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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In a world stripped down to limited technology, vampires have ascended from obscurity to ruling the planet. Humans still exist only within the laws of the Undead Rule. This is the beginning of the story of one woman who could not be turned but was unwilling to submit.

Submitted: December 12, 2010

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Submitted: December 12, 2010




Sweat pooled in a dollop-like droplet at the tip of a stray curl, bouncing precariously with each stumbling footstep. Staring at it distracted ValdeXuxa from the maddening waves of heat that distorted the vast, open near-wasteland before her. The droplet fell, and landed on her cheek, unfelt, mingling with days of grime on moisture-drenched flesh. If she did not find more water soon, she would die out here. Death in this oppressive realm of scorched barrenness was, by far, more favorable to the fate that awaited her if she did not continue to force one foot to move in front to the other in this aimless wandering.

Her eyes desperately endeavoured to focus on something -- anything -- but the world remained a sweltering blur. She shut her eyes, closing it off, letting her mind wander, words issued from her mouth like a tangible entity; the verbal frothing of a mad person. "FEAR NO MORE THE HEAT O' THE SUN, Nor the furious winter's rages; Thou thy worldly task hast done, Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages: Golden lads and girls all must, as chimney-sweepers, come to dust. -- Fear no more the frown o' the great; Thou art past the tyrant's stroke; Care no more to clothe and eat; To thee the reed is as the oak: The sceptre, learning, physic, must All follow this, and come to dust. -- Fear no more the lightning flash, -- Nor the all-dreaded thunderstone; -- Fear not slander, censure rash; -- Thou hast finish'd joy and moan: -- All lovers young, all lovers must -- Consign to thee, and come to dust. -- No exorciser harm thee! -- Nor no witchcraft charm thee! -- Ghost unlaid forbear thee! --: Nothing ill come near thee! -- Quiet consummation have; -- And renowned be thy grave! "

Her voiced altered in register, portraying both of the great Bard's characters, in the exchange, and then trailing off. It was not until her mouth halted that she realized that her feet had quit moving, and not until the realization of her lack of motion set in that the actuality settled in that she had stopped for a reason. Her ears were straining. She was hearing something. Her heart was thudding in her chest, and her lungs screamed with the effort to process the scalding air. Her body reacted before her mind. She was at a full run, adrenaline and fear temporarily erasing all traces of exhaustion. It was a combustion engine. She was sure of that now, and she knew what that meant -- THEM. But was it coming closer or moving further away?

The recent past rushed up and washed over her in a consuming blast.

The man had some nerve!

Val gritted her teeth still fuming over it all. If jobs were not so hard to come by, she would have left this hellhole years before. She was a waitress and, on occasion, she danced, but never all the way, and always with a bodyguard there to prevent anyone from touching. She however was NOT one of the other whores that were employed by that fat, greasy weasel. She did not do lap dances and she definitely did not do "private meetings" with customers.

"Tha genterman has been comin' in and leavin' you hefty tips for handin' him drinks he never drinks. Did ya think he did it fer yer radiant smile?"

Val smirked dourly. The boss often chided her over her 'painted on’ smile. The customers could tell the difference between a real smile and one that looked like she was barely tolerating them. "I am no man's whore."

The boss moved his gelatinous bulk right up against her, his fetid breath washing over her as he hissed. "Dem glued on panties of yers are costin' me money. If they don't come off soon, you can find another place to work." He lumbered off, and Val took a deep breath trying to clear her nostrils of the stench of his breath.

Stone waited for the boss to slam the door to his office, then walked over casually. "I will walk you home, Val

She looked up at the muscular, scarred bouncer, her eyes softened and her mood lightened some. "Thanks, Stone, but Tia is still in the back, and all the other guys have left. She is much more likely, than I am, to run into an 'overly-enthusiastic fan' on the way home."

"The sun is nearly up. By the time Tia comes down from her drugged stupor, it will be fully up, and she will have a safer walk home, than you will. And she lives in a nicer part of town than you do. I worry more about you."

ValdeXuxa smiled a wane but genuine smile, and rested her hand on Stone's rippling arm. "I will be ok Stone, really. I would rather be alone for a while anyway."

The bouncer did not like it, but he knew there was no convincing her, once she made a decision.

Val turned and made her way back through the bar, and out the rear door, into the alley. Normally, alleyways were to be avoided, but the customers also knew to avoid them, so she was more likely to find one waiting out the front way.

She did not even have a chance to fully open the door, before she was grabbed and slammed against the wall, the air forced from her body and pain shooting through her. She was airbourne in a split second, then slamming into the bricks of the wall across the alley. He was there as soon as her head hit with a sickening thud, and she crumpled to the ground, barely conscious. Groggily she struggled to get her legs under her, trying unsuccessfully to shake her head and clear it. A spike of pain skewered her brain. She started to turn around and look, but she was staid by a strong hand on her shoulder, lifting her and pressing her face first into the wall, more than a foot off the ground. Her instinctual reaction was to fight to get away, but two things stopped her. First, her body was still stunned by the sudden attack and she was unable to struggle no matter how much her brain told her to do so. The second was a warm, unnaturally calming sensation that reached her, tingling over her skin, and filling her head. It was simultaneously gloriously odd and soothing. Her knees grew weak, and the feeling flowed over her fully.

His muscular arm wrapped around her waist to hold her up. Against her reasoning will, she melted back against him. His hand lifted up her skirt, so that he could caress her quivering thighs. Her reasoning mind told her she should be bothered by this fact, but reason was the last thing she could be bothered with right now. She was consumed with passion and an illogical want of this strange man, as he silently and forcefully seduced her.

His hand reached the heat that nestled in the intimate region between her legs. Her femininity exploded with juice, before his hand even touched it, and she found herself writhing against him, moaning passionately. Quite abruptly, he pulled her off the wall and bent her over a trashcan, lifting the back of her dress. Before she could catch her breath, his full member was buried to the hilt, deep within her, and was pounding a steady and extremely violent rhythm. She wanted to scream out, to scratch his eyes out, to make him stop, but her body and mouth would not listen to her mind. The more he took her the more she wanted him. She was practically on fire with lust, and she hated herself for it. Her mind was beginning to scream at her to make him stop -- to realize she was being raped. Tears leapt to her eyes and her body was shaking in frightening spasms. She wanted more --- by all that was good and all that is horrendous, she wanted more, and she did not know why! When he exploded his seed deep within her, it felt like lava shooting through her body.

He did not give her a chance to take a breath, before she was slammed into the wall again. His hand lifted her head, and tilted it almost tenderly to one side and then the other. For the first time she saw his face, and her breath caught in her chest. She knew him. It was the dark beautiful man that has wanted her earlier in the evening. The regular customer that never drank the drinks she brought to him. Now she knew why. His fangs glinted in the first glow of predawn, for an instant before they sank into her. She felt herself growing cold at first, but then an uncanny warmth surged through her, and the cacoethes of passion she felt during the rape, were pale echoes in comparison to what he was sending through her now, as he drained the life's essence from her.

He unceremoniously dropped her to the ground, where she convulsed in painful seizure, her mouth foamed with blood-tainted saliva, and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her captor left her there, as he darted away, before the sun lifted its head fully, securing his doom.

He left her for dead, but she did not die. She had not crossed over into an undead existence either. In fact, by the time she regained consciousness, she was fully healed. It did not take long for them to sense her. To know she was something different. She was something that could be potentially dangerous. Food that somehow had immunity to the death kiss. She did not wait to be found. She had just run. More than once she had narrowly escaped by no less than an intervention of fate, or no more than dumb luck. She had to keep fleeing. She did not know to where, but she knew that if she did not keep moving, they would find her, and then she would wish she had died in that alleyway.

Blinking rapidly, as if that would wash away any mirage her mind or the environment might produce, she could not believe what was coming into view. It appeared to be a town growing slowly larger, on the horizon, as she ran toward it. She became aware that she could no longer hear the sound of the engine, and in her fear induced urgency to flee from it she might have been running into a great danger in the town. She slowed her pace, gasping for breath and trying to concentrate. She needed fluids and sustenance. She needed rest and time to re-cooperate. She might find those in the Town. However, towns also made her easier to find.

Biting worriedly on her lower lip, she made her decision. She walked toward the town

Original work and all revisions © SAM Blaize

© Copyright 2020 SerrenaBlaize. All rights reserved.

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