Greater Of Two Evils

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Do you have a problem with being two faced? Trying to find out who you are? This is a short look into my thoughts

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



"You a meany" Is everything that we heard when we were growing up, hearing that as a little kid was just the worst thing in the world to us. We would always run to mommy or go cry in our rooms screaming into our pillows. Once we hit our teen years if we heard "your not cool enough to hang out with us" we would go hide inside the bathrooms crying, trying to avoid the "cool kids" by going down a different hall or taking the long way to class. Once we get into high school you are told you are "uncool" we begin to embrace it the wrong way and cutting yourself or stealing dads liquor, mommys cigarette or asking people for drugs whether its pain pills or marijuana.

In high school we are taught that being cool is acting "like a grown up" is the only way. But smoking, drinking and popping pills isn't cool at all, you can be a child till the day you die of old age. You are a man once you except responsibility for your actions and give up addictions and focus on providing for your family or loving those who are in your past position and guiding them in the right direction. 

I am sick of going into a high school and seeing all of people around me pretending to be something that I know they are not, people who are so strong with what they believe in out of school, I see them around people from school or at school and be someone totally different. Acting as they were living a double life and living a complete lie. 

I myself use to be two faced, I now have one face. I stand and embrace the face that God gave me, loving those around me. If people around me don't like who I am, I guess they have to deal with it. But ill be honest, I still have troubles with no being excepted by people. I mean if people don't like me or not want to hang out with me, it eats away at me cause I wanna know if there is anything wrong with me. When the fact is that it isn't me its usually them. But unless a true friend points out a problem inside you, its worth take a second look at yourself. If you are saying you are a good leader then it may be a good idea to talk to you friends and see that you are strong in your heart and mind. Then you will be sure that you are a strong leader for those in need. 

I myself want to be a counselor and a youth leader, but I need to make sure that I am a fit leader. Cause what I may see in myself, may be completely different in someone else. Cause I know I can be bossy and pushy or even forgetful, i also have pride and some anger issues. All of these things I must overcome before I can help those who are still trying to find them self or who are seeking help.

I'm not saying these things to talk about myself, but give you and idea of what I'm trying to explain and also to explain to who a bit of who I am. I don't want you to read this and not know who I am, I don't wanna be two faced to those who read this. I have my struggles just like everyone else in the world, I will not say mind are any greater than yours. cause there is no big problems or little problems. There is just problems that people deal with daily. Believe it or not someone in the world is going threw exactly what you are going threw, your not alone. And if you need any help at all I am here for you with anything you may need or want. I would love to have some questions that I could answer on here or maybe in my Vlog i have on youtube. I just started Vlogging and Blogging so give me a break on my grammer and awkwardness on these things. If you have any advice for me I would love some constructive cridesisem. thank you so much for reading this, I am trying to get more to come but I'm kinda busy, so thank you again and I hope I reached out to you some how or some way, again any questions you can comment on here, comment on my other blog ( or ask me anything on facebook ( or look up my new Vlog ( GOD BLESS!

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