Vita Fragilis

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I hope you guys like my Short story "VITA FRAGILIS" i have not made a lot of corrections gramatically because to me its more authentic that way it transfer the message different, my personal opinion. Enjoy it, the story its about life and existance.

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Clouds… clouds… more clouds all around, the sun defeated and hidden in the dense torment, birds chirping deer running carelessly. The tall grass I’m squishing retaliates pinching my torn dirty skin and clothes; I wonder sometimes that if being here will allow my mind to forget, to erase everything.  I can’t do it anymore I want to exist for myself. I became disengaged for a moment everything went still and numb it felt like a noise erupted few seconds back but I could not react. I laughed I did not care anymore. Water is hitting my face, lightening is bright and the thunder was cracking the sky I felt nothing…

All of a sudden I jumped, few horses galloped by with no riders. All I could see was a valley long as my eyesight could reach, to my right, my car hugged the tree, pain felt climbing my bloody forehead, gashed from the forced jump I took in the middle of the field. I have no idea where I’m at or where I was going. My feet have a wired shape now that the toss wasn’t exactly merciful.

I tried to make a few steps, my body decided not to respond very well. I got to the road few people were looking inside my car.

  • Go away! Damn it; …and then everything went a bit blank and then nothing…
  • Oh, shit he’s passing out call 911 please somebody!
  • Ok ,ok, ok, Oh my god there is blood all the way in that field, how long has he been here?... oh yeah sir we are on 235 south there has been an accident please an ambulance
  • Yes sir, you said 235 South correct?
  • Yes!
  • Ok, we have someone nearby, it will be few minutes. How many injured?
  • Just one come on, hurry up, he is losing blood
  • Ok we’ll have someone shortly there. Do not move the person injured ok.
  • Yes, yes hurry

 Light after light passes by as I go through the hall way I am looking for some relief and soon enough they shoot something in my arm as soon as we get in, I’m guessing my room and all the pain is dissipating I’m liking this. My mind however would not stop thinking about my car…

  • My car, my car…!
  • Your car will be all right sir just try to stay calm and relax, we should get you all fixed up and ready, just stay calm everything will be fine.

I open my eyes, the sun bright lighting through my window, and some flowers at my bed; I am assuming the staff put them there after nobody has arrived to visit me. There is nobody and that is great…

  • When can I leave? I raised my voice.
  • It all depends on you Mr. Daniels. The nurse said, as she brought the tray with my disgusting lunch.
  • Thank but no thank you. I will not eat junk. I am feeling better I wish to leave this afternoon.
  • We would have to see the doctor Mr. Daniels and then we can talk about leaving.
  • I want to see him.

She left. Couple of minutes later a doctor comes in

  • Mr. Daniels how do you feel today?
  • I am great.
  • Well everything seemed to be ok despite the fact that you totaled your car and flew out your windshield that you first hit with your skull.  We stitched you up and if you want to go home you certainly can just make sure those stiches will come out in ten days. You should be fine I see you have been in our care for about three days and everything is stable.
  • Alright.

It wasn’t long before I am walking on a street I do not wish to know the name of. Complete solitude, walking around people I don’t notice or know trying to find myself with a worth…

I don’t care about anything, expectations and normality have long left my spirit I am nothing now. I want to be selfish. No more of this world’s guidelines, roads or paths. But like any human whether I admit it or not the sum of personal interactions make you unwind from the tumultuous selfishness within.


  • Hello, sir…Excuse me
  • What? What do you want?
  • Well, Sir I’m sorry but you look awfully startled…
  • Leave me the hell alone lady, go about your business let me to myself
  • Sir are  you sure
  • Yes, leave me alone

Off she goes finally leaving me to my thoughts walking on some street that I had no clue of, I was all without a care. Now that I was disturbed and reminded of the unordanrity of my situation, thoughts exploded into my brain about my little VW crashed and about the trip I had taken earlier in the week.

I come across a diner rather cozy and empty and actually nostalgic, couple trucks parked in front. I enter arrange my bandage that covered most of my forehead. Two guys pass me staring at my injury. I stare them down on my way to the counter the waiter says:

  • What would you like to drink this evening sir?
  • Give me some water and a burger with double cheese
  • Will do sir.
  • Do you guys have taxi service or car rental in this town?
  • Sure we have a rental just down the road.

Finishing the food I glazed at the clock it was 7:36 PM I left immediately. Got a car and on the road again I was trying to remember why? Why am I running?


Beautiful Monday morning in Everwood, mountains poured in all directions, dense forest convulsing fog into the lonely streets that are in complete silence until they open the famous  OL’dinner with its irresistible waffles and unsurpassed coffee flavor. As soon as the streets are impregnated with the revived smell the town comes to life. Post office opens, the school resumes sessions. The old wise folks and the town’s business men gather in at the “Ol’dinner” for a perpetual morning meeting of utter importance and heavy economic and political dialogue. The town hardly resembles of what it used to be, the mines have long been closed. It sort of went through some faze forced to conform to the humanly mortal outcome. Life is in strenuous change the perfect constant the keeps the so called natural harmony of things.

  • Turn off that damn TV Jerry, we are all sick of that crap: Lying news, stupid reality shows world’s gone in the toilet I’m afraid. Here we are at the mercy of the new generation that is fixing to “flush” us all. Damn kids all they know is Xboxes and movies. Those days we all valued are gone…
  • Oh shut up Ted you and your somber dark view on things, I keep telling you every morning we are here, work the angles, and shine different light on things. Not all that happens is going to afflict our lives to where we will not be able to keep going on.
  • Oh shut up you two old farts, all you have to do is worry about future; you guys don’t worry like I do bills, kids, school, and no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Oh Jerry you’re doing fine you have this job at the dinner you do what you supposed to do just keep fighting
  • I wonder where Daniels is at.
  • Who knows? He is always up to something.

Commerce Street, a dead end.  The paved driveway concreted all around, starts with a grandiose Victorian metal gate. In the middle a subtle rounded bronze plate with an eagle in the middle of it. The lawn married to the driveway beautifully maintained: nice, edged free of cracks or weeds most exemplary. Trees everywhere, walls of flours, emerging in the worming touch of the sun. Right here in this corner of the town dipped in the mountain, the Daniels estate. Prefaced with a gorgeous forefront with statues on both sides fountain in the middle few benches scattered around offer remarkable landscape view. The house itself built from the ground by Mr. Daniels right after he inaugurated the merge of his company, his baby with Moldcell. The façade imprinted with a stringent Dramatic mix between roman and byzantine style, exquisite windows on the second floor large square and gabled, bottom windows smaller and steep angled gable carefully ornamented with figures of lions and concreted vineyard in the center a large wide balcony with an eagle at each corner and supported by massive stone pillars imported from Genoa Italy to San Francisco. The roof tiled with product from Spain. It almost looked like a house that was erased from the French Pirineous mountains and set right here in Colorado.

  • Hey Mr. Daniels new ride today ha? VW
  • Yeah Jerry I thought it would be refreshing to just switch it up a bit.
  • What would you like to devour this fine morning?
  • Oh jerry I’ll do same old same old.
  • Waffles and eggs it is Mr. Daniels it will just a minute, I will get that coffee to you first
  • Your awesome Jerry, Hey guys, Rick Ted what’s new today in town?
  • Oh nothing Pete nothing new today same old except ted here decided to spice up his dark approach on things in this life.
  • I see, I see well I’ll leave you guys to eat don’t dwell too much on life its short as it is.
  • You’re not lying there Pete, enjoy your breakfast.
  • I will guys take care!
  • Bye !
  • Pete, Pete he is acting so strange lately don’t you think Rick?
  • No not really leave the man alone. He is minding his own business.
  • No something is not right I mean look at him living in that huge house all by himself no family that we know of I mean he’s been in this town for at least 19 years and still nothing.
  • Oh that’s not true he had some either sisters or cousins couple years ago they were right there where you guys sit and they ate our waffles really rood they were too didn’t leave nothing, good thing Mr. Daniels was more generous.

I leave the O’l dinner, my VW was parked to the right, when I noticed the park being empty I just crossed the street and got on a bench watching the little ducks in the pond and eating my waffles. I amfull of confidence I mean I all ways were tomorrow I will begin my journey to finally face what I fear the most. All my life if I think about it I have been surrounded with human beings that did not waste a minute without making money, sacrificed everything they knew or had just to be on top. I was raised poor no father no mother, when I moved here in this dirty little town there was nothing here nothing that reminded me of the path that got me to here. I had worked hard to become the best and that allowed me to enjoy things others can’t. I have traveled a lot since the merge; I have seen many places absorbed many cultures actually built my home so that it suits my taste and comfort in a way to express the acquired taste for architectural art. Lately my work hours drastically got reduced I found myself washing my car and working out and eating at the dinner the last being the highlight of the day. But not anymore no… no… 

I’ll be going to Denver to meet her for the first time …


French restaurant “Layette” a quite very high end restaurant with 5 star service and cuisine. All around Armani suits, Gucci dresses Pete at a VP table bottle of wine Cabernet 1948 aged, rare:

Francis enters she has never been to a place like this before she expected a young guy that pretended to be someone rich to cover some weird insecurity or something.

  • Hello you must be Pete Daniels?
  • Yes I am and you should be Francis,
  • Yes I am.
  • Splendid, I did not expect you to be so pretty wow photos do not lie…
  • Well, thank you I am flattered!
  • Oh, you totally deserve the compliment, so tell me a bit about yourself I sorry if I am to quick we are at age it is not necessary to include worthless and meaningless exchange we can just admit we are adults that agree to find out more about each other
  • Oh really that is interesting yeah I am a photographer I do gallery expo’s I don’t make a lot of money but I live comfortably I enjoy life the way it how about you
  • I have a lot of money, but not so rich in other aspects of my life I want to change that that’s why I wanted to meet you.
  • I am so sorry actually I am having to go I did not expect this, please don’t contact me again its complicated sorry you have a good night ok ……

She left in tears...


  • But wait… wait …. Please

The limo rented to impress the lady was waiting I got in it went to the hotel got in my car and start driving home screw this… I cannot anymore…


Why am I running? Going around my head my forehead throbbing pain is coming back hard I am not so easy usually but it hurts. Hurts inside and out I am not very far from the house I stop by the children hospital and write a not with all my information in form of a will I put in the drop box and with that letting them have everything I have.

I drove to the bridge and got out of the car the water slandering down on the rocks below,  my stomach twitches when my brain is trying to translate what would happen if I was to… and..

…who cares if I am or not …

I feel everything rising into my head blood making my face burst I go… down… no more…no one. peace…


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