Read Chapter

Fin des temps.

Fin des temps. “I’m too godamned short timed for any more of this shit bro! And I aint gonna go burnin out on any fucking death... Read Chapter

Chiens de guerre

Chiens de guerre “Well Sergeant, if  you consider that our losses were  damn excessive , then  just you go and tak... Read Chapter

Bravoure Inutile

Bravoure Inutile “Amazing, isn’t it bro! With nearly the whole of the fucking Viet Congs’s 263d battalion lining up against u... Read Chapter

Homme de Glace

Homme de Glace “ What a goddamn waste, but I guess for him it was easier to die because of it, rather than live with it.... Read Chapter

Aucune île Moyenne

Aucune île Moyenne “You Americans are so slow and clumsy in the jungle, and today I killed four of you, and that is a victory fo... Read Chapter

Les Lignes D'animosité

Les Lignes D'animosité “For the benefit of those who don't know, the general consensus from the Pentagon is that those serving i... Read Chapter

Se Battre Avec les Serpents.

Se Battre Avec les Serpents. “Three days of fighting the goddamn gooks leaves the Lieutenant dead, the Sergeant dead, and half my... Read Chapter

C'est la guerre

C'est la guerre “ Ah, so that's what they teach them at OCS, stand up, take aim, and every shot will guarantee a dead zipper-head... Read Chapter

Drapeaux de mes Frères

Drapeaux de mes Frères. “ Welcome to the Navy’s Riverine course. Your only concern will be to absorb vast quantities of inform... Read Chapter

L'embuscade (unredacted)

L'embuscade (unredacted) “My comrades hunt imperialists like wild dogs. They feel no pity for the Yankee invaders, and the more t... Read Chapter

Survivre à la Lutte

Survivre à la Lutte “ Goddamned hammer and nail bullshit bro! CP moral boosting crap about our guys being the hammer and Char... Read Chapter

Un frère par les Armes

Un frère par les Armes “Remember this well, in Vietnam a danger for one will be a danger for all, the two will always go togethe... Read Chapter

Aux Armes!

Aux Armes! “The guy is having a brain overload bro so let him police up his own damn crap. He blew the gooks&... Read Chapter

La Plage.

La Plage. “Ain’t no use in doing all that goddamn screaming son, your all fucked up, so just you have this morphine a... Read Chapter

Sans Sentiment.

Sans Sentiment. “Traditionally Marines are not seamen, but with the correct training they can become both”. Prefaced first ... Read Chapter

Femme de Guerre

Femme de Guerre. "Goddamn it, that round near tore my fucking head off! Remind me to kick the crap out of that replacement, the stu... Read Chapter

Papier Bataille.

Papier Bataille. “The jungle is neutral as it treats everyone who enters with equal hostility, you, Charlie, every fucker, for al... Read Chapter

Aucun Chemin de la Rédemption.

Aucun Chemin de la Rédemption. "You know bro, it ain’t any use that skinny kid over there whining about some silly-asshole with ... Read Chapter

Une ville pécheresse.

Une ville pécheresse. “Yes, it goes beyond doubt that some of us will end our time in South Vietnam as a corpse, and we will mos... Read Chapter

à mi-chemin

à mi-chemin "Regardless of all its faults, failings, or anything else, the United States of America is not a nation an enemy shoul... Read Chapter