Tennis Shoes

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Extremely short, angsty story.

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



 I always keep my tennis shoes clean and white. My tennis shoes are very important to me, I feel that everyone should have a nice pair of clean, white tennis shoes. The tiles on the floor vary in color. The majority are tan like skin, the others are green and burgundy. My pants are dark blue jeans that are baggy and hang too low, they scrape the ground as I walk. My shirt is a nice, bright white, it matches perfectly with my shoes. A lot of people wear jeans, but not many people wear clean white tennis shoes. Some people walk fast and others walk slow, their shoes slapping the mostly tan tiled floor over and over. Among the sandals, heels and scuffed white tennis shoes, I see a pair of clean, white tennis shoes, very familiar. Immediately I look up, dark brown eyes look back at me. Quickly I return my gaze to the ground and everything on it. Dark brown eyes obscure the vision of my clean, white tennis shoes.

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