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The title is from Disturbed's song 'Dehumanized', the first two lines are formed from the refrain of the song. I first wrote it when my ex-girlfriend Julia had dumped me. It had sent me into clinical depression and had brought about thoughts of suicide. So read, enjoy, please review and I beg you, from my experience, try not to go through what I did, it's worse than people make it out to be.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



When I gave you my heart and soul
You threw it all away
My life now wanders astray
My heart cut to pieces

The pain never ceases
You slaughtered me alive
No more hope left inside
I thought your love was true

As mine was fo you
My death you cant undo
Never healing is the wound
You took my life

And plunged through my heart the knife
Gone is my internal strife
The agony, I could not defy

To live through your lies
I was dehumanized
Never more existing
For reason's unclear
You left me my dear

You did not care
About the wound that I bear
You made a monster of me
Uncaring of what I could be

I'm an emotional wreck
Never shall I rest
Until the blood dries from my eyes
And truth masks your lies

But until then,
You will bring about my end

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