Journal of Henry Evercott

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The journals of Henry Clark Evercott as a history to one of the main characters to the novel Little Wolf Lake.

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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Submitted: March 09, 2011



June 5th 1788:

My sentance is realized, for a crime I confessed to committing. I am now on a ship bound for a penal coleny in Astralia. What I will find there I do not know. All of the tales I have heard about this Astrailia have ranged from venomous snakes, monsterous creatures farther inland, and equally monsterous people.

While on the ship I whitness men, and even some women, shaveing their heads to avoid the infestation of lice. I however refuse to cut my hair. Instead I occupie my time in conversation with some of the men who play cards. James Morris is sentence to the island because he killed a man over a pocket watch. Richard Dimond is a convicted rapeist. I have no respect for the way he speaks of women. I hope that I find a way to cope in this new land I am about to inhabit.

June 6 1788:

This morning the body of Richard Dimond was dropped into the deep blue. His corps appeared drained of it's fluids. I could of sworn that as he lay in the bunk below me, that he was engadged in conversation throut the night. Perhaps I was hearing things. He appeared to have been dead for days in the condition his body was in.

June 7 1788:

I have met the most beautiful woman in the world tonight. With long lucious brown hair and violet eyes, to which I have never seen before, her name is Lady Victoria Ward. With an intollerable allergy to the sun, she is only awake on the ship at night. I suspect I will be awake at night more offten now. I can't wait to see her again.

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