Gods Questions, My Answers, Part One

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A Piece of me is what Im really doing. I just wanna let you know who I am and what I wanna try and do.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



So here it is. My name is Seth Judson. you can look me up on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/seth.judson), my blog spot (http://www.sethjudson.blogspot.com/) or my youtube (http://www.youtube.com/sethers6231)

Anyways, i just wanna tell you about my self a little bit. i grew up in a Christian home, but that isn't just were is ends. i started strong with God, then i found my first sweet heart when i was 15, i fell head to toes for her. i wanted to do anything i could for her to make her happy. then sex got introduced into my relationship with that girl, it was a down hill slop from there, my relationship was pretty much all about sex at that point. until one day i kinda got slapped in the face, had an overwhelming feeling to leave her and fix my relationship with God. it was strong for a little while. then behind the sense i started to do viral stuff with girls. and it kind of took over my life from there. i started to become two faced to get people to like me. stretching the truth, lying. anything i could do to get people to like me. but some people could see right threw me. i didn't realize i was two faced. everything seemed kind of normal will one day i was kind of caught in the act, not just by my friends but by myself aswell. i fell to my knees and asked God for a second chance.

so here i am today, with a second chance and a stronger heart. in God,I just finished high school and i wanna become a youth leader or an evangelist.

my plan is to bring teenagers to God, i know people find God kind of annoying, but my plan isn't to just jam God into your minds, its to speak out to others, show them real morals. prove to you that all morals arnt just biblical.

i wanna dive in head first with my blogging and vlogging. i wanna help people, show them God. prove to you being a Christian isn't a bad thing. infact feeling Gods love is better then the feelings i got with any girl believe it or not, its true. my life is turned around. and i wanna help people turn around there lifes. so please. look me up on facebook. watch my videos. read my blogs. i may not be perfect. but i will help the best i know how. thank you for reading this! Godbless

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