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Every writer is the best writer, my argument is that no writer is better than the other... find out more here...

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




In getting interest in reading this long stuff, then I suppose that you also have much interest in reading novels, plays and books.

With enough research and information, I conclude saying that no writer is better than the other. You could not believe me because you have one writer you take as the best in the world not knowing that even the next person near you may not agree with me because he/she takes another writer as the best in the world. I write with much confidence that every writer be it male or female, black or white is the best in the world.

New US president Barack Obama’s favorite book is Moby Dick by Herman Melville; he has read every Harry Potter book but he recommends Herman Melville his favorite writer. The queen of England Her majesty Queen Elizabeth’s favorite book is Harry Potter by J.K Rowling; she has read most of Herman Melville’s books but still Harry Potter is her favorite. This is all simply because everyone has a different interest.

Herman Melville, with his broad sweeping style, his visceral confrontation with literature and his vast knowledge of books always gives you your money’s worth. You may not agree with him, but he does make you think. J.K Rowling is also a special writer because she created her own world you would not think of; the world of witches turning human beings like you, me and her self as muggles that when you read Harry Potter, you forget this and you become part of the witches and wizards, you imagine yourself watching quidditch matches on broom sticks. Making a suitable cut out, no one is better than the other because some one will say Harry Potter is kiddish yet you see it as interesting. One man’s meat is another man’s poison is the saying that explains it best.

ANCIENT WRITERS are more less the same, you may ask, “can you compare Jane Austen to Shakespeare?” I reveal that Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, R.L Stevenson, John Steinbeck, Jane Austen, George Elliott, Charlotte Bronte, Daniel Defoe, Jules Verne and many other are all the same. Shakespeare is considered father of literature by the British although the Americans disagree with them saying that Giovanni Boccaccio is the father of literature as indicated by Wilfred D Best in his famous books such as the student’s companion. Shakespeare really magnifically put up hi work according to situations he was, infact certain kinds of suffering and oppression actually generate good literature. During the years of communism in Eastern Europe , a whole genre developed of “writing between the lines” so that the authorities would not be offended something that soon extended to the performing arts. Such defiance was a source of inspiration and ingenuity. Who could have accused the Romanian theatre of lliescu of implying that Claudius was the hated dictator Ceascescu? It’s a play by Shakespeare in the 17th century. But watching the tension and commitment of the actors in that period you knew that what they were doing was deeply dangerous.

Women have always been at the forefront of novel writing because they could do it at home and didn’t have to be seen neglecting their husbands or household chores. The great English novel is largely female: Austen, the Bronte sisters and George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans) imagined new words for readers who were similarly cooped at home, busily sewing and knitting. Jane Austen has also been dismissed by male critics for having too small a palette, and yet she describes an entire society with an eagle eye and razor sharp wit. Emily Bronte spent most of her life in a tiny vicarage and yet dreamed up Wuthering Heights- a huge expanse of literary territory far from the desolate Yorkshire Moors (where Myra Hindely committed the famous murders of children) with characters like Cathy and Heathcliff, who have come to assume mythological status – savage, wild, unable to fit into any society. Ironically, it was probably the fact that she was imprisoned at home that enabled her imagination to fly in this way, irony being forever part of every aspect of literature. This does not bring it that female writers are the best but it only brings to you that also female writers are not a joke. Evidence to this emerges in some great works like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

CHARLES DICKENS is another all time British writer whom most people see as their life time hero by judging his writing skills in great work he did especially in Great Expectations where by Pip has great influence and is much sought of and many readers share sorrow and feel sorry for him. In Olivier Twist, he’s characters are so lively and keep you at heart with them and make you imagine how Dickens felt when he was a young boy. Perhaps one may wonder whether the writer was Oliver Twist himself a young boy who was suffering.

LEO TOLSTOY is a great novelist revered for his for his in-depth physical descriptions coupled with sharp psychological insights that lay bare his character’s most intimate thoughts. Once in his youth, Tolstoy was out walking with fellow writer Ivan Turgenev. Tolstoy stopped in front of an old horse and started talking about the animal. Turgenev was astonished at Tolstoy’s ability to imagine what the horse was thinking and feeling.

Turgenev writes about the experience, “Tolstoy not only put himself in the horse’s place, but he drew me into the position of the unhappy creature. I could not contain myself and said, listen, Lev Nikolayevich, you must have been a horse once. You really depict the inner state of a horse.” He was a Christian anarchist who believed in the literal interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ. His work, the kingdom of God is with in you, is one of the greatest in the church and is considered one of the world’s best novelists. Isaak Babel, another Russian writer said that, “if the world could write by itself, it would write like Tolstoy.”

WHEN IT COMES TO AFRICAN WRITERS, Chinua Achebe’s Things fall Apart, the dilemma that Okwonkwo experiences on having to sacrifice his charge against hi deepest wishes is emotionally colour free; Okwonkwo experiences far deeper emotions in fact than Euripides’s Agamemnon in Troy, who is willing to kill his daughter Iphigenia when the gods demand it. He has forgotten that there is a mother who gave birth to her and will not readily forget such a betrayal.

These are the elemental bonds between parent and child, husband and wife. When you fix your eyes on race, you cut off a vast expanse of experience like consciousness, free will and existence. African writers bring it to you that you know or what you don’t think of or what you missed. This puts them on level with other writers that they become international. John Ruganda in Black Mamba reveals what really goes on in society. Mr. Bitti Wilberforce a government secondary teacher reveals to his students that African writers are the best ignoring the European writers they refer to as the best writers. Timothy Wangusa’s Upon this mountain is also a good example which comes up with all cultural proceedings of the Bagisu people. This again does not say African writers are the best but it indicates that African writers are also good. You could have one as you best writer.

Novels are not exercises in philosophy and the abstract; they are about real people with real problems who inhabit a certain piece of ground. 6.6 billion people, 6.6 billon stories. You could come up with a story which can make you the best writer in the world just like you are the best reader in the World. Daniel Steel fans would say I missed her out, she’s also great. My fact is still clear that NO WRITER IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER. I am the best writer.



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