Just A Dream By Sesame

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Is a story about how a certain mythical creature came to be hope you like it!

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012




Just a Dream


By Aron Djemal


The prisoner was in his cell, crying as he looked at the bars of a world that has been very cruel to him. He was imagining what God would say to him when he saw his miserable self-dead. Then he heard the bang of the bell signalling it was the time he had feared. The guard opened his cell and escorted him with a weapon on his neck so he wouldn’t escape. As they walked he looked the curious crowd where people that he once had love looked with satisfaction, since there plan against him had worked.


He had been double-crossed and now he realised that all his life had been a farce and so it finally came the moment that would end everything, he was finally at the Gallows Pole so he could be executed in a castle that once was his, by the people who had planned his death, in every single moment of their miserable lives so they could rob the throne that should be his.

I woke up at midday with a ray of light in my face and as I had my first breath of the day I felt something strange, something different, in my mind. Confused, I walked to the bathroom and had a look into my mirror and I saw just my old self. I considered myself relatively beautiful with my curly brown hair, and big frame. The strange feeling I felt continued even though I saw I was normal in the mirror's reflection so I decided to take a bath maybe after that I would feel better. Unfortunately the feeling that something was wrong continued and I thought something would probably go wrong today. My day was particularly strange also, it was Sunday but I felt I was being watched and everything was especially cold and quiet this day. I didn’t get anything done this day as I tried to get rid of this strange sensation, but couldn`t. When the day finished and I was back at my bed I pondered about my life.

I had 20 years and was very happy about everything, I considered myself very smart and clever, but I felt that in this life I was not getting anything done, I wanted something more even if I had a hardened life because of that. I had everything I wanted and I felt that now I had worked so hard to get everything I got, I felt there was no meaning to continue living. So I gone to sleep with no motivation thinking this was the reason God never allowed someone to have everything and wondering why I still lived.


As I embarked into the realm of sleep I heard a deep and erudite voice talking to me: “So let me tell you my story young man.” He showed me a portal to what seemed one of the great castles of the 15th century and I was pushed into it like I had entered a whirlwind.

When I opened my eyes I found myself in a middle of a crowd, they were all dressed in feudal clothes like if they were servants of a great king, as I touched the man near me he directed his fearful gaze to me as I said: “Excuse me, what is happening here? I just came to this town.” The men answered shocked: “The prince of this kingdom is being executed for treason to the king”. I nodded acknowledging I had understood, even though I could see in the man`s face he didn`t thought the prince was guilty, but lacked the courage to say it out loud as it could be dangerous to him and his family.

As I pushed the crowd for a better line of sight of the prince I saw a man being escorted by guards to the gallows pole, he was very tall and had greasy black hair. As he looked to the crowd I caught a glimpse of his face, I saw his eyes were very red as if he had been crying intensely lately and I saw that even though he had apparent fear in his face, he stayed with his head high as if he was trying to keep at least a small bit of honour.

As he was directed to the gallows pole the herald announced: ” We are here today to execute prince Jason Hale of the house Verad heir to king Geoff Hale, He is accused of treason to his king and for this he must pay with blood!” as he said that the rope that would hang him was put in his neck and with dignity he said his final words: ” Today I will die so my so called friends can rule the keep, with no threat of someone more competent ruling the land and be fair to the people, I won't negate my accusation of treason, but I say it was all in name of peace! I couldn't let the injustice that was being made to continue and I believe that my father should have died so someone of greater capacity could carry on his duties as a king! I believe...”  as he spoke the words the man kicked the object he was standing on making he hang and as he hang into death my vision began to fade and the last thing I saw as the prince desperately trying to grab something so he would not die and the earth near him opened into a hole that  gulped him into the dark deep of hell before his soul could be set free of his body, and as I looked into the other people I saw that they couldn't see the hole nor see me. As I saw a big crow flying in the sky I lost all senses and fainted.

I woke up in a very uncomfortable bed and in a room with a disgusting smell that almost made me vomit. As I sat up I found myself in a ruin of some type and near me I saw a women wearing only black with a skull with red tears encrusted on the middle. The women looked at me and seeing me awake she said: “The ritual to become one of the great queen priests is almost complete stand up in the middle circle so I can call upon the old gods”.  Without having much choice I slowly do as she commanded and entered a very strange circle that that had a symbol that as I looked made me feel pain, also I saw this symbol was making the circle`s floor  black. As I was in the middle of the circle she opened her mouth to probably start chanting the ritual when a huge black wolf with deep black eyes that if you happen to stare for too much time you could lose yourself completely, said with a deep and elderly voice:” Live him be witch he is mine” and as he said that I saw a great fear in the woman that the wolf had called a witch.

Then the wolf suddenly attacked the woman biting her so strongly he tear her in many pieces and when he was finished he looked at me arrogantly” Come on boy there is much to do.”  The wolf started sprinting and I still not knowing what was going on followed him into what seemed to be a Celtic temple.

Inside the Celtic temple there was a colossal gold statue, of a man with the head of a wolf and as we walked to it I saw his eyes were made of rubies and the werewolf was holding a kind of bowl that looked cheaply made and old compared to the rest of the temple. The temple had pillars all around the building as it had no walls, as I looked up I saw the sky and knew that in the night the light of the moon would be the only thing lighting it. The wolf was resting in a bench near the werewolf, when he noticed me he glanced sadly and said” It’s time for you to understand what is happening, you were transported to a dimension called Sidhe, this dimension is only know in your world in the Irish folklore and here that the gods of old dwell as they were banished from your world by the ones who they tried to protect!” as he continued I saw the anger in his eyes” I am the wicked prince who tried to kill his father, I am the one who was brought here to curse humankind, to make them pay for their sins, and you are the one who will be bestowed a great gift that will make our brothers have fear,  neither you nor me have any choice boy so accept your destiny and be cooperative as you must obey the Morrigan`s will.” I felt devastated, if what the wolf said was true I didn’t have any choice anymore and as I looked to him with fear I asked:” Who is Morrigan?” As I pronounced her name I heard a freakish sound that once could have been laughter, but it seemed this wolf had lost that ability, because of torment and sorrow and he said: ” She is man's greatest fear, but man don’t fear her, for she gives glory to their names. Behold for she is the goddess of war and death, and the greatest enemy of mankind for she makes pain and sorrow, makes fathers kill sons and brothers kill brothers, she is the shadow of all the anger, she is the taint of the world and the corruption on earth, if you ever see a big crow in your life do not even try to run, because you will certainly will never survive the next seconds.” I felt shocked as I knew my life would be now manipulated if I didn't do anything, so as anyone would do I tried to run.


I ran for what seemed miles until I couldn't feel anything in my body, then I fell to the ground exhausted. Moments later I heard the wolf footsteps, I tried to move myself, but I couldn't so I closed my eyes and pretended I was dead and then I heard his voice saying to me in a calm tone” Want to continue?  I can do this all day, now open your eyes and  look to your front.” As I opened my eyes I felt truly useless, by my front lay the temple I had struggled so hard to get away from and then nothing more seemed to matter so I closed my eyes again when I saw the wolf going away and slept.

I was awakened by a growl and then I saw my torturer again, he looked hopeless and gloomy and when he saw that I had awakened he said “Stand up and move it is time for the ritual.” He led me into the chamber that I had seen last day, however this time the bowl had a yellow substance. When I was in place to start the ritual he explained to me” Here there is a mixture of the blood of a wicked man, the milk of a mother that should had been given to his son that died in name of this ritual, and the blood of the Morrigan itself, you will drink this now or I will torment you for the rest of your miserable life.” As I looked into the old face of that wolf that had once been a man I saw he was saying the truth and as I was a coward I drank it all quickly trying not to taste it.

I woke up in my own bed trembling; since I knew what had happened hadn’t been a dream. If not only to confirm that I saw in the wall written with blood NEVER FORGET and because of that I walked out of bed really fast and found myself going to the mirror only to see my old self with yellow eyes instead of blue.

The rest of the day passed strangely normal as no one seemed to notice my eyes were yellow, but even with this strange normality I didn't forget for any second about my new gift which I already had suspects about what it was. As night came I lay in bed again dreading anything happened to me again, but when midnight came and I had no success in sleeping I felt a great urge to go outside.

When I was outside the house the thing that I feared became known to me, I was transforming into a creature that was present in all child`s nightmare and is merciless. As I looked my reflection in the water of a nearby fountain I finally confirmed my fears. I had become the eater of flesh, destroyer of dreams, and nightmare of humankind. I had become the abomination and as I came to this final conclusion I felt my will vanishing and giving way to a monster instinct that would perform the duty that goddess Morrigan has bestowed unto me. I am the tenebrous creature that plagues others minds with fear, I had become a werewolf.


As I wake up today I find myself in the middle of the forest. I try to return to home, but I am not able. I feel a great urge to cry, but I can't seem to do it. I am a monster and an assassin who kills people and eats their raw flesh. I feel like an abomination that should not exist, that should be dead for the good of humanity. I remember all the atrocities I had done when my transformation occurred and as I tried again to cry I had only one wish. I wished so much that all of this was just a dream.


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