"A Quiet Poem" with lines drawn from "A Loud Poem"

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This is a response poem to "A Loud Poem" by Elaine Equi. Constructive criticism appreciated. (emphasis on CONSTRUCTIVE)

Submitted: March 24, 2009

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Submitted: March 24, 2009



As a baby, I received my first whisper as a melancholy lullaby;

it would make me cry.

My mother would whisper sweet stories as she put me to bed.

Wind whispered to our lilacs, as it blew through their blooms.

Parents' footsteps whispered through hallways on Christmas Eve,

carrying the morning's surprises.

In school, I whispered answers,

but got caught every time.

On a stoop, new lovers whisper selfless compliments,

back and forth.

Those loving whispers grow into muffled screams.

In the street, a mangled man whispered his last breath.

The devout whisper their latest sins,

a lonely booth is their only confedant.

I whispered in your ear when we were alone and soon,

I became just your silent partner.

The whispers in the movie theater are, by far, the worst.

Some whisper when they don't want anyone to listen;

some whisper in order to be heard.

The poet whispers his next line,

before pen touches paper.

She showed her love for so long in soft voices,

men grow accustomed to that whisper,

a voice that he alone can hear.

And to anyone who speaks above a whisper, he will say:

"Don't you dare.

Don't you dare raise your voice to me."

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