Dear Rashel.

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yearning for lost love.

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Dear Rashel.

I have not written from the bottom of my heart,

Coz it’s what I used to do

I loved you like nothing I’ve ever met

And secretly my tears couldn’t stop coming out

And sung all the consoling songs

And gave up any hope of having you

But my heart denied me


Then you wrote to me

And informed me you were sorry

I was foolish to believe you

Every now and then I we broke up

And made up for your benefit


The whole world sung our love

It was written on every classroom door

And on everybody’s lips

Crazy ones put it into the loos

We were a perfect match for all of them

And the envy of the school


Paparazzi was everywhere

And whatever we did was no secret

But was spread all over like bush fire

The news was no news without us

We celebrity you became

Coz you matched with me

And more songs were sing in sang for you


But you turned out liar

Dear Rashel?

Upto now I still wonder?

What didn’t I give you?

What was it that made you loose me?

What made you leave me yet?


You were the ...

The world to me


Dear Rashel,

You were the first and last to break my heart

You broke my heart once and it will never be mended

I still keep your letters with me

No one on this face of earth I will ever love like you

Yet to you am nothing…

It hearts me a lot

And fill like life is useless

Many girls yearn for me

And keep on turning them off

Who look more darling than you

Who smile more waterly than you

But with no charm like you have…


Am a celebrity already in my world

But when my name is sung by many

Even whom I decided to take

At my wedding day,

I can choose to leave the bride

And marry you instead…


Sentomero Jerry Sesanga.


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