The Succubus (part 2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part two of the series. Erik and Josh share a debauched experience, followed by the acquaintance of a mysterious young woman...

Chapter 2

Josh stepped through the doorway so quickly in haste, faster than his arm pushing it open, causing his foot to hit the base of the door. His mind so preoccupied with what was happening inside the room he was unable to register the pain. His heart raced, wearing only a pair of briefs, his pulse could be scene pounding through the skin on his limbs as his chest heaved up and down as he came face to face with the source of the disturbance…

“AH hhh AH!” howled Erik at the top of his lungs, his neck arched straight back as his face turned upward toward the ceiling, his bare back muscles flexed and taught with strife and movement. “FUCK YEAH!” He continued as Josh blinked in half shock, half relief.

Josh glanced in the candle lit room at the sight of Erik’s naked backside, female legs wrapped around his waist in ecstasy as Erik’s entire body flexed, repeatedly slamming into Tess as she cried out in pleasure. Erik’s thick blonde hair was a mess, pushed straight back from his face, Tess barely visible to Josh from his angle, Erik’s naked back a mere seven feet from him.

‘Hearing this while I was sleeping would explain the sex dream I had…’ he rationalized to himself as he turned to leave slowly, hoping not to be noticed, his eyes wide, half with shock, half with a mixture of amusement and relief that the noise wasn’t yet another eerie anomaly.

Feet from the door, as Josh attempted to make his way out, Erik turned around at the sense of a presence moving behind him, only to see his best friend in his briefs. A wide ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin slithered across his mouth as he called out, not wanting to let his friend get away unnoticed.

“AHhh, what’s up bro?” He called out, his grin open mouthed. “Wanna have a go at her, man?” He asked as he pulled out of her and stepped away, Tess coming into view as Erik stood few frontal before him, his muscles buffed and dripping with sweat from conquest.

Josh turned his gaze to glance at Tess in the dark. Her legs looked longer and smoother than before, as Josh’s eyebrows rose. He actually considered obliging Erik in a shared act of debauchery and pleasure as his gaze continued to rise up her body, halfway bent on her back over the bed with her legs still spread wide, where Erik had been standing at the foot of the mattress, pounding her. Her sweet regions wet with anticipation, her firm, perked breasts covered in a thin layer of sweat as his glance made contact with her face.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Josh shouted as he came eye to eye with the mysterious women he himself had almost tasted, in his dream…

She looked up and smiled at him around her long black hair, her eyes glowing amber.

Erik looked shocked as he grabbed Josh’s shoulder, the fact that he himself with nude with a full on erection, and Josh was in his briefs, was no longer a socially distancing attribute.

“Man, what’s wrong?” Erik asked, genuinely concerned, one of his few serious moments when he realized something was truly troubling his friend.

Josh blinked a few times, shaking his head… only to see the woman vanish almost instantaneously, revealing nothing more than a blonde haired, dumbfounded face of Tess. She lay on the bed sprawled out, her body nothing in comparison to the ebony haired, milk skinned sex goddess of Josh’s dream… But still, quite the arousing sight.

“Had she been here?” Josh thought irrationally, blinking quickly, mouth halfway open. “I swore!” he thought to himself.

He glanced back to Erik, still with Erik’s hand on his right shoulder, breathing out a sigh.

“N… Nothing. I thought I saw something,” He shook his head side to side, pushing his long thick brown hair back from his face, all the strands falling behind his shoulders and tickling his sweat soaked upper back, still considering the threesome.

“Well ‘Hey’ Jared Leto,” Tess grinned, referring to Josh, looking him up and down hungrily. “I didn’t know all those muscles were under those baggy shirts of yours!” She announced in a heated tone, glancing back and forth between the men as Erik laughed slightly under his breath, lifting an arm to flex as she watched them both.

Erik patted Josh on the back as he stepped forward, intensely aroused from his dream just moments before as he reached for his briefs, beginning to pull them down. Josh thought to himself… He and Erik had shared women before, especially in college. Even after they had graduated and shared an apartment together they had shared a few hot and wild nights with a woman, together, in threesomes. Shyness was not an issue, by far, between the two…

“THAT’s my bud!” Erik cheered as Josh started stripping down to join.

Josh breathed heavily, blinking his eyes a few times. Something had just stopped him from continuing. Glancing at Tess, the blonde ditz, a mess on the sheets before him as she continued to smile emptily, Josh positioned himself between her legs as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her forward, her ass slightly hanging off the end of the bed. His long thick cock sliding between her open thighs, feeling her hot wet center gliding against his shaft.

Josh’s arousal was pulsing, obvious, heavily endowed, but not as impressive as Erik’s. Erik walked up the left side of the bed, his large muscled form making loud footsteps on the old wooden floor as he leaned forward and placed one knee on the bed, moving toward her upper half, and bringing her face close to his own dick. Josh licked his lips, grinning, excited to watch her swallow Erik’s foot long piece…

The woman from his dream continued to come back into his mind, so strongly it nearly invaded his visual perception. He fought it, at first, closing his eyes as he still felt the hands wrapping around his body and various regions of himself, still feeling the hands wrapped under his armpits, holding him in place, coiled around his thighs and gliding over his pecs.

Josh grinned up at Erik, the two making eye contact as Erik reached out for a fist bump, which Josh quickly met as he turned his focus back downward toward Tess, his visual perception being invaded again by the mysterious sultry female from his dream as he grinned, slowly sliding in.

Josh craned his head backward at the sensation, letting out a soft growl of pleasure. Slowly moving his body inward, Erik reciprocated, bringing her mouth as far onto his own cock as he could, positioning himself and thrusting his hips again, fucking her face. Josh glared with hunger at the sight, beginning to pick up his own thrusting rhythm as she began to let out stifled cries through her stuffed throat and her breasts bounced back and forth with the movement between the men.

Erik let out a growl, his tall, smooth, buff form nearly identical with Josh’s equally muscular body as the two moved like powered engine pistons with her in the middle, sweat drenching Josh’s chest hair as he began to growl louder and more frequently as Erik did. Josh could feel, inside her, where Erik had cum in her previously, making the experience twice as wet and warm.

Within moments, she was on her knees with Erik completely kneeled on the bed, as she sucked him off hungrily. Josh continued to pound her from behind as Erik reached forward, making eye contact with Josh, spreading her ass open as Josh continued to fill her pussy. “FUCK HER bro!” Shouted Erik louder, one hand taken off of her ass to make a fist in cheer as he bent his elbow in comradery.

Josh leaned forward, grabbing her shoulders, both men’s arms crossing as he reached for leverage. Josh pounded deeper and harder with Erik holding her in place.

“Rhhmmmm, how is she man?” growled Erik between his teeth to Erik, her small body bounding back and forth between them. Erik leaned forward a bit more, his cock nearly vanishing in Tess’s mouth as her had was crammed against his pelvis. He glanced down, letting out a huge stream of spit and letting it drip between her ass and down to dribble onto Josh’s cock as they spit roasted her violently. “Let’s see how she is here, dude.” Erik whispered with a deviant smile.

Slowly he inserted his two main fingers into her ass, as Josh continued to fill her pussy, Josh’s muscular lower abdomen slapping against Erik’s hand which was now between them. He could feel Erik’s fingers working in her ass through the walls of her vagina, making it impossibly tighter for him.

“RRRRMMMM!” Tess howled out through a stifled mouth.

“Mmmmm, she’s opening up good bro!” Erik grunted. “Slide in there.” He tempted Josh.

Josh pushed his long hair back from his face, giving Erik an excited look in the eye as he slowly slid out and positioned his cock again against the opening of her ass, Erik’s fingers still inside. The tip of Erik’s cock grinded against the back of Erik’s fingers as Erik violently used his hand to fuck her. Tess cried out in pleasure again.

“Am I good to slide in, bro?” Asked Josh timidly, seeing Erik’s fingers were still in place.

Erik, his sweat soaked face close to Josh’s, his blonde slicked back hair now partially covering his eyes, “Oh fuck yeah man…” he spoke.

Josh smiled wide and pressed his soaking cock into her ass in one solid, slow movement, Erik’s fingers pressed up along inside, making the hole twice as tight for Josh.

“OAAAAHHHH!” Josh howled in pleasure, throwing his head back again as he began to fuck her hard. Erik’s face held a picture of pleasure and arousal.

“Fuck her,” he shouted to Josh as he pounded her mouth harder, “fuck her… FUCK HER!” He continued to roar as his own fingers slithered and drilled in and out with Josh’s meat.

“Fuck, FUCK I’m gonna CUM!” Howled Josh as Erik’s knuckles continued to grind back and forth on the head of Josh’s cock inside of Tess’s tight ass.

“AWWWR…. AWWWWWWHHHH!” Both men shouted together in almost matching voices, both exploding inside her at the same time as she cried out yet again, squirting down her thighs. Josh opened his eyes, just as he came to the end of his peak…

He almost fell back at what he saw, but this time managed to keep his surprise inside…

HANDS… white female hands with arms coming from the shadows of the candle lit room, wrapped around Erik’s waist, chest, and thighs… one hand stroking his large nads from below, as if the arms were coming out of the shadows behind him from an invisible source…

Erik and Josh both pulled out as Tell fell limp on the bed, breathing heavily. Erik slid down to the foot of the bed, the hands vanishing as soon as he moved. Erik came to sit side by side with Josh, a hand on Josh’s opposite shoulder. Josh continued to hide his shock of yet another vision, biting his tongue, feeling Erik’s sweat soaked armpit against his own shoulder while Erik’s arm wrapped behind Josh’s back in a comrade’s ‘arm around’ hug.

“DAMN bro!” he laughed, offing a small high five to Josh, “You did a number on her with that thing!” he grinned, both of them still very much nearly a foot long with arousal.

Tess began to pass out instantly, “Think she’ll be alright,” Josh laughed, loosening up from his stress earlier, trying to change the subject.

Erik stood, “Yeah man… common reaction from getting a ride from this monster,” Erik laughed, jerking himself a few times. He reached over in the corner, grabbing his briefs as he picked up Josh’s and threw his pair at him also.

“Come on, let’s go grab a beer,” Erik nodded to the door as Josh followed.

The Following Day…

Josh pounded with the hammer, removing shingles from the roof under the over cast sky as Erik slowly appeared on the top of the ladder, holding a sandwich for himself, a tool bag shoved in his armpit, and another sandwich for Josh.

“Find the leak yet?” He asked Josh, stretching his neck to the right as he handed him the sandwich. “AWESOME NIGHT!” He gave a cock eyed smile, rubbing his shirtless shoulder. His naturally smooth pecs reflecting the light as he grabbed Josh’s discarded shirt and used it to wipe his forehead off.

"Turkey... or chicken?" asked Josh, in a jokingly high maintenance tone, Erik knowing full well Josh didn't give a shit. Josh glanced up at the end of his sentence to see Erik scrubbing his sweat soaked pits with his T shirt.

“DUDE! That one’s mine,” he grunted in a flat tone as Erik laughed and threw it back at him, hitting Josh’s with it, the now soaking wet cloth slapping loudly against Josh’s slightly hairy, buff chest, muscles tight and swollen in all the right places from their chores.

Erik laughed loudly in his deep voice, "Bro, you know you love my man stink," he laughed, sniffing an armpit in humor.

Josh couldn't help but laugh. After finding a spot that wasn't soaked with Erik's smell, he quickly used it to wipe his own forehead off as he suddenly heard footsteps grinding the gravel pavement into the driveway. He glanced down below, the foggy morning air making it difficult to see who was walking toward the house.

“I thought you said Tess took off hours ago? Was she still here? I didn’t see her in the house” asked Erik to Josh, since Josh had been the only one awake at dawn when she’d left in her car.

Both men, curious, glanced over the edge of the house to see… her…

Josh’s eyes grew wide with desire and curiosity, his previous fears fading regarding the abnormalities since they arrived faded away in bits. The woman from his dream, the hallucinations while he and Erik had fucked Tess… it was her. The women he had been seeing was standing in the driveway, solid… present…

“Who the FUCK is SHE!?” Erik practically drooled in question as he quickly stood, eager to show off his muscled, hard body to the object of his desire.

Josh observed her… Long black hair nearly to her waste, skin the color of cream… Even three stories above the ground he could make out her amber, red, golden eyes. She wore a flowing black dress, as if she had just come from some elegant event, her firm high bosom nearly exposed.

Erik and Josh just turned to look at each other, mouths wide open…

“Hoooolyyyy shiiiittt,” Erik breathed, “our lucky fuckin’ day bro”, he grinned evily.

Within a second both of them bolted to the ladder, almost knocking the other off the roof, fighting as to who would get to speak to her first.

Erik began down the ladder first. “You know something odd… that woman,” Erik started. “I had this insane dream last night,” he continued, but then shaking his head dismissing it.

“Never mind man,” he laughed as Josh’s face fell with disappointment, having been eager to listen. “It’s wayyy to strange,” he laughed, giving Josh a friendly punch in his right chest. “Come on, let’s go say hi! Maybe it’s a neighbor,” Erik spoke illogically. Josh was for certain the closest neighbor was at least ten miles away.

As Josh began down the ladder, a feeling had struck him. The feeling of a beginning… a tale… a strife of sorts with much benevolence and challenges awaiting on the horizon.

‘Had Erik been seeing her too?’ Josh pondered silently in his mind, eyebrows together in concentration as he came down the ladder, Erik below nearly jumping off half the way down in excitement. Josh knew well that Erik wasn’t the type to discuss such things openly. ‘How was this all possible,’ he continued to meditate. He had never had an experience even similar to this in any capacity…

Taking a nervous, eager breath, Josh hopped off the ladder, and began his walk toward the front of the house, knowing full well that what he and his buddy were about to experience was unlike anything they had ever faced… In what many ways, Josh couldn’t piece together… He just knew… things were NEVER going to be the same…

Submitted: August 02, 2014

© Copyright 2021 sethofminoa. All rights reserved.

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