For the Marine Corps grunts, the Snuffys, in the Southland of Vietnam, Riverine warfare in the Delta region took on many different shapes and forms. The coastal islands, mangrove and nipa-palm swamps, creeks, rivers, a bewildering maze of inland waterways, and the Vietnamese jungle, imposed an extraordinary military challenge.

The Snuffys of the Marine Corps River Force were not “heroes”, only men doing what they had been trained to do, and to survive meant being one of the lucky ones, nothing more, nothing less.

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  Southlands Snuffys 2  Forest of Assassins - to – City of Hong Kong   Avant Propos   ... Read Chapter

Retour Vital.

Retour Vital. “For those of you who survive, the weight of war will be carried throughout life.”  Final sobering words... Read Chapter

Eaux Hostiles

Eaux Hostiles “We have several sources of fire support available to help you complete this mission. All you need do is give us a ... Read Chapter

Une course pour la vie

Une course pour la vie “The United States Marine Corps survives on a diet of traditions and discipline, and relies on a Marines n... Read Chapter

Le goût du futur

Le goût du futur “You want some reality bro? Ok, you are born, you live, and then you die, ashes to ashes and amen. But the true... Read Chapter

Jamais une Journée Facile

Jamais une Journée Facile “Listen up numbnuts, when aboard this big steel slow moving target we can’t run and we sure as fuck ... Read Chapter

Un ensemble de nombres.

  Un ensemble de nombres. “Ok, you are about to enter a war without rules, so don’t go expecting any mercy from the en... Read Chapter

Tranquillité à la Réalité

Tranquillité à la Réalité "You will live using the load on your back, fight using the load on your belt, and survive using the ... Read Chapter

Opération d'or

Opération d'or “I have said it before bro, no one ever gives a damn and never will, for in a war where thousands die what does i... Read Chapter

Écarlate sur le vert.

Écarlate sur le vert. “There are graveyards in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, even in Brita... Read Chapter

De destins entrelacés

De destins entrelacés “Strip, clean, oil and assemble, then repeat the process, finally wipe the weapon over with an LSA oil soa... Read Chapter

Combattre la tempête

Combattre la tempête “Yep, as my old pappy used to say, every man living has at least one flaw in his character and some have ma... Read Chapter

les Acres du Diable

les Acres du Diable “Ok, according to the manual, a Marine Riverine is trained in many specialties to be capable of doing anythin... Read Chapter

La mort est venue frapper.

La mort est venue frapper. “Sure, I agree, it is much better to do battle with the unwilling than the willing, however, the radic... Read Chapter


Purgatoire "No doubt about it bro, it’s an undeniable truth, if you stay out in the shit too long eventually what little civilisa... Read Chapter

Jours désespérés

Jours désespérés " Courage in war is the doing of duty when terrified."  The author to cherries, Bassac River, Sou... Read Chapter

Bons moments - Mauvais moments

Bons moments - Mauvais moments “Charlie just kept on coming at us but we endured, striving to stay alive, but often it was not ea... Read Chapter

Jours étranges

Jours étranges   “Sure bro, I am grateful, any dude still alive should be mightily grateful. Yep, we may be wet, hungry... Read Chapter

Sang, Sueur, et Peurs.

Sang, Sueur, et Peurs. “Never mind all that gung-ho glory crap, for let me tell you that an infantryman’s battle is a real nast... Read Chapter

De plumes, De liberté,

De plumes, de liberté,   “Use all possible means to defeat and kill the foe, take terror to them, take harshness to the... Read Chapter


Fortifié.   “You Americans have no true culture to sell to the Vietnam people, the only culture on sale by you is one o... Read Chapter

La porte de l'enfer

La porte de l'enfer   “It sure is a hard thing to take when finding yourself in the middle of Charlie's goddam... Read Chapter

Ceci et cela

Ceci et cela “The enemy will be firing on you as they come, so, if you hug the dirt and do nothing as the enemy advances they wil... Read Chapter