playful girl

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this story is about a girl that is playful and decide to change her behavior.

Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Submitted: November 12, 2016



Someday, there was a playful girl that destroys every ting and bothers every one. Any time she visit her cousins, she make noise and crowd and bother neighbors because their sound was load.

Any time Dad decide to go to grand Mama and grand Papa house and cousins were there, the playful girl promise to be a good girl. But it was a big lie.

And any time she see her cousins, she start bothering and making noise. Some day they scattered all fruts on the ground, and

The parents decided not to invite children to family parties.

The name of playful girl was Morva and  her cousin's name was Sadaf. They were connected together by home telephone and make plans for bothering others.

The parents decide to do not let girls visit each other.

In Sadaf birthday party, her parents did not invited cousins. And they were all so sad.

They think about eachother day and night and they couldn't even write together.

Children decided to put bothering others aside and do not make noise forever.

They decided to help their parents in home works.

Their parents surprised!!!

Morva's Mother  told I wish you helped grandmother like this. Then you could visit your cousins more.

Morva told herself " if I do this works Mom will take me to grandmother's house again to play with Sadaf"

Morva and Sadaf Keep on helping and being good girls and finally Mom talked to grandma and grandpa to let them to go to their house.

After several months they visited eachother and play together very politely and calm. They even ask other children to be quiet. And parents never call them playful children, they were calm and clever girls.


So the result is that I should never be playful and do not make noise that every body like me. So I can visit my cousins allways.




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